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This profile page is controlled by Silver Wind Neko (Cat) and Boomerang Fish (Fish).

You may now panic.

This is the home for all the stories and silliness we think up as a team! Yeah!

For info about us individually, and to read the stories we wrote on our own, go to the following links:

Some jointly written silliness (or - gasp - serious stories!) will be up eventually.

-Boomerang Fish

Now for some info on planned stories (terrible spelling may be involved on Cat's part!)

Icemark Job: A random idea that's still in progress. It's the Italian Job done with all the Icemark second generation!

Hands: Scipio Bellorum is off to get some hands. Ehmagawd. May (un)possibly become part of a collection of oneshots.

Bye now. If you don't hear from us in a while, we're (probably) not dead!