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Iruka had streaked rules, so he explained them to sakura.

“Sakura, just so you know I have rules you need to follow. They are:

1. No talking ‘naruto’

2. No passing messages ‘naruto’

3. And no and I mean no acting up ‘naruto’ ”

“So I made a few mistakes. Big deal” naruto mumbled.

8 letters spell 'I love you' 8 letters also spell 'bull shit' quote done...

“Nice wand godmother…”

“Oh! You like it??”

“Well yes… I do… but can it do anything…”

“No shit Sherlock! That’s why I’m a fairy!! Hello is that brain in there??”

I grumbled, “So are we going to do this or not.”

“No we aren’t going to do that.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Fine, we’ll transform.”... tis quote is done!

Her passed out body… was about to crash to the hard cold ground then a hand grabbed her limp shoulder opposite to where the man was positioned… Sasori had caught her just in the nick of time…

Still in an awkward position… he got hold of Sakura’s jawline and took a deep breath and lowered his head to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation… well… ‘Sasori-style’…

“DREAM ON ASSHOLE!!” Sakura retorted as she escaped her unconscious state… pressing her hand hardly against Sasori’s face

“what?! I was just trying to revive you”


“then do you want me to do?! Caress your breasts first before I try to give in air just like all those hunky male lifeguards?!”

“ARGHHH!!”... end quote

stupid Sasuke’ If Sai was him, he’d actually confess right there and then (with grace that is, both Sai and Sasuke are… shy) I mean… he got Sakura at the palm of his hands and what if she leaves…? It’s bad enough that even now he won’t confess to her… what’s worse is if he don’t make it quick, Sai might—

“hey, say… wanna have lunch?” Sai suddenly asked

not wanting to ruin their bonds, Sai thought if he can’t get his first choice… might as well get the second.

“oh, yeah sure”... end quote


"Well?" Beardwoman asked, in her annoying, demanding way.

"The reproduction system isn't going to explain itself" she said.

"Um...We would like to present our essay in the form of a skit. Thank you." Sakura said. I shot her a I'm-confused-look, as did Beardwoman.

"What do I do?" I whispered.

"I'm the doctor and I'm explaining to you and Gaara that you're preggo" She whispered back.

"Spagetti sauce?"

"You are having Gaara's kid." She said slowly, as if I were some kind of retard.

"Fuck no! Why do I have to be the woman?" I nearly shouted, glaring at her.

"Because. You said you'd be a prettier woman than I am." She reminded me. She has a point.

Beardwoman ahem-ed "Are we starting?" She said.

"Yeah" I said, still glaring at Sakura.

"Good News Ms. Hyuuga! You're having a baby!" Sakura said with fake enthusiasm.

"That's impossible! She hasn't eaten any babies!" Gaara exclaimed, trying to make this as hard for me as possible. When I become president he will be forced to watch that Nick Lachey What's Left Of Me music video for the remainder of his life.

"Mr. Gaara? Are you the father of this child?" She asked but was smirking at me.

"Yes. I think." He said, smirking at me also. Grrr.

"Then why haven't you been filled out about the birds and the bees?" She asked in a teacherly voice, "You see, Mr. Gaara, when a man and a woman," she glanced at me, "Love each other very much, physically outside of a bar, they preform a special 'hug'. That's how babies are made." Sakura grinned. She is the devil.

"You're a terrible hugger, no wonder I got pregnant." I scoffed at Gaara in a deadpan voice before turning to Sakura.

"Dr. Haruno? I'm not really all that comfortable around male," Idrew the word out, "doctors. I thought I should let you know I'm not coming back to you. No offence, I just feel less comfortable around doctors that are male." I plastered a hideously fake smile on my face and turned to her. She gritted her teeth and glared at me.

"Ms. Hyuuga, I think that you'd probably be a lot more comfortable with me if I didn't opperate on you for gender correction surgery." She smiled icily.

Oh no she di-in't. Imma flip my bitch switch and kill her ass!

"Nejina! You should of told me that before we preformed the 'hug'!" Gaara smirked again. What a fuckass. Yes, I said fuckass. He didn't take his meds again and that led to him ganging up with Sakura on sexy-ole-me. And for fucks sake, that's not fair. But I can play that game too.

"It wasn't a consensual hug. He raped me!" I said in a all knowing tone, dramatically covering my face with my silky, perfect, hair. Beardwoman gasped.

"He grabbed me and preformed the hug! I told him to stop. But he wouldn't listen. So I told him use protection! Use protection! But the condom didn't fit! He was too small! Now, I'm carrying his third child!" I fake sobbed. Who says watching two hours of Maury is a waste of time?

Gaara sent me a death glare that would have killed me and all the kids in Cheaper By The Dozen. Yes, even the fag who looked like the kid from Jerry Maguire. Not a fan of that movie either.

Sakura shot me a not as deadly death glare and marched right over.

"Ms. Hyuuga what's your problem?"

"I have a demon fetus living in my stomach, sucking the life out of me" I informed her.

The bell rang.

No one in the class moved.

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