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Age: Soon to be 17... "sigh" time seems to fly by so quickly, still remember my first time here two years ago xD

Favorite Naruto couple: NaruHina

FV Bleach Couple: IchiRuki

Gender: Male

Country: Greece

Yosh! Honder All Mighty here! Alright, wanna say some things about me.

FIRST OF ALL: I'M A NARUHINA AUTHOR. Any other pairings will be side made.

SECOND OF ALL: Don't you ever dare ask me to write a fanfic with NarutoxOC than Hinata and vise verse. (No offense, I just like them togetherxD)

THIRDLY: No NaruSaku. I might consider having them in a story as a Drama scene though. I don't like them as an actual 'couple' for their relationship, both in the anime and the manga seems to be more like brotherly. And, of course, NaruSaku is the main enemy of NaruHina, so BACK OFF NARUSAKU FANS! xD

If you like NaruSaku, I don't flame you or something. Just... well I just don't like the pairing alright? I just don't like them as Romance. Anything else is good to me.

So! I've finished Soulmate: By Your Side and I've also wrote a one-shot, 'The Reason'. I'm really glad that all the reviews I had on both stories were good criticism, except some... let's say demanding or weird ones.

Anyway. I'm glad people like my writing style, I really do.

I have seen many animes. I have read many comics. I have seen the whole Naruto series till the latest Shipuuden episode and still watching. Want the truth?

I never really liked NaruHina. At first, it looked to me like Hinata was just a shy girl that liked Naruto, though I knew Naruto didn't really see her. As I watched the fillers, I really took notice that NaruHina were the pairing with the most screen time.

I found myself waiting in every filler to see Hinata with Naruto, in any way, comical, romantic, anything. I was glad to see that it seems like as if even the Anime crew are NaruHina fans, considering WHAT happened in EVERY filler this two were together. I don't know if the fillers have anything to do with Kishimoto's manga.

In the end, I found myself wondering how would NaruHina actually looked. I wondered if there were videos with them together so I went to check out on Youtube. You know what I did when I saw my first NaruHina AMV?

I saw the world in a new light ( so much for an anime cartoon couple :P)

Anyway, I realized that I really loved seeing them together, so I did even more research, watching AMV's, looking in google. My first contact with Fanfiction, was when I found a link in a fan club. Curious as I was, I clicked on it and it got me at a page with listed NaruHina fanfics, most of them from Fanfiction.net.

The first NaruHina fanfic I EVER read, was 'Two Halves' by DamenWren, and it is the best fanfic I've read till now. No offense to you fellow author's, but DamenWren WAS a hell of an author.

Yes, she was for she never went beyond 'Two Halves'. She began the sequel, 'Twice Shy', but never finished beyond two chapters, leaving the challenge of finishing it to anyone who wanted. Too bad... no one has made it. At least, that's what the little research I've done shows.

I don't look forward to take this challenge for now. I've got my own fanfics to write.

I kept reading fanfics, nearly all day long. I read, I read, I read. It ached my heart when I read NaruHina tragedy, so I cut them off completely. I can't stand tragedy, it just doesn't fit my character :(

In the end, I left the link and entered Fanfiction.net to read more. After a week, I decided that I really wanted to write my own story, but funny as it may sound, I had no real writing experience.

My writing style is a small combination of many. I place emotions, gestures, words, cut it in small paragraphs, describe and all this things. A small combination of everything.

And I'm really glad people like my writing style and my stories. Soulmate: By Your Side and The Reason have a lot of positive reviews. Well, there isn't any actually negative anyway... lol

At first, I planned making something similar to DamenWren's story. But it just didn't work out well. Later on, I brought myself to try again, and Soulmate: By Your Side was born. Know what's funny? At first, the title was 'A Chance To Love' but I decided it wasn't good.

Afterwards, I even changed the actual plot. I planned to get this fanfic running on a completely different way from were it has, and look were it brought me!

DATE: (16/7/2008)

Next update here. Ok, here's the news. I'm currently on the works for my next NaruHina story. You can thank bumblemark for that, he gave me the basic plot xD, he'll also be my 'beta' in this magical journey between imagination and practical typing on a pc xD

Anyway, his story 'This time for Hinata' is one of the good time-travel naruhina stories I've read, mixing romance and aventure... (MY favorite mix :D) 'For the love of my friends' is also a way too cool NaruHina time-travel story by Foxy, but the bad thing is that there is practically no romance or fluff. SO, if you are romantic guys that story is not for you. It's an adventure story, and it's one of the best :D

Some things about me: Why I like NaruHina? A question some of you might also have. The line 'NaruHina is cool!' is just a lame one any NaruSaku fan could use... I reason I like Naruhina is because it seems a little dramatic over the romance. I mean, Hinata is surely beautiful, she just hides it because she's shy. If she wasn't... well there's the trick.

If Hinata wasn't shy, Naruhina would be obvious from the start. I believe that Kishimoto purposely made her shy and 'feature hiding' so that Naruto couldn't put his eyes on her, so making the outcome painfully obvious. I think Kishimoto waits for the right opportunity to make it happen, yet he spreads tiny pieces of clues here and there. But what clues eh? This means I like NaruHina because there is strong evidence that it will happen.

Secondly, if you see the fillers in the anime series, it is painfully obvious that NaruHina is the couple with the most screen time. And what has happened till then? Their relationship, not romantic(yet), didn't have a single drawback. It only moved for the better.

Naruto said 'I like people like you' before his battle with Neji, but if you examine it... are there any other people like Hinata? There's a solid clue. Hinata is the only one, I mean the ONLY one that Naruto has made a 'blood oath' for. Now, analyzing this line would take some time, so let's move on. Conclusion?: I like Naruhina for it is real, clues are spread here and there, Hinata in Shippuden subtly admits she loves him. Why? How? Check a naruhina club for reasoning, I'm bored to write it here. It is a romantic relationship. Relationships are romantic, and if they come together, well... it will be romantic.

Another question you might ask, my fellow NaruHina fans: Why do people like NaruSaku anyway? Go in and write 'anti NaruSaku doujinshi' at Youtube.com. It's really funny :).

I really can't understand why people like Narusaku anyway. Wtf, I mean, what? Sakura will suddenly fall in love with Naruto, he will fly in her embrace and they will live 'happily ever after'?

No. First of all, especially in part one, Naruto hasn't even 'touched' her by all the means of the word. I'm not solid about this, I don't remember the whole series in my mind :P. Anyway, whenever he tried to even touch her, he gained a nice punch in the face. Whenever he did, ANYTHING stupid, he took a punch, a hard one I may point, in the face. Has Hinata EVER hurt him? Nope. Narusaku is more of a comical relationship. The girl beats the crap out of the boy yet he still wants her like the idiot he is. Omg, Naruto is a masochist? Wake up people!

Narusaku fans usually point the 297 manga chapter were Yamato seems to 'foreshadow' their love? Lmao come on! He didn't say anything about love and if he was going to, what kind of love? Romantic? I doubt it. Naruto seems to be more like the brother she never had. He's the only close friend remaining and she's afraid to lose him. He's like her little brother, who she punches and all this things brothers-sisters do.

My point is, Narusaku is more like a brother-sister relationship. Naruto seems to love her? Nah, he seems to be over it, I mean he acts more like a brother now, a protective one. Yes I remember he asked her on a date again in the anime, maybe for the sake of old times maybe? Anyway, it wasn't even a date, there was Kakashi there too I think and Naruto seemed to care more about the food, rather than his 'date'. (The arc that Naruto messed up his arm with the 'Shuriken Rasengan' I think)

To sum up, Hinata is very kind and protective about Naruto. She was the ONLY one to see him as what he truly was, rather than just the Kyuubi container or a loud prankster 'dead last' even before she learned about the beast he held in him. She had never hurt him, AND she always helped him whenever she had the chance. Kishimoto has made Hinata shy and timid because if she wasn't, I'm sure she would have Naruto from the beginning. Why would he reject someone who admired him? Why would he reject someone who even loved him, when no one else did?

Sakura never gave us even the slightest romantic hint of NaruSaku. She always punched him, called him 'baka' and always was on Sasuke's side. I mean, I clearly prefer Sasusaku rather than Narusaku. Also, in shippuden, Naruto doesn't show many hints that he still likes, let's say... loves Sakura. He's acting more like a silly boy against his big sister.

NaruSaku fans also point out the 'main character-main character' pairing thing. So what? Let Sakura have Sasuke, he's a main character too. I can also recall plenty of animes were main characters pair up with secondaries (don't remember names... sadly).

I dare any NaruSaku noob to overshadow me and my faith, I dare them to prove me wrong, I dare them to show me a flaw in a NaruHina relationship. Bring it on!

If Naruhina doesn't happen... someone's gonna die... I mean, Kishimoto in an interview has said 'I hope Hinata gets her chance'. This is another solid clue. I don't know which interview, I've just read it somewhere. I'm just afraid that, Hinata will tell Naruto, but one of them, or both might die, before making a real relationship. I'm excluding the rejection part because Naruto is an idiot, yes, but not big enough to throw away the ONLY person who loves him in a romantic way. That's a burden I carry in my heart, and if it happens this way... well I'll just bear with it. It's only an anime... right? Let us hope for a happy ending everyone. I really wish things will go this way. I hate Naruhina Romance/tragedy. Yeah, I know, I'm a man, but what can I say? I can be emotional, can't I?

(Maybe I'm saying many things about NaruHina, but that's me. A NaruHina author and NaruHina fan.)


(7/August/2008) Wow, a fellow author and friend of mine, Bumblemark, has really pointed out some really good things about NaruHina. More specifically, why they fit with each other perfectly. You can find it in his bio. If you want to find HIM, check my favorite author's :)

Same day, same time, same hour, same minute. Have you guys read Damen Wren's story, 'Two Halves'? Man, it is the best NaruHina story, ever. It's legendary! It also posted in this site.

I hope that one day, one day I'll manage to make a legendary fic. I'm trying really hard on 'Towards The Heaven' and god only knows if my skill can reach such levels. 'Two Halves' by DamenWren is a legendary fic, the best one I've read ever, and my ambition as an author is that one day I'll manage to stand next to it or above it.

But this can't come true without the support of my readers. Wish me good luck guys. Got a ground trembling fic to write :)

'May the power of the light be at my side...' (World of Warcraft? I really like Paladins, though my main is warrior:)

(14/August/2008) Another update in my little profile xD. Well, 'Towards The Heaven', my latest story that I'm currently working on seems to really have some potential. NO negative reviews or flames so far, (30reviews), so I'm willing to believe that it will be a good story. The better the reviews, the better the story ne?

I'm having trouble making myself sit down and actually write the damn thing. I've got most of the plot already in mind, and god do I need someone to tell me to keep writing. The last chapter didn't have as many reviews as the second, so what the heck I'll just wait a little more before I begin the 4rth.

Readers of TTH, you must already have an idea of the main plot of my story, but I tell you that we still have a damn long way to go. As for now, I'm focusing more on Adventure rather than Romance.

If you want to see my Romance skills, go read 'Soulmate:By Your Side', for I know it is good. How? Everyone says it! Just read and you'll understand. Leave a review if you wish, be sure that I'll read it.

Enough with the commercials on my stories and on to other news. 'Towards The Heaven' has entered a C2 community, 'NaruHina stories too good to be forgotten' and I feel honored. I want my stories to be good, and that is just a small step to victory.

World of Warcraft is an amazing game, I even think of writing a Naruto/WoW crossover xD. (I'll post this part in my next update...)

How am I doing right now? I'm sitting in this empty house, reading NaruHina, playing WoW, writing my own stories, taking my dog for a walk, etc. People could say my life is boring, and I don't blame them. But what can I say?

Life without school over your head like a bloodthirsty devil surely IS BORING! Yeah, you heard me. Though I despise school, even if I know that it is essential to my future etc, I know that life is boring without it. You know why? Because life is boring without challenges, and that's what I'm doing here. Challenging myself by writing the best NaruHina story I can.

Funny... I can't bring myself to write something other than NaruHina. Before this pairing, I never imagined myself as an author. I mean, I've began writing small stories completely self inspired, but I never actually finished or published them. It was until NaruHina entered my life that I became an author, and I even believe that I have some potential to make it an actual job. Which is, to become a professional writer.

But why do I like writing? What's so unique? Simple.

In the world of writing, authoring and fanfiction, one has all the power. He can do anything, he is the ultimate dominator of how things will come and what will happen. It allows imagination to seep out of you and do its' magic.

Another funny thing... I write about romance, I write about love, yet I have never experienced it. Yeah, dramatic as it may seem, my school never offered me any chance in romance. Maybe that's why I'm writing NaruHina... to unravel this lack of romance in my heart, to replace the emptiness that lies within.

If I could live my life from the start, I would change some things and leave other's untouched. But the problem is...

Time is something made by the human mind. It doesn't really exist. It is our way of coordinating ourselves in the changes between day and night. It is our method to keep ourselves organized. But the past, doesn't vanish. It is always there, and this is why some people think that time travels ain't impossible. For the past never leaves, it just stays there, forever and ever.

(philosophical site revealedxD) Yeah, sometimes when I'm bored, I sit down and contemplate on life and various other things. Anyways, I'm running out of things to talk about, so till my next profile update... bye bye


CHUCK NORRIS SECTION: The best of the best, chosen by the man HIMSELF

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.
There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.
Outer space exists because it's afraid to be on the same planet with Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.
When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.
Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.
Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush.
Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink.
Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a watch, HE decides what time it is.
Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.
Chuck Norris does not get frostbite. Chuck Norris bites frost
Remember the Soviet Union? They decided to quit after watching a DeltaForce marathon on Satellite TV.
Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a Chucktatorship

Pein wanted to teach the world about Pain. Chuck Norris is about to teach him the meaning of 'Tolerance'

More is bound to be added with time =)


On other news, there are some things that I would like to bring to my readers attention. I will be currently focusing on "The Ashbringer: Shinobi of the Light". My other two stories will probably not get any updates until further notice... thing is, I just wanna focus on ONE fanfic, get it done with and do so well.

I'm searching the deapths of my soul everyday to find the emotions I once used and try to convey them in my writing. I want to get these emotions back, I want to write with the feelings I once did. But, its not easy to bring something out of the abyss -.- but dare I not surrender, not till my final breath. (Getting a little over the edge...)


About the Paladin armor features in the Ashbringer: Shinobi of the Light, here's a link you can use:

Unfortunately it's not as much accurate as I'd like ;/ it opens with the first druid set instead of the Paladin. So what you have to do to take a better look at Naruto's new gear is to switch the tabs a little. Choose the following:

Armor Set: "Tier Two Raid" Judgement Armor

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Gender: Male

And there you have it =)

Death Knight Gears featured (in order to see them, do the same as you did for the Paladin gear, just choose the 'Death Knight' class in the Class tab. The URL is the same as above.)

Darion Mograine: "Tier Eight Raid" Darkruned Battlegear

Assailant Death Knight on Chapter 14: "Tier Seven Point Five Raid" Scourgebone Battlegear

I'm really sorry that I can't suply a more accurate URL -.- damn Blizzard.

Survey Questions:

1. Who are/is your favorite Naruto character(s)? Hinata, for she's cute and I'm a NaruHina fan. Itachi, for he screams badass coolness with just a fucking step.

2. What is/are your favorite pairing(s)? NaruHina on Naruto and IchiRuki on Bleach. Dito.

3. Are you a Naruto yaoi or hentai fan? I prefer hentai, just like any other decent male should.

4. Ever cosplayed Naruto characters? Nope, I've only cosplayed Matrix, cause I have the wardrobe.

5. List your collection of Naruto junk and merchandise, if any: Does my Naruto fanfic collection count?

6. Have you ever felt that you were destined to be with a Naruto character? I don't live in such fantasies, my real life seems much more preferable on the romance part O.o

7. NaruHina or KibaHina? The truth lies within NaruHina. BELIEVERS UNITE!!

8. SasuSaku or SasuNaru? I don't care? =)

9. Which team is your favorite? Team 7 or Team Gai? I don't have a prefference, but I'd certainly say, Team 7.

10. Do you support the obito theory? (Tobi=Obito) Is this survey outdated?

11. Do you support the 'Yondaime is Naruto's father' theory? Yes, it is outdated.

12. Your favorite Akatsuki member? Itachi. Not because he comes out to be a good guy in the end, but because he's a badass anyway.

13. Are you Pro-Sasuke or Anti-Sasuke? I'm neutral towards Sasuke, but he's Shippuden version is really, REALLY empty. Undecorated. Dull. He's more like a support character now, which is kind of sad really.

14. Have you seen all Naruto episodes so far (including Shippuden and fillers)? Yes, I've seen them, read them, tossed them, turned them, fought em, played em, and am currently still seeing the oncoming ones.

15. Have you read all the chapters so far? Look at the answer number 14.

16. Do you believe Naruto has ADD? Who doesn't? I don't have ADD but still find it hard to focus on something when I'm not interested in it.

17. Sub or dub? Subs, ofc. Dubs ruin the feeling that you are actually watching something japanese, which is the essence of Anime and manga to begin with.

18. Pro-Sakura or Anti-Sakura? Sakura is an okay, balanced and pacely developed character. But I'm neither towards her. I don't believe NaruSaku will come to pass, so I've dismissed her as a threat.

19. Tobi = Annoying or funny? His stupid persona is funny as hell, his real persona, is kick-ass pure dark refined awesome hellrising pitsmelling blood curling EVIL.

20. Do you even know who Tobi is? Do you?

21. Gai = Sexy beast or Ugly nerd? ... he's more like, an overly energetic yet really strong ninja who needs a haircut.

22. Which character would be the best crossdresser? Hmm... Sasuke? Most clothes seem to fit him whatsoever.

23. Rock Lee = Weird or Awesome? His awesomeness is plain weird.

24. Which character would be best OOC? Who and how? Naruto, cause his persona leaves room for lots of changes and twists, cause one has a settled ground to make him either evil or good, smart or stupid, depending on what he wants. He's just that much of a flexible character in FF, which is actually a good thing.

25. Do you like Naruto fanfics? I do, been reading them for three years now.

26. Do you write Naruto fanfics? Been writing them for three years now, with unexpected yet not so great success.

27. Do you like lemons? Romantic ones are my favorite, but anything's good as long as you're in the 'mood', right? No homos.

28. Do your parents know about the Naruto characters? When I say 'Naruto', they say 'What?'. When I say 'Raikiri' and put my finger in the socket, they get me to the hospital. When I throw blue water balloons at people and yell 'Rasengan', a chinese guy shoots me in the face and I wake up to find out the Naruto verse is not reality and that I'm currently spending minutes of my life writing nonsense.

29. Have you watched the Naruto Abridged Series? I think...

30. Have you seen The Naruto Ultimate Fanflashes? Didn't seem that interesting...

31. Have you ever gotten someone else hooked on Naruto? Other than myself? Me, I guess.

32. Have you ever been drawing Naruto in school and has someone recognized it? I don't draw. I write. And I'm damn good at it. (Or so I want to believe =)

33. Have you ever been in class drawing Naruto and the teacher came up to you and said 'WTF is this?' They actually commend me for being a writer, without really reading my texts cause they can't make out my letters... lol

34. Has Naruto affected your school life and grades? I don't need Naruto to be lazy in shcool...

35. Are you broke thanks to Naruto? Are you just a tad more stupid thanks to Naruto?

36. Do you want to read Icha Icha Paradise? I really doubt it would be a possibility. I don't think/care/notice/see/lick/look at/consider/spend my time with/ possibilities that just can't come to pass. It's stupid. And I'm more than stupid.

37. Do you support the 'Yondaime is the Akatsuki Leader' theory? No, but I do support the 'This Survey is outdated' theory.

38. Do you draw Naruto fanart? If so, count how many there are in your gallery. I don't draw, and its the third time I'm saying it.

39. Is Sasuke still sexy in his second stage of the cursed seal? I'm a man, dude, watch what you're asking.

40. Do you have a Naruto OC? I have... lots of em, three main ones that I use around my stories, whatever they may be.

41. Looking back at some of your answers, do you think Naruto has taken over your life? Not really, but a part of it, NaruHina, did play a large part in making me what I am today. Period.

If you believe that Naruto and Hinata are the greatest pairing, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list: SilentSinger948, Leaf Ranger, Aaa222xx, 'Angelito soldado', Rose Tiger. HoNdeR.

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 2 - Words: 12,484 - Reviews: 200 - Favs: 346 - Follows: 64 - Updated: 8/7/2006 - Published: 7/28/2006 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
In The Sun by Curlybear reviews
Naruto has trouble overcoming Sakura's death. Hinata's doing all she can to heal his heart, even though he won't fully let her in. Will he ever move on and learn to love her? And what about her heart? Their relationship is a challenge. NaruHina. COMPLETE!
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 46,716 - Reviews: 250 - Favs: 255 - Follows: 86 - Updated: 6/1/2006 - Published: 10/3/2005 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
Return and Attack by Nightblade888 reviews
After three years Naruto returns to Konoha. However, forces make his return home one of danger and and intregue. Through all of the twists, love blooms, and revelations made. [I don't own Naruto or any of its characters] R&R [NaruHina]
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 15 - Words: 41,952 - Reviews: 97 - Favs: 157 - Follows: 82 - Updated: 5/19/2006 - Published: 2/13/2006 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
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Burden of Eternity reviews
A homage to the first story about NaruHina that I ever read, the one that made me realize I loved writing. And also an Homage to Fanfiction, the site that helped me nurture this talent. A big "Thank You" to everyone, I hope that I'll return in full force one day )
Naruto - Rated: K - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,464 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/10/2013 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
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A bullying episode on the young Naruto results in a slaughter thanks to Kyuubi's power. As the young boy fights to overcome his sadness that night, the beast within him stirs on the chance of freedom and a new journey begins, a life-changing path...
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The Ashbringer: Shinobi of the Light reviews
A very young Naruto finds himself burdened with the weight of a legendary sword from another world. How will the young boy cope with it as he pushes himself through adventures and heartbeats? Down the path of the Paladin... down the path of the Ashbringer
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For Her reviews
A three-shot story I wrote in honor of my girlfriend's sketches, which she made for me. A hug, a farewell, a love that never ends. And it all began with a drink and merry spirits.
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Ramen: World Salvation reviews
Called upon from the great entities of creation, Naruto must gather the ingredients needed for a mystical recipe that can procure the only food able to sate the Armageddon. Just how much randomness can one story talking about the end of the world hold?
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Towards The Heaven reviews
I'm back People! So Naruto and a trio of friends leave Konoha to live in a land unknown by any, mentioned only in legend. Amidst the journey Naruto will make new friends, amidst the adventure anything can, and will, happen... NaruHina main, SasuSaku side.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 139,090 - Reviews: 145 - Favs: 110 - Follows: 100 - Updated: 12/15/2009 - Published: 7/31/2008 - Hinata H., Naruto U.
Soulmate: By Your Side reviews
You thought that life could be simple... The blond and the pale eyed individuals of the story though have different opinions. Let us see how they can cope with what fate throws at them, let us see how love can bloom in times of peril... Chapter4 Rewritten
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Assasin's Creed reviews
ACxNaruto: Naruto finds himself against a white dressed man out of nowhere... what can this compromise possibly hold for the future? Watch as Naruto, along with the assassin, will work to make the world a better place...
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Right Now reviews
She couldn't believe in her eyes... later on, he tries to apologize. But are things really the way she thinks they are? Or is it... NaruHina Song-Fic, R&R for your own sake :P If you know me, you know you'll like it
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There's gotta be somebody out there in the world, somebody special. Our two friends look for him, even in their dreams. Will they ever find him? A question left unanswered... for now. NaruHina
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An incident will awaken what once had slept inside Naruto. The meeting with a being that he thought imaginary will alter his heart. Will he find who this mystery girl was, and is? NaruHina one-shot
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A NaruHina one-shot. He was a fool to let her slip away. Will he get her back before she's gone forever? Read and Review, your opinion counts. Please enjoy
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,609 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 6 - Published: 7/11/2008 - Hinata H., Naruto U. - Complete
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