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Author has written 6 stories for Kung Fu Panda, Lion King, 10th Kingdom, and Chrono Cross.

Well hello there, world. I'm a gay furry, and I'm a lion, so hear me ROAR...!! Mew... ;) My chief interest is--no, my two main interests are--no, amongst my many interests would be...

American Gothic, Charmed, Dungeons & Dragons, The DaVinci Code, David Eddings, Disney, Dominic Deegan, Enya, Final Fantasy, Full Metal Alchemist, Harry Potter, Terry Brooks, Lord of the Rings, Loreena McKennitt, Monty Python, the Chronicles of Narnia, oldie music, Phantom of the Opera, Robert Jordan, Savage Garden, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Stephen King, The Lion King, The Tenth Kingdom, X-Men, Wicked--and of course, Kung Fu Panda!

Aside from writing one KFP fic, I've also written two fics from the miniseries Tenth Kingdom, a Lion King fic, and one from the video game Chrono Cross that isn't safe for work. ;) I also hope to have my own fantasy novels published one day, and am slowly working on creating a furry medieval comic. I also do role-play from time to time, mainly X-Men and TLK.

People have asked me before what voice cast I would give to my OCs, and I finally got together a list. Some of these are tentative, not set in stone, but they should give you an idea what sound I was going for.

Shen Xiulan: Michelle Pfeiffer

Shen Zhuang: Cam Clarke

Heian Chao: Crispin Freeman

Wei Chang: Kevin Michael Richardson

Wei Hai: Dianne Wiest

Wu Xiu: Grey Delisle

Wu Chun: Cricket Leigh

Wu Jia: Olivia Hack

Mei Ling: Tara Strong

Ning Guo: John Rhys-Davies

Fu Xiao: Patrick Stewart

Bao: Jason Marsden

Emperor Chen: George Newbern

Wu Xuan: Kevin Conroy

Qiao Jian: Kate Mulgrew

Xu Mei: Tress MacNeille

UPDATE, 10/28

The vignettes continue to continue, albeit very slowly. Some of this is due to me having to do lots of research, as well as being busy with other things in my life, both hobby-wise and employment-wise...but some of it may also be due to me losing inspiration. Hopefully I can find that again now that I am getting into the vignettes involving my OCs. Still going to have difficulties dealing with all the fighting and kung fu though... Anyway, will soon be posting the last vignettes with Tai and his cubs, then I get to start working on Crane/Mei/Jia.

As for the continued saga of getting ADL printed, that is still not happening any time soon. Partly it is still the fact my friend doesn't have the money for printing (and I barely even see her online these days), but also because I am waiting for the illustrations to be done. And between me needing lots of time to save up the money, and the artist being very busy with school, that is taking a very long time. However, I can at least show you the cover, and the illustrations that have been finished so far. Take a look!








UPDATE 8/22:

No, I haven't died. No, the vignettes still aren't done, though I have gotten work done on several and am slowly progressing. Writer's block plus jobhunting = lack of results. But I am not giving up, and unlike those fanfic writers who disappear after saying this, I'm really not! However long it takes, they're getting done.

In the meantime, the artist who was doing illustrations for "Different Lesson" has unfortunately vanished into the ether; I guess life/school got too busy for her. I have found another who is timely, professional, and reliable, and seems eager to work on it. Unfortunately her prices are much higher than the original artist' until such time as I do find work, the only way I can pay for these is if I save up a lot of money over a very long time...or if all of you, my fans, donate the funds. I would of course pay you back as soon as I was able. You can donate as little or as much as you want, as many times as you want, and the project is ongoing since it will take so long to gather the money and because of the artist's busy commission schedule and long wait time. (Usually it's about a month or two after you fill out her order form that she actually gets to you in the queue.) If you want to help, PM me or e-mail me at terrymcnamee[at]yahoo[dot]com and I will give you my Paypal info. Thanks in advance!

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Yet another world, another trip through the Sea of Zurvan. Can another lost soul be saved and freed? Can his fragmented memories be gathered and healed? What further changes in time and events will be wrought, if so? Will he get the chance to be a link in the golden chain, to open the door and live another day? AU, Lynx/Wazuki
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