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Jan 26-2011 Hey hey hey! It's been a while. Been spending a lot of time in fandoms that I don't write for. You know, cause they involve like... actually people. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm not dead. Somehow... I'll write when something comes, but so far, not much has. School can do that to ya... :)

October 2-09 (lol Luxord/Xibar/Demyx day whut) Hey guys! It figures I'd come out of the woodwork not even a week after 358/2 Days (which I don't own any rights to) was realeased in Canada. Predictable KH-nerd is predictable. The game is amazing in general, but especially so for someone who is curious about all those little dynamics between characters. The tiny tidbits are wonderful fuel for the imagination. Also (minor spoilers) Roxas saying "Xaldin, what's love?" and Demyx saying "Why does Larxene have to be such a witch all the time?" absolutely made my day. Also my reaction to Xigbar in general (so far) is: "AHAHAHAH WUT. YOU DOUCHE I LOVE YOU." Anyway, the point is I am back and feeling inspired again. No idea if thats good news or bad news yet. But quasi-newsworthy nonetheless.

Sept-30-08 - thank you for the great feedback on all my fics. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

So Hello! My (current) penname is Fira, though I've had a few other (all just as unoriginal :D).

I've been reading and writing fic for quite a while, but I'm new to the whole having an account thing. I love Timothy Findley, music that makes me cry, long summers, thunderstorms, singing really loud, (parenthesis), Anne Rice's vampire series, getting reviews/comments (good or concrit), sleeping in, drinking the good kind of cream soda, holding my iPod, and pina colatas and getting caught in the rain. Oh- and lists.

My fandoms (I don't write in all of them):

-Music- various bandoms (Decaydance, MCR, Green Day, the Beatles, A.F.I., various classic rock bands, etc.)

-The Daily Show/Colbert Report

-Stargate: Atlantis

-Doctor Who

-Kingdom Hearts and Organization XIII (they're kind of separate in my mind)

-Various Final Fantasy Games

I dabble in different anime's now and then too- Death Note, Bleach, WHR(ISLOVE!), uumm Digimon is still cool!

And to get this out of the way: DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the above. They are property of their respective owners/ themselves. Please don't sue me. I love dew!

So yeah. Readers are cool. Sometimes when I write reviews I get excited and don't proofread. Erm- its kind of a compliment? I like puzzle peices. Some of my fics fit together. Then again, I might interpret the same thing different ways at different times of day, so yeah. By the way, if you hadn't noticed, I'm always insecure/uncetain about something. I like that about myself, and sometimes I wear it like a badge without realizing it.

Hope I don't sound like... not nice and stuff :)

Everyone who reads this (all of it) gets a virtual pie, how about that?

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Brightly Burning by doomweasel reviews
Xigbar visits Betwixt and Between after the... incident there to do some cleaning up after Axel. Rated for language, NON SEXUAL nudity. Not a slashfic, I promise.
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Teyla Troubles reviews
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