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well maybe i'm not to good describing myself in this kind of pages...so excuse me if i'm too boring hihihi

I'm just a crazy normal school girl of 15 years!! in love of love and everything that has to do with japan. My name is Valeria and i live in the capital city of Colombia. I love to dance, listen to all types of music ( if i mean all i mean ALL) write fanfics or random stories...read, i have a couple of favorite books on my shelf hahaha. I'm amused with history (sorry guys who hate it) specially anything that has to do with WWII (i'm not that sadistic...i think so!) . I've been in this hole japanese world since i was very young (though i'm not even old ) but yet i knew little of it. Then in 4th grade after a long period of being absent i saw Inuyasha and that started leading me to this little by little ( cause i went absent once more till the last year Lol ) . I can't say it's my first anime cause' there was ranma 1/2, Samurai x and Sailor Moon before, but it did had a great impact on me. Currently i'm learning japanese and my friends say i'm a really absent minded girl...i can't say no cause it is a reality but at least school goes well for me now!

I can't say which is my favorite anime cause i really enjoy all of them and i leave part of my soul in each one so i have a real problem (guess the ones i put inside the favorites is because it has had deep consecuences on my way of thought not because of the action scenes, characters, art bla bla bla )

I hate math and people who critizice everything and in this category enters my country. Man , i'm absolutly bored of people calling my country the 'drug country' or that the guerrilla (FARC) here is 'robbin hood'. Maybe the ones i despise the most are the ones that think here we still are 'like tarzan in the forest'!! we have computers, mc dondalds, malls, civilization and everything that's available in the world...and YES!! we do wear jeans (i almost killed the person who asked me that question). So i prefer that if your going to talk me about my country, read some information and stop being ignorant of what sorrounds you.

My favorite foods i cannot count either becuase i love eating too hahhah but i think it's sushi. I hope that in a close future i can visit japan (but from South America it's quite a bunch of money you have to pay for those types of trips) for now i want to have japanese friends (don't worry if you're not japanese you can approch me too!)I'm open to everyone who wants to get close to me. I like making friends and more if they share my same hobbies (like this one)., Well i think that's basically what describes me! it's a pleasure to join this otaku community and all of you guys!

ps: I speak spanish here so my english is not perfect, excuse me if a make a mistake or two...'kay?

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Inked by FearandLoathingXIX reviews
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - Spanish - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12,366 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/15/2009 - Published: 6/30/2008 - Sango, Miroku
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The leafs of the clover fall one by one reviews
More than 3 years have passed through her eyes. She runs a big pottery business now but that doesn't make her forget the days which she so dearly holds to. A call from a man she never thought to hear and an surprising trip make her past come to test her.
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