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Author has written 9 stories for Robin Hood BBC, Doctor Who, and Merlin.

HI I'm be93, and i hope you enjoy my work, I love to write and read, amongst other things and am having a great time getting the chance to hear everyone's reviews for my work. Good or bad; constructive critiscm is ALWAYS helpful and well received.

Generally, for my multiple-chapter fics, I see them in my head as episodes of the TV shows and then write them out in story format, so I have alot of stories floating in my head, as well as some non-fanfiction things.

A BIG thankyou to everyone who has reviewed any of my work so far, however small or big the review they really mean a lot to me and i do appreciate them. Another thanks to everyone who has helped with any chapters of my fics, be it character names or sentence structures, you are stars and though you may not realise have helped me so much. Thank you!

My Stories

Robin Hood

What The Future Holds - My First Ever Fic. This is how i got into Fan Fiction, having watched Series 1 of Robin Hood and fiddled around with episodes in my head I decided to write down my own Series ideas. I never really thought I'd ever write this into a story, my mind wandered and I found that by the time Series 2 had begun I had thought about a possible 7 series in my mind; When it came to then writing this down after several people requested to see my ideas, I began to refine and slightly alter my previous ideas, making them easier to read, understand and more conscise and believable. As I came up with this after watching Series 1, Series 2 has not been taken into account. Several years forward Marian and Robin are married and have a daughter Lillian but the other outlaws are still living in the forest and with the war still going the Sheriff is still in power. Following the tasks and tribulations of the beloved characters can England ever be restored to its pre-war glory?

Words Written, Letters Unread - A joint fic with Abboz. This idea first came to me a few months ago, a series of letters written by Robin and Marian when Robin was away at war, however the letters are not sent. I spoke about it to Abi and when she told me that I should do it we decided to launch our very first joint fic together. I write Robin's letters while Abi writes Marian's and the letters are spaced 6 or so months apart.

I Will Never Forget - A Robin One-Shot. This actually started off life as a piece of Fan Art, i developed it into a poem and then decided to write this one shot around it. My first attempt at a one shot and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Robin sat alone, a small figure in a huge forest, the best archer in the world, England’s greatest hope, Nottingham’s hero but only half of an English legend.

Forever - My first attempt at poetry in a long time, I've always prefered writing stories or novels to poetry but I did have fun with this. Exploring Robin's thoughts directly after Marian's death, it is left ambiguos as to when it actually is, I think this could refer to any moment up until he lands in England really but I think these words could be in his mind as he took MArian to her grave. I did a piece of fan art which used some of the lines from this so I think that's where it would fit in.

Chasing Ghosts - This was a small idea that came to me after S2, it bears some resmebalance to S3 Ep1 but I always thought that Marian was the only one that could really get to Robin and truly understand him and therefore she was the only one that could break his fury and anger around her death. Though this piece is written from Robin's point of view it is really a testimony to the both, their relationship and it also shows MArian's love of Nottingham's people, something I think sometimes gets lost.

Doctor Who

Him, the Doctor - An idea that has come to be in pieces. I've had several ideas and reinventions of this and it took a long while to get off its starting block. I also had a sequel half-planned but we'll see. A new companion Annie travels with the Doctor to the blitz but things are never what they seem... Now completed. I may be tempted to write a short prequel or sequel. I've learnt alot from this story, though it is not by any means my greatest work I keep it here to show how far I've come and hopefully how much further I've got to go.

Rose Tyler; Defender of the Earth - My second one shot, this time a Doctor Who one from Rose's point of view. Linked with Abboz's Doctor one shot; 'The Doctor's Letter' . I wanted to write down Rose's feelings from Doomsday and then link it together with her arrival in Series 4. This is the fan fiction that has, to date, taken the most redrafts and corrections with thanks to Abi.


A Certain Rose - This fic first came to me once I'd seen the first merlin advert, so i had no idea what the actual Series had instore. Therefore I had to slightly change a few events planned, which was no bad thing. This is the fastest moving fic i've done to date, with an amazing group of loyal readers and the largest number of subscriptions I've had. A long lost friend of Merlin's comes to stay in Camelot, possessing her own magical powers, can she be the one who restores the kingdom to its former glory? - Now complete with a sequel being planned I just wanted to say thank you for all the support, reviews, subscriptions and help I got from this one story. They really meant a lot and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as I did writing it.

A Certain Lady - Now up and running, this is the sequel to the popular 'A Certain Rose', having been bowled over my the response to it, I felt I had to continue, especially as I had all the ideas in my head! Taking a slightly darker route, though there is less banter and humour, the legend has begun and now there is no stopping it. Reeling from the loss of Rose, Merlin faces new challenges, and Arthur is becoming more and more like the King he one day will be. Friendships will be tested, relationships forged and other broken, as the people of the story race towards their destiny, not everyone will make it to the legend - for some, their destiny is at an end and their journey completed.

Once again a huge thankyou to anyone who has reviewed any piece of my work, my loyal readers and those who read anonymously. You make it worth it.

Hope you have enjoyed anything i have written so far, there is so much more to come! :D

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