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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, and Zoids.

name: Darren

race: caucasian

number: youd like that wouldnt you

sex: yes please XD

gender: male

hair: just below sholder length, dirty blond with natual blond highlights

age: wouldnt you like to know

eyes: brown

face: sexy

ego: killing me

intrests: art, manga, anime, music, fanfiction, hockey, japan, canada, girls(sorry dudes), guitar, family, friends, games, and peace

family: mom, stepmom, dad, stepdad, awsome older sister, step sister, annoying brother, 2 stepbrothers, 3 girl cousens, some odd amount of uncles and aunts, and 2 dogs

favorite anime/manga: naruto, bleach, rosario + vampire, pokemon, the melencholy of haruhi suzumia, they are my noble masters, inumimi, ect...

favorite games: kingdom hearts, golden sun, summon nights, dynasty warriors, samorai warriors, ect...

favorite music genres: punk, ska, rock in general

bands: anti-flag, nofx, a.k.a.'s,big d and the kids table, beatles, and whatever else is on my i pod exluding some bands

favorite anime pairings(not in order):

narutoxtayuya(all time favorite)












basicly for naruto its anyone x naruto exept boys and sometimes hinata and tsunade


to save time its the same with ichigo as it is with naruto exept ichigo has sisters and incest is wrong




ashxmisty(best pokemon pairing


and again to save time its every girl + ash exept his mom

by now youve probably noticed i like it when the main characters have get the girls and i definatly support it when they have harems. also i cant really, after all this time, wrap my mind around the fact that haku is a boy. i dont like yaoi or yuri even though i support gay marrage. the same rules apply to game pairings so im gonna skip that.

some of my veiws on anime, manga, games, and other stories:

first off i believe that sasuke, orochimaru, and sai(for those who dont know theyre from naruto) are GAY, literaly, and ill tell you why. first off orochimaru is a pedophile if i ever saw one, i dont care what you say you dont say for whatever reason "i want your body" to a boy. secondly sai talks way to much about penises. hes getting better but still seriously. finally sasuke(oh im gonna have fun with this one on so many levels i dont even care what you say), from the very begining was emo. but wait theres more. sasuke had a fanclub of women at his disposal in konoha and what does he do? he leaves it all behind because a pedopheliac pale assed man tells him to his face "i want your body sasuke" even in the shippuden when he was in the company of a woman he was sudenly relieved when suigetsu comes in with his big ass sword to see whats going on. and i know what you may be thinking, that one of sasukes goals is to restore his clan. well i never said he was stupid, just gay, he most likely knows what artificial insimination is. for any complaints flame me i dont care.

just to clarify:

if your confused about my favorite pairing, narutoxtayuya, i actualy dont know exactly why. i do know that it may have something to do with i like girls who curse like sailors and make coments like shithead or dickhead or any kind of course nicknames. i do like redheads, and she uses an insrument as a weapon, the only thing above having an animal as a weapon. also i think that if tayuya survived or she and naruto had met before they were ninjas. they would have at least been friends. finaly narutos mom was a redhead so mabey its hereditary.

i dont like other pairings like other men geting the girls. no. i choose the coolest dude i can find and give him a harem. i do frequently search for harem animes too. i also dont like reverse harems. but i am curious about who ends up with the girl in the end so ill ask my friends, and mabey if i like the dude, mabey ill read it.

im not opposed to lemons and im not afraid of writing them.

the comment about the big ass sword is just a joke. i perfer to the usage of the larger sword than the smaller as long as the weilder can weild it good and quick.

Which brings up cloud. cloud was emo after the end of ffVII until the end of ffVII advent children. when he finally opens his eyes, kills sepheroth, and then makes babies with tifa.

my appologies:

to my fans(i know you're there) i've been typing from another computer with the wrong software and no memory of my 7th chapter of the twin hound blades. my ULTIMATE fanfic. MY laptop, is not working and i need a recovery disk. due to verious complications, i can't get one and now i'm stuck. so the twin hound blades will be put on(oh my god my most hated word and i can't believe i'm using it) haitus. dondondonsomeone screems in the background.

on an unrelated note: i implore you to visit novanator at deviantart.com for some of the funniest naruto jokes EVER. warning if you are easily offended by narusaku or anti naruanyonebutsaku, don't visit, you may be offended. and if you love sasuke, get out of my profile...NOW!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Zoids: Darren's Adventure
This is my adventure through the aftermath of zoids new century zero except with my own plot and my own characters.
Zoids - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,865 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/19/2009
Naruto's little problem reviews
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The Twin Hound Blades reviews
naruto isn't the only container in the leaf now. watch as the container of the eight tailed wolf and naruto grow up to be The Twin Hound Blades of the leaf ANBU. naruharem, OCharem. rated for blood. SPOILERS!
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