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My Name: Ariel Moss

My Hobbies: i like to read fanfics and i like to write them. i like video games and i like to freak people out! so watch out!!

My Best Friend online: is named SasoDeiFan, and she's the best!

My Favorite Food: i really like corn dogs for some weird reason...

weird thing about me: whenever i read naruto stuff, i hear that they are going to go get some ramen, i just HAVE to go make myself some!

My Apperance: I have Brown hair, with red highlights, and i am totally weird... and i like to freak everyone out! XD

oh, and this is my favorite video:

i really luv the song, it reminds me of so much things...

So right now, i am trying to get a story posted, i mean i just love writing this stuff!!

it might be a one-shot, or a kinda long story, or maybe even both!! (i hope it's both...) XD

Ok, the story i'm working on is called 'Friends come and Go', and it's a deidara sakura fic... i luvs that pairing!! XD

so please read it, and review!! please?


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