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Author has written 9 stories for Final Fantasy XIII, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

2 July 2015: Yet another update ("Somewhere in Between" is officially back in progress!)

I am humbled to still be getting faves and occasional reviews for SiB, plus PMs asking about the story's status. I'm pleased to say that the next chapter is already in editing phase, and I've started working on the one after that! I'll try not to kill everyone with suspense, but I definitely don't want to put out a lackluster product this close to the conclusion, so please bear with me just a tad longer. No promises on the exact timeline, as I have tried and failed to not give people false hope in the past :P

Much love, again, for all the support. Have a fun and fireworks-filled Independence Day (if celebrating)!

- Hthar

An update - because some of you still care

I had another anon review today that was so encouraging toward SiB it made me feel guilty for leaving most of my readers in the dark. So I'm simultaneously posting this message here and on my tumblr.

First of all, I have NOT given up on SiB. It's sitting there waiting for me, but I've been in the throes of writing a post-LR fic for beta-roomie. This sucker is kind of addicting. I'm probably 75% finished, and I don't want to get my head out of the game until it's really done. All told, it should be about one third the length of my other fics, but I am really loving it.

So please forgive the lack of SiB updates, for now. I'll reward everyone with a shiny new fic, soon enough, and then catch the first transport back to the AiRverse!

- Hthar


Still plugging away at the latter portion of SiB, but I was temporarily waylaid by LR - which was, on the whole, an amazing game to play despite the absolutely pointless age-reversal gimmick. The dialogue was actually fun! I personally think that Squeenix took a look at their massive HXL fanbase, then at the rabid response to Hope's adult render (despite the company's utter lack of effort in developing his in-game personality for XIII-2) and said to themselves, "HOLY CRAP, if we don't age-block this nonsense that ship will sail!" Thus, in my mind, Square is personified by Bhunivelze in the game.


Literally, they (via Bhunivelze) had to possess Hope, make him fourteen, suck out most of his emotional wherewithal, and sequester him in an ark. And IN SPITE of that, there was undeniable HXL material. Kudos to them for allowing Lightning to send their pseudo-demonic creator god to the Pit. I've seen people saying he more closely resembled Beelzebub, and I have to agree. He needed to keep his filthy claws off Hope *shudder*.

ANYWAY, all that said - and don't get too excited just yet - my former beta-roomie was super excited about how LR wrapped up, to the point that she has made a short fic request. I am still in the plotting stages, but the horde of plot-bunnies cannot be assuaged until I write SOMETHING, so be on the lookout in the next few months _

- Hthar


As most followers have realised by now, the first chapter of my sequel piece, "Somewhere in Between," is up and moving! I have every intention and ability, as far as I can tell, to keep up with a 1-2 week update schedule on this sucker for a while, so don't worry. I refused to even post chapter one until I had completely written the first 5 chapters and had them in editing status.

I also want to deliver another bit of reassurance to the readership: My choice of Tragedy as a secondary genre, as I've explained to reviewers here and there, is NOT an indication of some Shakespearean-type slaughter to come. I don't have big plans to kill off the main cast. The reason I chose it was because the other genres didn't fit very well with the direction I had in mind. Romance is THERE, but it isn't the main point, and Drama just sounds petty given my ideas. And in my own personal opinion, there are plenty of elements of tragedy to come WITHOUT killing my main characters.

All that said, if you've already read my other pieces, feel free to check this one out!

- Hthar


One of my readers, LightningIsBadass, has put forth the time and effort to get a commission done for "Always in Repair"! And I must say, this fanart is absolutely beautiful. Please do take a look and lend your support and kudos for such dedication:


You can also check it out on my tumblr, but it's best if you go to the deviantart page above in order to leave comments for the artist.

OH and Happy Easter everyone _

- Hthar


Well, I can't believe this is the first time I've bothered updating my profile in years. *SHAME* As all my readers know by now, I'm a Sailor (who doesn't smoke, drink, or cuss in actuality), and who can't seem to write one-shots to save her life. Every time I have an idea, it spins out of control and explodes into its own MASSIVE UNIVERSE with a history and backgrounds... the whole nine yards. I apologise. I'm working on it.

In other news, I've finally created my own tumblr: I say this because I love hearing from readers and fellow writers, and some people would rather drop notes or post gifs or whatever it is they do best on a site that doesn't operate on PM's. Either way, I WILL get your messages, and I WILL reply. Also, be advised that I am trying to get better about posting fun stuff MYSELF on the tumblr. I posted my first awkward, goofy note today. It had some HXL, naturally :P

On "Believe in Yesterday": Still plugging along! Just a couple of chapters to go (with epilogue), and chapter 18 would have already been posted had my beta-roomie not just been through the WEEK FROM HADES 0.0 Seriously, I don't think she's been that swamped EVER. She has the draft for 18 (which is freakin' long), but it will likely be another few days before she gets the edited copy back to me so I can fix it and post. In the meantime, I am already working on chapter 19. WORRY NOT!

- Hthar

As I am entirely new to the fanfiction community, you'll only find three stories here for FFXIII, and nothing else. I've always loved writing, and this is mainly an exercise for writing original fiction in the future, but it certainly has been fun and promises to continue being worth my time! I've only ever been into a 'ship' once before, and that was Zutara in the ATLA universe; with FFXIII and the Hope/Light pairing, I decided to do something about it :D We'll see how this goes...


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AU Post-FFXIII (first game): Submission for 2017 Fandom Trumps Hate (tumblr). Lightning's household is growing, with or without her consent - mostly thanks to Snow and his penchant for communal living. She can survive anything for Serah though, right? Maybe with a little help.
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[Submission for Hoperai Week 2015 (link from tumblr), for the March 1st Prompt, Discontent.] Lightning drags Hope out of the Ark for a final day on Nova Chrysalia, before the world is annihilated.
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AU: AiR universe - Valentine's Day gift fic for readers of "Somewhere in Between" who wanted a little segment dedicated to Maqui and Lucil's relationship in the story (though you won't see her listed as a character since she wasn't a choice). Fits neatly into the timeline of chapter 11.
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