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Author has written 6 stories for Star Wars, and Pokémon.

Name: Andrew

Gender: Male

Age: twice the age of Zeratul (22)

Nationality: Zerg-Kaleesh hybrid (mexican)

Favorite Jedi Star Wars Character: Kit Fisto

Favorite Sith Star Wars Character: Darth Krayt

Favorite Non-Force Star Wars Character #1: General Grievous

Favorite Non-Force Star Wars Character #2: Jango Fett

Pokemon X and Y...yay? (I don't own a 3DS)

ALRIGHTY THEN! updating the old profile as of today June 11, 2013 at 10:31 AM Pacific Mountian Time. Well I am now a college graduate (yay) got my AA and everything, but will probably go back to community college and take a few classes for a specific degree, creative writing or something I don't know. Work is pretty COOL... get it? Cool? I work in a cold storage warehouse... it's cold in there... none of you knew that I worked in a freezer... SO other than my terrible attempts at humor I have come across a point where I have a lot of time on my hands. That is until I get that new Xbox One and no, for your information I am not a slave to Microsoft, I just happen to enjoy their games and due varying circumstances I'm really only gonna pay about a hundred bucks out of pocket for the new console. "Well why not just get PS4?" said someone. Because someone, I love Sony and Playstation, I own a PS3, but I dont PLAY PS3 all that much anymore. I have The Last of Us pre-ordered but that is really it. I am a PC gamer beyond anything else (Finally a Masters level Zerg player thank you very much) but a lot of my friends are lame-o's and want to stick to consoles, not that that's a bad thing mind you. BUT back to my original point of having a lot of time on my hands, I am deciding to try to re-start that whole Pokemon story of mine along with a few other ones I've been making a few chapters in advance for. So look out Fanfiction, your baby's comin' home!

Top 6 Favorite Pokemon in no specific order: Feraligatr Torterra Pidgeot Kabutops Gyrados Blastoise (WATER POKEMON RULZ!) Other special mentions: Squirtle Tentacruel Palkia Lugia Vaporeon Glacieon Tyrannitar Salamence Jigglypuff Wooper Clefairy Garchomp Mewtwo Kyogre Arceus Metagross Espeon Scizor

Never really thought of "fanshipping" go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess I'd have to go with the obvious pairings.

Han x Leia(cause they're a match made in Heaven)

Ash x Misty(C'mon who never thought that?)

Luke x Mara(And yes I know that it really happened with these two and HanxLeia, but I can't help my opinion)

Sousuke x Kaname(Duh)

Sousuke x Tessa(Double duh)

Jaden x Alexis(He's an idiot when it comes to love and she's not, it's like Peanut butter and jelly)

Aang x Katara(Even I could look past the annoying dialouge and 'kiddish' humor to see this pair)

Likes: Star Wars, Pokemon, Yugioh, video games (special mentions: Halo; counter strike; COD; MOH; StarCraft; Battlefield2142; Star Warsempireatwar/battlefront/galaxies/all star wars games) movies, music, women, animals (everything except horses, and sea lions, horses scare me and Sea Lions eat my favorite animal the penguin HAPPY FEET FTW) comics, Red vs Blue, Arby n the Chief, FND Films, WKUK, cartoons, paintball, airsoft(like paintball but with little plastic bb's and cooler guns) rock climbing, boxing, surfing, snowboarding, exercising, golf, and Canadians. Why Canadians? I went to Canada once and everyone I mean EVERYONE is super nice and polite, hell i might be living there in the future.

Not a huge fan of anime, if a fan at all. But there are some good ones which include Dragonball, Dragonball Z or GT. Pokemon, THE FIRST I REPEAT FIRST, season of Digimon. Yugioh and Yugioh GX. Gundam Wing and Gundam 00. Full Metal Panic, I had never heard about it until last week it's freakin hilarious. Avatar the last Airbender aint that bad. I don't know if its an anime but Zoids. That's all i can really think of, it's not that anime is bad that fact is diswayed by the sheer fan base alone, it's just not for me.

I support Gay rights on the basis that they're humans trying to find happiness and that's what this country was founded on, although if a dude ever tries to kiss me I swear I'll tear his lips off and force feed them back to him. I'm a Catholic but I don't beat down on other people's religious beliefs, as long as it doesn't involve some sort of animal torture or bashing on other people. I'm an animal activist and have strong moral codes on how animals should be treated, it really does tear me on how some people can abuse animals, I only wish I was rich so I could find these people and beat the living crap outta them. I never try to start a fight I'm a mediator, but I'll lay someone's ass out if they try and throw a punch. Strong believer in Family, in the end its all you got. Apart form that I'm the typical geek, without the glasses, or the funny clothes, or the popularity problems, its Cali baby you gotta act the part.

Greatest movies to hit theatres ever orderd at random although Star Wars goes on top: Star Wars (ALL), Big, Porky's,

Jurassic Park(all), Forrest Gump, Independence Day, Home Alone(only 1 and 2), MIB(1 and 2), Toy Story(all),

Mrs.Doubtfire, Karate Kid(1 and 2), Aladdin(only 1st 1), Saving Private Ryan, Austin Power(all), Terminator(all

GET DOWN NOW!), Batman(every single 1), Liar Liar, Dr.Dolittle(1 and 2), The Waterboy, The Mummy(1,2,3), Rush

Hour(Only 1 and 2), Pirates of the Caribbean(all. did i spell that wrong?), Spider Man(1 and 2 three needed some

work), Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Indiana Jones(all), Platoon, Full Metal Jacket(who's the leader of the club thats made

for you and me?), Rocky(1,2,3), The Incredibles, X-Men(all. 3 could have been better), Cast Away(WILSON!),

Bourne Series, King Kong(new one),Crocodile Dundee(That aint a knife, a knife), Beverly Hills Cop(1 and 2),

Leathel Weapon, Die Hard(All. Yippie kie yie yay), Toy Story 1,2,3, How to Train Your Dragon(Toothless is so cute! no homo),

James Bond the World is not Enough, 007 Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Coach Carter, Baseketball, Semi Pro, Pokemon

(the First, Second, Fifth, Eighth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Mewtwo Returns)

Well thats my opinion, if i missed some sry this is just personal opinion. STAR WARS WILL NEVER DIE!

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Crossover - Fallout & Elder Scroll series - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 24,930 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 128 - Follows: 186 - Updated: 6/25/2015 - Published: 7/14/2013 - Sarah Lyons, Mirabelle Ervine, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Savos Aren
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