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Hello! I am Tsami! Hehe that's not really my name I made it up, but I like it so I'll use it! I am 15.

I'm mostly into Animes my favorites being: Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, and Death Note; Anime Games:Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, and Final Fantasy X. I do like alot of the other Final Fantasys but since I haven't played them yet I desided not to put them on here as favorites. I actually made an account on here because I wanted to talk to a girl whose stories I found on another site, Kasaki Kihoya. I met her and we talk quite a bit, the best part though is she says I'm not a bad stalker! She said I'm coolio! Lol this is a big moment for me! I really like writing stories, I have at least three partly written and many others in my head that I'm still planning the basics on. A few are fanfics for animes and others are pure fiction from my head!

I apologise for not putting any stories up but my computer is being stupid and not letting me upload anthing yet, so it's a work in progress!