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hey all!!

i'm alysha. From New Zealand and 16yrs old.

im addicted to anything with a supernatural vibe!! tv, books or movies!! Especially the program supernatural!!

i LOVE TWILIGHT!! when it comes to Bella i'm all for team Edward! They are perfect for each other! Don't get me wrong though i Love Jake!-just not with Bella. BUT my favourite character is EMMETT! i totally love him! after all who doesn't love a teddy bear!

At the moment i'm writing one fan fic for twilight. It's called "A Broken Heart Can Be Deadly". Please check it out and reveiw! XD... I also have two other TWILIGHT fic's in the works so look out for them...

My stories


A Broken Heart Can Be Deadly: first fan fic... set in New Moon. After Edward leaves Things get worse for Bella as her heart gets broken again. Now Bella feeling alone and angry Wants revenge. What lenghts will she go to to get it?

Baby, It's You: (A Rosalie and Emmett fic). 17 year old Rosalie is head over heels for her best friend alice's brother/next door neighbour Emmett But a 5 year age cap sets them apart. Emmett is the town player amongst the woman and doesn't notice Rosalie as more than his lil sister's friend or maybe even a sister. But when Emmett's player days catch up with him and new born daughter gets droped on his doorstep Can romance spark as Rose trys to help Emmett through this time or will the agecap, a baby and baby's mother ruin any chance? All human. Other normal pairings.

-In the works:

Untitled 1: Three years ago bella's first love Emmett was killed by a bear; or so everyone thought. Now she's moving to forks to live with her Dad charlie. But she's not the only New kid in town. The Cullens have also just arrived with a son that looks exactly like her suposed dead boyfriend. Will Bella and Emmett reunite or will someone else catch their eyes? Say emmett's new adopted brother Edward and the school's Miss popular, Rosalie? ...AU vampires and humans...

untitled 2: Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie have never met each until they all get accepted into a country exchange programme. They all applied for different reason but are ended up in one destination. New Zealand! to a nice host family, Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Can love and friendship blossom in a new country? or will the reasons they wanted a new start get in the way? canon pairings eventually. All human.

oh my fiction press is:

enjoy your reading and writing



1. You refuse to face the fact that Edward is fictional

2. You count down the days until the next book comes out

3. You spend all your time coming up with theories for the next book

4. Your standards for men were instantly raised because of Edward

5. You secretly wish your boyfriend was a vampire

6. You accidentally address your dad as his name, like Bella

7. Volvos are your new favorite car

8. You quote the books constantly

9. You relate everything… I mean, EVERYTHING, to Twilight

10. You have now started biting people, or threatened to

11. If anyone so much as looks at your books the wrong way, you start screaming at them.

12. If anyone hasn’t read the books, you take it as a personal offence

13. You’ve already planned you and Edward’s wedding and handed out the invitations

14. You attempt not to sleep because, if Edward doesn’t need sleep, neither do you.

15. You dress up as a vampire by painting your face white, and putting purple under your eyes, and go out in public.

16. You suddenly find pale boys really attractive

17. All someone has to say to make you cry is “Edward’s not real.”

18. You start thinking really embarrassing thoughts, but immediately stop, fearing that Edward heard you.

19. You fear that someone will turn into a werewolf when they get angry

20. When you fall or trip, you refer to it as a "Bella moment".

21. Topaz is your new favorite color, courtesy of Edward's eyes.

22. You welcome rain so that your home can be more like Forks.

23. You pray for Stephanie Meyer to have Bella and Edward end up together.

24. Human baseball seems more boring than usual.

25. You carry a Twilight book with you at all times.

26. You will spend hours in front of the computer in Twilight fan groups, or searching for new Twilight information.

27. Your sleep schedule is completely reversed due to the all-nighters you pulled to read the books.

28. You try to see what character your family or friends resemble.

29. Your lifelong goal is to become a vampire and live with the Cullen’s.

30. You bawled when Edward left and when Edward came back.

31. You now never want to tan, so you can look like a vampire.

32. You see someone with dark eyes and think, "they must be thirsty."

33. You go back and forth from hating, to loving, to hating Jacob Black.

34. You constantly nag your friends to start reading Twilight, even though they don't need to, since you talk about it so much they know everything that happens.

35. You have to remind yourself to breathe when you think of Edward Cullen

36. You would give anything to see Edward sparkle in the sun.

37. You cried when Alice saw Edward planning to die.

38. You wish you could blush like Bella.

39. You constantly wonder whether your blood would be appealing to vampires and secretly hope it is.

40. When someone asks you out you say, “Sorry. I’m already dating Edward Cullen.”

41. You’re convinced you are the biggest fan and will argue with anyone who begs to differ

42. Your notebooks have “Mrs. Edward Cullen” written all over

43. Your mom no longer threatens to ground you, but to take away your books.

44. In your mind, serial killers no longer exist. Only newborn vampires do.

45. Your heart flutters anytime Edward talks.

46. You want to punch Charlie in the face when he is rude to Edward.

47. You make people read the books, but secretly hope they wont, so the obsession will only be yours.

48. You get very angry when someone says vampires sleep in coffins. Or only come out at night. Or won't show up in film.

49. You shun anyone who tries to convince you vampires don’t exist

50. You get into fights with your Twilight obsessed fans over which one is going to marry Edward

51. You throw birthday parties for the characters in the books

52. You would gladly trade your life for Bella's, even if that means occasionally being attacked by vampires.

53. You're cold, and you wish you had Jacob.

54. The Twilight books are guarded with your life.

55. You will follow a silver Volvo, convinced that Edward is in it and get very depressed when you realize he’s not.

56. You wish you owned Bella's truck.

57. You attempt at being as graceful as Alice. And fail miserably.

58. Your future children's names are all names from the books.

59. Edward is the sexiest name alive.

60. You've bought several copies of each book to give as future presents to yourself.

61. You've made t-shirts that relate to Twilight.

62. You screamed when Bella kissed Jacob

63. You find yourself subconsciously narrating your life.

64. You started using strawberry shampoo

65. You wish you had a Jacob and Edward to fight for you

66. When you read Twilight fan fiction

67. You write Twilight fan fiction

68. You plan on moving to Forks someday.

69. You've pinch the bridge of your nose when you got angry

70. Edward’s version of Twilight Chapter 1 gives you chills.

71. You are either thrilled that Robert Patterson is playing Edward, or completely depressed.

72. You're convinced vampires exist, and you're not ashamed of it

73. You love when it is rainy, cloudy, or snowy out, and hate when it is sunny.

74. You check the weather in Forks, when you live no where near it.

75. You introduce yourself to people as Mrs. Cullen

76. When talking online you always remember to capitalize Twilight and any other name from the book

77. You look at all the pale people in your classes and wonder if they're secretly vampires and wish to ask them if they can turn you into one

78. You dream about Edward nearly every night

79. You dream of Vampires nearly every night

80. You want to go to Forks for your spring/summer break

81. You smile/sigh whenever you hear/see Edward's name and it has nothing to do with Twilight

82. You’re unable to believe that vampires actually have fangs or some crazy dark side

83. You are certain that your boyfriend is a vampire simply on the basis that he's sexy/shiny/composed

84. You start imagining scenes from the books in your head at random moments

85. You’ve convinced random strangers to read the book or see the movie

86. You waste the ink of your print cartridge thanks to printing images and images of Edward

87. You cry because your father used Eclipse as a coaster for his drink

88. You relate even the weirdest things to the book

89. You think you can feel Edward beside you while you're reading/dreaming/talking/walking/etc (maybe even when you’re doing nothing at all)

90.your friends/family have told you to shut-up because you talked about Twilight to much

91. You start talking to the book

92. While talking to your friends, they mention something that reminds you of Twilight, and you mutter a joke from Twilight and start laughing your head off

93. You’ve highly considered naming your future son Edward.

94. Whenever somebody mentions the words 'vampire' or 'werewolf', you immediately try to worm your way into the conversation just to make sure they're not insulting them

95. You still cry at sad parts of the book... even though you've read it just so many times

96. You smack your brother/sister when they say Edward doesn’t exist or is a total retard. and don’t stop smacking until they say they’re sorry

97. You have over 500 Twilight related pictures on your computer

98. You've re-created Bella's bracelet

99. You already have a space on your bookshelf for Midnight Sun

100. You already have the tickets reserved for the midnight showing of the Twilight movie


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If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile.

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