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Knowing full well I need to update , I would just like to mention to my loyal readers that I will get back to updating my stories soon. I know it's been a long time since I last updated, but a lot of things have been getting in my way. Just to explain myself, the last I updated was about May. (long time, I know) After that I told myself I wouldn't update anymore chapter until summer started, (because I really needed to focus on my school work and passing my exams) and giving my more than enough time to update more and hopefully finish some of my stories...Unfortunately, about a week before the end of school my internet went out. (lucky me) And for about a month my internet stayed out until my mom finally got it fixed.

:Yes, I know I could've probably used that time to still update by writing in a notebook or something, but I've been super busy doing summer reading, chores, and going on vacation. At the moment now, I'm with my grandparents and am using the library near us to update this message. I've been here for almost a month unfortunately, so I haven't had time-or access-to update.

:I am so sorry, this has been an inconvience to you, readers. I haven't had any time at all hardly to sit down and update any of my stories, and I feel horrible to have left you all hanging for so long. It's just a lot of things have gone on and I've been stumped. Hopefully, when I get back home I'll have a lot of time on my hands to at least a chapter to each of my stories. The first one I promise to update will be Love at First Sight. It's the one I've had most thought on and want to relieve some of my readers on what the next event will be. Don't worry, guys, I have something planned-I just need to write it!!

:Then, I'll try and get to Forgotten and maybe even FL if I have any time. And for the new story I have published, it's just something I had saved on my document for a long time. Years, I think, and felt like I should at least do something on this website when I've stayed absent on here for so long. I'm not sure it's any good, especially seeing as I have 0 reviews on it, but I'll keep updating a few more chapters at a time since I have a lot of it already typed and saved.

My favorite book is twilight and, of course, the twilight series. Others would be the Maximum Ride books, the Harry Potter series, the House of Night series, the Blue Bloods series, The Host, and this new one I just read Incantation by Alice Hoffman.

All together my favorite characters in Twilight, are mostly Edward, Jacob, Bella, Alice, Jasper, and Seth. Although it changes for every book i sometimes reread. Edward and Bella are my favorite in twilight. As hard as it is to say, i liked Jacob mostly in New Moon(although i didn't used to because, of course, there was no Edward. But after reading it for a second time i fell in love with it.) Alice and Jasper are my favorite in all of the book-although I'm not that excited with the Jasper they put in Twilight, not that I hate him or anything-it's just his hair and the way I've seen photos of him in the movie looking extremely creepy. Breaking Dawn wasn't exactly my favorite book, but I wont say anything about it, (knowing i might spoil for some readers)except that the ending wasn't much of what I expected much. Although I did grow more attached to the pack and Seth and Jacob. . .hell, even Leah who has it pretty bad.

Okay, I need to update this profile so hears a remix to my profile:)

A little bit about myself:

Lets see, I'm really tall like 5'8, and only 14 years old. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. And since I'm writing this at the moment, I might as well mention it's Mardi Gras! Yeah, today was our last day of school-we're off for a whole week! I've already been to a parade, and had a lot fun.

Anyway, I'm a Taylor Swift fan. In fact, I'm listening to her now-Change. Usually, I just buy my songs on iTunes not bothering to buy CD's because there are songs I don't like and don't want to spend money on. But Taylor Swift's new CD, I'm dying to buy! I've listened to all her songs and love em to death. She, in my opinion, it an original singer and terrific role model unlike a lot of other celebrities like Hannah Montana. (Don't hate me if I say she's horrible, it's just my opinion) I also like Kelly Clarkson, the Fray, Pink, Britney Spears, Kayne West, the Veronica's, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, Rihanna, TI, Thriving Ivory, Adele, and Natasha Bedingfeld.

What I like to do is do track (on record have run ten miles, hard as it is to believe), volleyball, baseball-I'm a total athlete. Oh, I also take a French class. Its my second year and I love it. I've even had it in mind to put some French in my stories so don't be surprised to find some weird word you can only say looks and sounds French. lol But I also like to write-gosh I like to write! This website has been especially good to me allowing me to let my stories loose and shared with whoever's out there. Not only write, but read other stories; there's been some pretty good stories I've read-and that's pretty good considering I'm a really picky reader. lol. But the authors pulled it off!

I try to think up some pretty surprising things about original characters and even mine, so I hope you enjoy my stories. And, hope you don't mind that they can be really long at times. But don't freak; I promise you it wont be disappointing.

At the moment, I have three stories: Forbidden Love, Love at First Sight, and my new one Forgotten. I try to write from my notebooks, but can't help typing from thought. And, I'm mostly sticking to LAFS and F. Forbidden Love has kinda gotten to a turning point to where I've postphoned from writing it for a while. But, I will finish it sometime eventually.

Now for my people reading Love at First Sight:

In case you've just read one of my chapters that suggest coming to my profile to read a special notice on the story you've come to the right spot!

Okay, well, let me say this; it is definitely not like any old regular imprint. If you think Seth will imprint on some regular, old normal human and live a happy ending, the end, then I'm sorry, but this story is not for you. If you want something totally different from what Stephanie Meyers had given you, then this will be your number one story! lol.

Sorry, but i kinda wanna keep it a secret for now, or at least until i get to that part of the story. But, what i will hint out that the character Leslie is Navajo. Yeah-if you've read it already you would know from the very first chapter, but don't forget about it. It'll be important later on. Literally.

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