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Well I like to write and I used to write tons of fan fictions about my favorite cartoon, Winx Club. I've recently been interested in watching it again and want to finish some of my stories on here as well as possibly start new ones. However, I am a college student with a lot of homework, a job, and a life besides fan fiction, so I am not always sure when I will be able to update. I try to on the weekends for the most part, but don't always count on it. Just keep posted for the most current updates. Underlined stories are the ones in progress, the rest are completed ones.

My Stories

Mr. Tough Boy- Riven has always been distant from his fellow team mates at Red Fountain and Musa. Everyone just assumes it is just because he is a mean person, but there may be more behind his tough guy facade than meets the eye. Can Musa be the person who finally helps him open up, and once he does, will she be accepting of his past? This stories goes through most of Riven's life up until the present in the winx series.

As Love as Love is Strong- The boys from Red Fountain just graduated and the girls still have one year left at Alfea. They are having a hard time coping with this, and hope that they won't grow apart from them over that year. But over the summer they have one month to spend together on a vacation to Earth. This is basically a love story of MusaXRiven and BrandonXStella but has sections for the other couples as well. Will this vacation make them grow closer, or just further apart from each other?

A Steamy Romp Down Memory Lane- Short Story! When the girls have to go to Earth to try and get everyone to believe in fairies again, Bloom runs into her ex boyfriend Andy who she broke up with and might regret now. Just a one shot sex story based on Season 4 when Sky gets jealous of Bloom being friends with Andy while on earth.

Flora's Decision- Flora does something she will regret for the rest of her life while at Alfea, that forces her to leave. She now lives a new life, that none of the winx girls would expect out of her. In the end her true loyalties are tested, but is it too late? Can she go back to what her life once was with her best friends?

Mirta's Struggle- Mirta feels like she will never get a boyfriend ever, but the winx girls set out to help her get one, and a guy seems to like her, but it is all a trick! Will she ever find that one guy who actually likes her for who she is, without the help of magic or friends?

The Troubled Child- Everyone knows that Diaspro is crazy about Sky, and does anything to try and get him back. Everyone assumes she is a selfish bitch, and that is why she wants him back. But is it really the reason, or is there something much deeper than that, that makes Diaspro want to be with Sky still? Why does she want Sky back so badly, and is afraid to tell him her reason?

The Social Outcast- After Layla comes into the picture, Tecna feels like she has lost Musa as her best friend. Bloom and Stella are best friends, Flora is really close with Helia, and Tecna is left with nobody. Sure, she is close with the winx girls, but none of them really understand her. They all see her as the brainy girl who loves school. Tecna would talk to Timmy more, but he seems like he only wants to be a friend, and Tecna wants him to be more than a friend, but does Timmy want that? Tecna feels more alone than ever, can she grow closer to any of the winx girls, or even Timmy?

The Island of the Pirates- Short Story! The winx girls and the specialists are sent on a urgent mission, but while on the mission Layla runs into an ex girlfriend of Nabu's, who apparently still thinks they're a couple! However they still need to complete the mission together, and they run into a group of pirates! Can they escape from the Pirates island, and will Nabu and Layla make up or are they finished? Based on the winx club italian comic book "L'isola dei pirati" number 47.

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Mister Tough Boy reviews
The story behind Riven's bad attitude and why he is such a "bad boy". Look at my profile for a more detailed description. Rated M for drug use, swearing, and sex.
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Diaspro and Sky's story is not told much, and she is usually the villan. But there is much more to their story that no one knows but Diaspro and Sky, who might not know the whole story either.
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The Social Outcast reviews
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The girls and the specialists are on a mission, but on it Layla runs into Nabu's ex, and the gang gets trapped on a Pirate island! Will Layla and Nabu make up, and will they escape from the island? Based on Italian winx club comic book "L'isola dei pirati
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Flora does something that she will end up regretting the rest of her life. She could change back her life, but she is too scared that things will get out of hand again. She decides to totally separate herself from the winx, forever.
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