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There isn´t much to say about me. I´m older than the average fan here. I have two kids. I like travelling but with my little boys I don´t have much time for anything else than caring for them.

I like being honest and straightforward and sometimes people think I´m too blunt and call me a bitch. I really don´t care.

I don´t flame but you should be old and mature enough to take a critique. It´s really astonishing how many kids can´t use their own language well but are brave enough to publish such crap. See what I mean with being blunt?

At the moment I almost only read Crossovers with Kagome as the main female character. My favourite series as crossovers are Yu Yu Hakusho, Harry Potter, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Bleach, NGE, Wolfs rain, Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, PSME, Mononoke Hime, MKRE, Kizuna, Gravitation.

I like dark aspects and always prefer the dangerous/bad male characters. Female characters I like are always the special ones. Nothing is better than a good horror movie but I´ve yet to find one which doesn´t make me laugh. Yeah, I´m a bit weird.

I watch animes only in Japanese because their seiryuus are really brilliant (Sesshoumaru´s and Hiei´s voices are really sexy).

I reached a point were I can´t stand the canon pairings, but hey- that´s why I love fanfiction. My favourite characters are:


Kagome; she is sweet, fiery, crazy, brave, compassionate, bossy, funny, silly, intelligent, loyal, devoted, clumsy, beautiful, insane, physically weak but has a very strong character and her spiritual powers are immeasurable. She has a strong intuition and a sharp mind. No one else was tested more than her and still she always prevailed. I couldn´t have done what she did at her age. She is someone I could pair with anyone without problem and I prefer her with anyone other than Inuyasha like Sesshoumaru, Miroku, Kouga, Naraku, Bankotsu, Hiei, Yusuke, Koenma. I don´t like the kotodama no nenju. Why Rumiko thought that it would be funny to invent them I will never understand (even if Inu sometimes deserves it)

Kikyou; yes, I like Kagome and Kikyou even if I prefer Kagome. Kikyou is/was a quiet and intelligent young woman. But she is a woman of medieval times (like Sango) and grew up in the traditonal way. They can´t live life as Kagome, a young woman of the 21 century with much less restrictions and a free mind. So I really pity her because that was also a big part of why her love with Inuyasha failed. I like her in AU better because it´s more realistic than giving her flesh and blood in Sengoku Jidai. The only thing I don´t like at all is her arrogance. She always thought that it would be her that would kill Naraku and put Kagome down becauce of her inexperience. But in the end she couldn´t do a thing and it was still Kagome alone who purified Naraku. I would pair her with Inuyasha because he is most devoted to her. Suikotsu, Bankotsu, Kurama, and definitely Yusuke would be good partners for her, too.

Sesshoumaru; I simply love him. Devastatingly handsome, strong, honourable, sadistic. Why couldn´t he be the main character in Inuyasha? I would only pair him with Kagome, Kagura or a new character preferable a demoness. Kagome is the only human I can see him with. Sesshoumaru paired with Rin makes me sick.

Miroku; Handsome, intelligent, calm, witty, damn funny, gentle, wise, brave and compassionate. I would have said yes to his famous question ;) and I hate it that Sango hits him so much. If I had a hot man like him by my side than I would be happy that he likes to grope me :)

Other Characters I like are Inuyasha, Kagura, Kouga, Naraku, Kohaku, Hiten, Bankotsu, Jakotsu, Suikotsu, Toga (yum), Souta, Hojo (dense but sweet and very nice), Souten, Kagomes jii-chan (senile but funny) and my favourite kit Shippo!

Characters I dislike:

Sango in fanfiction, Rin in fanfiction, Ayame, Izayoi, Takemaru, Mukotsu, Renkotsu, Tsubaki, Yura, Eri, Yuka and Ayumi.

Characters I like in Yu Yu Hakusho:

Hiei: Strong, dark, sexy, handsome, sadistic, insane, bloodthirsty, intelligent and wise. I hate it what a f... up childhood he had but he wouldn´t be who he is if it were not so f... up. There is only one woman I would ever pair him with and that´s Kagome. She is the only one who can give him freely what he needs most. Why so many authors pair him with Sango is beyond me; she would attack him without questions and he would kill her for trying. Both have too much emotional baggage and she is too depressed. It can never work (and she is a head taller than him, that would really look silly).

Yusuke: Very strong, funny, brave, silly, honest, sweet and honourable. Reminds me of Inuyasha without the emotional baggage, but funnier and more a pervert. Keiko doesn´t deserve him. So he gets either Kagome or even Kikyou (that really would be interesting).

Kurama: I don´t care much for him. He is a bit boring and too polite. He pretends to be someone he isn´t, very handsome but too feminine, sharp and intelligent. He would be good for Kikyou or for Sango because he is calm and can be a pillar of strength for a woman.

Kuwabara: Not much to say. He is strong and honourable but silly. A comical relieve but I don´t like it when an author bashes him just because he is not attractive or very intelligent. He has the strongest six sense of all so don´t be so mean to him.

I don´t like any of the girls in Yu Yu Hakusho, Keiko and Botan make me aggressive. Yukina is dense and boring but I don´t hate her. Shizuru is O.K. I wish Genkai was young because I like her.

Naruto is an anime I wouldn´t have cared for if there weren´t such interesting male characters. Maybe I´m too old for this series or the characters simply too young and immature. The anime gives me a headache and I will never understand why the author created the normal humans so insanely powerful that it´s the most unrealistic scenario I´ve ever seen. The plot gets more and more ridiculous.

The ones I like are Itachi, Gaara, emo Sasuke (snicker, yeah I still like him), Neji, Naruchan, Hinata, Ino (she is not as bad as Sakura), Shikamaru, Tsunade, Kakashi and Anko.

In Harry Potter I like everyone but I prefer Draco, Harry and Snape. Neville is cute and Luna is crazy so I like her, very interesting character.

Naruto and YuYuHakusho are series where I would prefer yaoi pairings because of the lack of good female characters. But that´s why there is Kagome Higurashi! The girl for almost everyone!

Stop the bashing of characters you don´t like! It´s simply disrespectful to the creator. If you don´t like the character than don´t write about him/her. An author who transfers the hate of a character into the story just to bash them or to justify the pairing they are writing about is pathetic. This is the problem I have with many yaoi writers. So many of them bash Kagome just to pair a hetero male with another male, how lame is that? The same goes for alternate pairings. It´s really boring to read a Kagome/Inuyasha pairing but when I want to read a Inu/Sango pairing almost every time Kagome is being bashed, what the hell! I have yet to find a Mir/Kag pairing with a Sango bashing. Shows who is more mature in this stupid pairing war.

For people who don´t like Kagome: read the MANGA! She is awesome in it whereas in the anime she is O.K. The anime was produced later than the manga and they changed her character (she is sometimes annoying in the anime and really helpless in it but not in the manga). The first and second movie was O.K. but the 3.&4. was crappy.

Naruto fanfiction is boring and the pairings and plots repeat themselves again and again. Sadly this applies to Inuyasha fanfiction too. The so-called canon pairings must be the most boring part of it. I hate it when writers don´t use their imagination and write something totally different for once. There is only a handful of writers who accomplished that.

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