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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pokémon.

Ive changed my name to JETpackCHAMELEON cuz its my online name on the ps3

gender: male

Fave shows: Sonic X, Pucca (because it's hilarious), Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Oddparents, Beyblade, Pokemon (any), Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, Naruto, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

fave manga: Black Cat and Rave Master

Top 5 Characters:

1. Knuckles ( Sonic X )

2. Neji Hyuuga ( Naruto )

3. Espio ( Sonic X )

4. Haru Glory ( Rave Master )

5. Train ( Black Cat )

Fave Actor/Actress: Hayden Christensen / Natalie Portman

Fave Sonic X Couples:

Knuckles x Rouge

Tails x Cream

Shadow x Rouge

Sonic x Amy

Espio x Rouge (they never really meet but I think they would be an AWESOME couple.)

Most Hated Sonic X Couples:

Shadow x Amy

Tails x Rouge

Sonic x Rouge

Knuckles x Amy

Knuckles x Cream

Sonic x Sally

Espio x Sally

My top 5 fav Sonic characters:

1. Knuckles the Echidna (Hes full of AWESOMENESS!!)

2. Espio the Chameleon (Hes a ninja... and besides... hes my fav lizard species.)

3. Miles "Tails" Prower (Hes smart and for some reason i like his brotherly style with Sonic.)

4. Sonic the Hedgehog (You wouldnt watch Sonic X or any game if you dont like him.)

5. Rouge the Bat (Shes an awesome spy.)

My top 5 most hated Sonic characters:


2. Tikal the Echidna (Shes just annoying.)

3. Amy Rose (Pink girls in anime and games are annoying.)

4. Big the Cat (There is no reason he should be a Sonic character.)

5. Eggman (Hes the bad guy so i hate him.)

Fave Movies: Star Wars (everyone), Alvin and the Chipmunks, Shrek 1,2,3, Transformers, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, the Incredibles, Madagascar, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Race to Witch Mountain, and Any pokemon movie.


I like: TV, video games, my family, my room, God, and my dogs.

I dislike: scary movies, school, curse words, and the Florida Gators.

Interesting Facts: I have Fred Flintstone feet, I'm funny, I love Space, and I swim like a frog.

Fave video games: Sonic DX, Sonic battle, Sonic adventure 2 battle, Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic and the Black Knight, LittleBigPlanet, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon mystery dungeon: blue rescue team, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.

My Top 10 fave pokemon:

1. Gallade

2. Swampert

3. Groudon

4. Blaziken

5. Weavile

6. Marowak

7. Hitmontop

8. Tyranitar

9. Latios

10. Machamp

My top 5 beybladers:

1. Max

2. Rei

3. Kai

4. Tyson

5. Daichi

My Family on FFnet:

Kish's Kittie ( COUSIN ) About: She helps me out a lot... only on the 1st story xD She's awesome...

Edgeofursoul ( UNCLE ) About: He's like the coolest uncle eva! He rarely is on FF anymore. :(

Shadow_PupX3 ( SISTER ) About: She likes Shadow the hedgehog and is a puppy lover.


Name:Gust the Metarex

Characteristics:Green with a little bit of lime, 4 horns on his head with 1 large in the middle, No pupils just lime green eyeballs, beat up metal, Mobian-like(which means size of sonic characters except he is an albino species of metarex), can shoot wind out of his fists, and has tubes from his stomach to his mouth so he can breath on earth.

Gender:? probably male.(cant tell because hes a metarex.)

Personality: Outgoing, smart, and protective.

Hobbies: Trying to read human language and Beats up shadow (in which he never does.)

Name: Magenta the fox

Gender: Female

Characteristics: A little more pinker than Espio, a long bushy tail, long hair to the butt, Black shirt with a hole in between her breasts, gray mini skirt, and sandals.

Personality: Hyper, bumfuzzled, and affectionate.

Hobbies: Training with Espio, Going out with Espio, playing outside, and video games.

She will be in my upincoming chaotix story...

Upcoming stories or Ideas:

I'm going to make a story about Espio and his team called Chaotix. Its about Espio and his journeys followed by his new true love... Magenta (Made up character, OC...) Ill view more details about her later... STORY: A Ninjas Adventure

I'm Going to make a story all about Manic and his pranks... STORY: Manic the MANIAC

I'm going to mak my first crossover story about naruto/sonic. its going to be about Neji finding a secret jutsu scroll and using a portal jutsu which transports him into the sonic dimension. the best part of all is that he turns chibi! STORY: Neji's Wedgie



Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Leaves of Fire: DISCONTINUED

Shadow #2: still going...

Stranded: FINISHED!!

The Journey of a Lifetime: DISCONTINUED

I'm sorry I couldn't update much but I am going to try to get on a regular schedule. ( I hate school!!)

I hope you love my fanfics... :)

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Shadow 2 reviews
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