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I think I should write some stuff about myself so those who wish could know me better, I also believe it helps you trust me if you know that there is actually a person behind the story.

I'm 19 and live in Israel, my native language is Hebrew, though I have learned English since second grade.

I've started writing because it's fun and addictive, and now that I have the time I could also publish without worrying about stopping in the middle.

I'm mostly lazy but when it comes to my hobbies I change completely. Even my family was surprised when I started running every day for six months 'Just because I felt like it'.

I'm very optimistic but only because I'm so pessimistic that everything sounds better than my thoughts when I hear it.

I've been told by my friends that I'm narcissistic and honestly, I couldn't deny them. I love myself even though I know I'm not perfect and there are people who are much better than me, in both personality and looks.

I like drawing almost as much as I like writing.

I also love music, mostly alternative, indie, punk, rock, but also anything that sounds good ]

One last thing about myself is that with all the creativity I have, I'm absolutely terrible in deciding on account names, so my friend told me to combine my favorite animal, my favorite snack and my lucky number :p

About 'Condemning Actions'- (Actually, it's about everything I write, but mostly because of this one fic in particular...)

Look, I will never be sorry for being realistic and expressing myself. I have seen a lot in my life. I have been at murder scenes, trying to rescue what was left of the people, I looked past my own pain as I had to treat victims of the cruelest kinds of abuse. I've witnessed the horrifyingly grotesque results of accidents and the most heartbreaking situations of the loved ones who were left behind by a person I did not manage to save. Even threats to my own life came no less than five times.

Writing is one of the only things that actually helps keep me sane.

So while some of you might not see the need I have to vent through my writing about every subject I have been directly involved in, I just thought you might need to understand. Writing comes naturally for me simply because it comes from a deep black hole I have inside. One that had been there the past eight years right after I understood the meaning of losing someone important for no reason but a person's idiocy.

Crushed, slaughtered, poisoned, over dosed, burned and many more which I witnessed all explain just how fragile people's lives really are. For eight years and up to this very moment I can't break myself of this masochistic trait I have acquired as I allowed myself to volunteer and give my everything to save people.

So please don't judge me by how gruesome and disturbing my writing can be at times. It is most likely that I use my own feelings as I describe some of the situations. The thrill of a knife held to your throat by a psychopath as she screams threats for your death that makes you shiver with unimaginable fear. You see the helpless expressions on the faces of the people surrounding you both as everyone, including you, realize that none of them could do anything but watch the event. The terror that your life can be lost by a single twitch.

I felt it.

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