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Update: Tuesday, June 20th, 2012

Hello and Salutations, I mean, HI! I wanted to put up a notice letting everyone know that Light's Pawn will be re-vamped and made more awesome. This fan-fiction will continue in a serious way and as I have 30 chapters written you may expect to see them posted at a high rate of speed. I am looking to post one chapter per day, but don't quote me on it. Reviews make me post faster -WINK-

I am CURRENTLY looking for a BETA.

What I'm looking for in a Beta

Someone who can spell, or spellcheck, at least.

Someone who can spot grammar mistakes? Maybe?

Someone who is available more than once every eight months -grin-

Someone who is willing to be a ping-pong table for story idea's.

-I also wanted to let people know that I have an account under the name Phoenixdust, and I used to have a story there called Death's Wish, However, in typical -Wicked- Fashion, And a bit of Mommy absentmindedness, I forgot the password, and the password to the email, took me only six months to remember it. I got it back, and took it down. slaps hand to forehead Anywho, silly me...Oh god, I just had a house elf moment. Eeek.

Well as most of you have probably realized by now, I started to write stories because I love fanfiction, But what most don't realize is that I have a ten year old daughter who adores Harry. She is blond haired, blue eyed, cutie in pigtails. She's also an evil little spawn that adores Gred and Forge.

One day, however, the Imp (as my daughter is fondly nicknamed) asked me a question, one that I had never considered before, and it was the impetus to create Light's Pawn.

Hey Mommy, why doesn't someone that's a grown up beyond Dumblydore help Harry?” I asked her whom she would choose as Harry's Helper, and she pointed out Amelia Bones in the movie and the books. Well and thus, Light's Pawn, was born.

Light's Pawn, is dedicated to real hero's, in real lives. Not just in stories. The ones we don't notice, and often go unsung. Few of us, are lucky enough to have our own personal hero. We are even more lucky if it happens more than once in our lives. These are the people who step forward to make someone’s life better, no matter the odds, or people in the way, or the speed bumps in life. They do it for a singular Reason. Because they care, and because it's Right. I've been blessed, twice in my life, with this, but I still consider myself beyond Lucky to receive the help that I did. I never found the guts, or words to express this until I ran into Mordred's Story, “Forever Alive” Thank you, thank you for the beautiful words and the beautiful story.

The ones who lived, who truly lived, they make an imprint on our lives. They leave their mark in our hearts. They change the course of our fates and our destinies. Those are the real heroes. The ones who cared enough for a human being that they rewrote their futures.”
- Alastor Moody in Forever Alive--fanfiction by Mordred

Light's Pawn is Dedicated entirely to my own Personal Hero. Richard Elmer Clark, Deceased January 1996.

Thank you daddy. You take with you all my regard, and the largest chunk of my heart.
You saved me, in every way I care to count. The papers may have never been signed, but you are my daddy in every way that counts, and I might have grown up and gotten old, but in my heart, I'm always your little fighter.

You taught me how to loosen up a little, and how stand up for myself .I learned the most important lessons in life, from you. How to get up, how to keep going, and that it's okay to get really upset. I'll never forget.

Forever Yours: This is my newest Story, the idea born off the awesome fanfict “Web of lies” By Star Polaris. I decided to write my own version of Albus helping Harry Story. I'm going to write this for yet another deceased family member, yes, I know, Maudlin, and old. But these two people helped build the foundation of how and why I write.

Forever Yours is Dedicated to my Littlest Brother, My Sarcasm, which he helped develop, and the best years of my life, William Paul “Billy” Clark, Deceased Jan 2005.

My little brother lived for 19 years before death snatched him away, but in that nineteen years he lived. He didn't let it pass him by, but he lived it with the kind of fierce joy that others found so attractive, like a candle in the wind. Drawing other people to him, a fiery passion that others could not, would not ignore. Thank you for the laughter, for filing the spot that I didn't realize was empty until it was gone, for being the pain in the rear who set me up with your best friend, then protected me when it hurt, listened to my tears, hugged me when something was wrong, who made me laugh by calling bottled water High Quality H20, let me push him through a glass window when horse-playing, who stayed up all night listening to my fears and nattering, and playing Super Mario Brothers with one controller. But most of all thank you for being my brother. Some things go deeper than any blood, like family. You will ALWAYS be my little brother. As you once said. "The step part doesn't count" It never did to me either. I remember you keeping bugs as pets and hugs and blankets. I'll never, ever forget you. I miss you.

Forever Yours”

Quotes Used from Billy Clark, 2005.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. I hope you have the time of your life” --Billy Clark. 2005.

"You can tell what is fake, and what is real, fake things don't Hurt. They don't make you want to scream yourself raw and they don't make you want to to beat someone to a pulp. They do however, make you want to curl up, shove your head under your pillow, and bawl your head off. That is how you know what is fake, and what is real. Pain, is real. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have the right to hurt. They can shove their indignation right up their own behinds. Everyone has feelings, the only person who can make you ashamed of those feelings is yourself." - Billy Clark. 2005.

Best Quote EVER: “Who died and made you Snape?” By, the. Way. I'll give Kudos to whomever can get me this quote and the story they found it in.

Look for more updates and information coming soon.


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