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Hi there! I'm Sugar Mama123.

Real Name: Lindsey

Age: 13

Height: Five foot something... It's not like I have a ruler with me!

Weight: NOT TELLING! How rude :(

Hair: Light Brown

Eye Color: Blue! YAY! (Did you know the most common eye color is brown?)

Fav. Color: Hot Pink

Favorite kinds of music: Pop, Country, Rock, and some hip hop.


What is your name? (See above)

How would you describe yourself? Funny, Nice, Fun, Shy, Trusting, and Caring!

What gender are you? Girl. But I don't know why you'd be asking that in person.

Do you like ice cream? YES!

What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Vanilla, but maybe twist!

Do you have any pets? Sparky, my dog, and a whole bunch of rabbits.

Do you really love Sparky? Yeah, he is very lazy though.

Do you like Hannah Montana? Not really, I just don't like her. Let me rephrase that. I HATE HER. HAHAHAHA.

What are your favorite TV shows? Prolly mostly what I write about on fanfiction.

Okay, no more FAQ's.

Things that bother me: when the computer restarts itself (I swear, this computer has a mind of it's own!) when people think they're so smart when they have an IQ of 0 (don't know anyone, but I'm sure that there are people like that) and when people bother me even why I tell them they are! JEEZ! (Mutters) Little brothers...

Things that don't bother me: well, why is this important when you can just say everything that isn't what bother me? I can say that? Okay, everything that doesn't bother me.

Now that the stupid FAQ dude is gone, I can tell you two of my favorite TV shows!

Alvin and the Chipmunks, and iCarly. There! Now no one can make fun of me now! HA HA HA! SEDDIE FOREVER!

Random Quotes from Everywhere!

My math teacher: Lindsey, what is six plus fifteen?

Me: 21?

My math teacher: No.

Me: Then what is it?

My math teacher: 21.

Me: That's what I said.

My math teacher: I thought you said five.

My wacky science teacher: But don't forget that some people still use these.

My friend Calista: I know people still use pencils.

My wacky science teacher: AND homework is still due for tomorrow.

An ugly kid named Chris in my class: You see, if I sit like this (sits on his side) then I don't feel like I have to go to the bathroom. (five seconds later) Oops.

Chris: OMG! TTYL! BRB!


Chris: OMFG WTF?

Me: WTF your face!

Matthew, my little brother: There are two jail dues over there!

Me: At McDonalds? That's odd.

Convict: What toy did you get?

Other convict: I dunno.

Mom: Oh, poor prisoners. All they get are Happy Meals!

My friend Jamie: Lindsey, how do you spell science?

Me: S-C-I-E-N-C-E.



When will this story be updated? Tough luck. Maybe never. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Do you like this story? I don't know. Nobody can hardly understand it but me. But that's because it's my story! HA!

Why don't you update it? I might, okays? I MIGHT.

Who are the characters? Read and find out, dumbo.

Walk to the Beach

When will this story be updated? Most likely the weekend, maybe sooner than that.

Do you like this story? VERY MUCH. It's so funny!

Why do you upate it? Because people want me to.

Why do they want you to? Because I don't ask questions continuously like you do.

Who are the characters? You can read and find out.

If you want to learn more about LATC, look below. Or, you can totally ignore it and never know anything about it. Below is a list of things you should know about LATC.

1. I'm writing a prequel (is that real?) that happens before the story, explaining what happened and mostly who people are.

2. If you don't like self-insertions... then I don't know what to do with you. It's a first story, okays?! My first story just happens to be never updated and--


4. I just wasted a number.

5. Why must I waste these?

6. I'll start writing some now!

7. Here is a list about the characters.

Lindsey: An 11-year-old girl (it's not a self-insertion... I LIED! I'm really 13 so I LIED! She's named after me though. She looks nothing like me.) She has long blonde hair and green eyes yay!

Matthew: Lindsey's younger brother. He's eight. He is named after my little brother. YAY! He has brown hair and blue eyes.

Shannon: She is Lindsey and Matthew's older half-sister (YAYNESS!) who is 22. She was married but then divorced. (She is named after my older sister but then is nothing like my sister! HA!) She wears glasses. HA!

Mom: Lindsey, Matthew, and Shannon's mom. She is (truck runs by and you can't here her age) and nothing like my mother. She is blonde and has green eyes.

Alvin: You seriously know nothing about Alvin? God, you crazy. ANYWAYS... he's cartoonverse. EVERYTHING'S ANIMATED. Okays? And in the prequel whatever you call them it explains why he is somewhat Lindsey's son.

Simon: (Belches) Excuse me. You seriously know nothing about Simon? You have no brain. Once again, everything animated. And... blah, blah, blah. HA!

Theodore: ...

The chipettes: ... (They're in there, but I don't feel like writing all their names out. HA!)

Dad: Wife of Lindsey's mom. YAY!

Walk to the Beach is proudly written by:

SugarMama123. YAY!

Thanks for all your reviews. I really appreciate them. The only problem is, nobody catches my tiny little mentionings of things! Well, the reviewers don't.

I understand Pablo is a big retard, but he is pretty funny. And he has no brothers. He has cousins though. Pedro's one of them. HA!

Favorite Time!

Subject in school: English!

Music: See above.

TV show: See above.

Person: I don't have one.

Celebrity: I don't have one either.

Website: YAY!


TV show character: Nunyo beeswax.

Joke of all time: I don't know.

Teacher: I can't pick favorites. And if I said their name you'd stalk them. You'd stalk them till you find them. And when you do find them you'll kidnap them! But who wants to kidnap a teacher anyway? Certainly not me. They'd prolly make me do my homework. And that's my least favorite thing besides push-open doors. I like the automatic ones more.

Animal: PUPPIES!

Pet: I can't pick my favorite pet! That's evil! They'd all turn on me and eat me alive!

If you don't mind, you can vote in my poll. I have a pretty good idea of who people are going to vote for as the ickiest grossest chipmunks couple ever (I FEEL SOOOO BADDDD). My friend had that idea, and it's my first poll ever so please vote in it. If you don't vote for who I think you will, I will think of you as crazy and weird. Crazy weirdo.

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