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Hello, fellow FanFiction readers and writers, and welcome to my profile! In case any of you are wondering (which I genuinely doubt, but who cares), I have been perusing this magnificent website for more than a decade now, and have been writing my own stories for even longer (go figure). I hope you enjoy my additions to the FanFiction Literary World.

Just so you know, my stories will be primarily based off the Harry Potter and Naruto Universes, though I will certainly venture into others should the inspiration strike me. At the moment, I am currently dabbling into One Piece, Bleach, Shokugeki no Souma, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon and Warcraft Universes, but only in certain elements. If anyone needs to contact me, feel free to PM me. I usually check my inbox at least once or twice a week.

Disclaimer: Any story posted on this website or any other that is based off another author's creation is, obviously, FanFiction and, as such, is not being used for any purposes like profit, marketing, etc., except for my own entertainment and creative imagination. If it is ever revealed or indicated that the original author does not wish for this or any fanfiction to be written or continued, I will of course comply with their wishes and remove said work from this and any other website that it might be posted.



So it looks like thanks to everyone's efforts, the youtuber has taken down the videos with my stories. I can't tell you how much I appreciate how all of you came together and helped accomplish this. I truly am incredibly thankful and grateful. However, there are still several other videos of different authors' stories posted across multiple youtube channels, and it is highly likely that this was done without permission.

And most importantly, any profit they receive puts the entire fanfiction community in jeopardy.

For those of you who don't understand, fanfiction that is made purely for entertainment and creative purposes is a legal gray area so long as no profits are obtained. And that is what most of us here do this for - to put out ideas that pop up in our brains and to hone our creative writing skills. But as soon as money is made, the original creator of the universe has the legal right to sue and pushback against the entire fanfiction community itself. And these youtube videos are doing exactly that. So I ask all of you to please report or at least inform the original fanfiction writers of any videos posted. By doing so, we are protecting this wonderful community. Thank you


It has come to my attention that a youtuber that goes by the username of Shadow Clone or @ShadowClone2602 has been posting audio book videos of my story, Naruto the Angel of Death. Let me be clear in saying that I did NOT give this person permission to do this, and its frankly annoying that this person is also getting ad revenue for my and other author's creative content. I've tried asking the youtuber to take the videos down in comments on the videos, but they're being deleted and I can't say I'm surprised since this person is getting money out of it. I've also found other similar youtube channels like @toadsage13 and @proxima.aniwhatifs who do the same thing and there is a solid chance that these channels are run by the same person given the video format.

To all of you out there, please do me and other fanfiction writers the favor of reporting this youtuber and any other similar channel, because there's only so much I can do. If all of you were to go to the channels and report them under "Report User" - "Impersonation" - "The channel is impersonating someone else" or ""The channel is impersonating me" (just add the author's name, you don't need to add a youtube channel name (that part is confusing)), and add your own comments, that'd be great. We can also report each video under copyright. We do this and we can get the channel and any others similar to it taken down. Also, reach out to the other authors these people are stealing from. The more action we get, the better.

Thank you,

Elredar Skylance

How to Write a Quality Story

(For those of you looking for advice and guidance)

Spelling/Grammar: By far the leading reason why stories fail or get ignored is incorrect spelling and grammar. You may have an excellent plot, great characters, and mind bending ideas, but none of that will come through if you can't express it in proper text. Every sentence should flow together and most, if not all, words should be correctly spelled (You're on the bloody internet for crying out loud! If you don't know how to spell it, look it up in a dictionary!). Furthermore, don't be afraid to expand your vocabulary. I personally believe that certain words simply cannot be used more than once in a single sentence... It becomes too repetitive and drives me insane!

Length: If your goal is to write a long quality story, then I highly suggest you take care in how long each chapter is. As it stands, there are far too many stories out there that are less than a thousand words and I really do not like them. Why? Because there's no substance. Those "stories" are more ramblings than anything else in my personal opinion (If that offends any of you reading this, then I sincerely apologize, but that is my take of it). Anyways, my personal policy requires each chapter to be a minimum of 8-10 pages before I even consider posting it. Usually, I end up with 15 to 20 pages.

Detail: Funnily enough, while I have always been detailed oriented, the best explanation I have ever found in regards to why detail is needed was in a story on this very website. I don't remember the exact wording, but it basically boiled down to the fact that while you, the author, may have the whole story in your head with all its minute details, the reader does not have access to that. At most, they will probably only get about 25% of your actual story unless you convey an appropriate amount of detail and emotional content. So, the more detail you can put into your story... the more world building, character development, etc. you can add, the better.

For example, if you have a fight scene, don't make it a single three lined paragraph. That just makes it sound rushed and one side ridiculously overpowered. Expand and give it context. Make it seem like a struggle. Make the reader feel like they're right there, in the story, watching the fight with their own eyes. To pull that off, you need detail and style!

Diversity/Originality: Make your story interesting. Make it different. There are tens of thousands of authors on this site and, unfortunately, many of them have written the exact same plot/ideas. I've lost count the number of times where a HP Story has essentially the same plot... Harry finds out about Dumbledore being manipulative, he somehow gains control of his life, Dumbledore becomes a bumbling idiot somehow and is utterly incapable of defending himself as a teenager thrashes him, etc. etc... There are probably over a thousand stories that are exactly like that. So change things up! It doesn't matter if you've written an incredible story, many readers (such as myself) will likely disregard it since they've read something similar before! Every quality story on this website with 1000 reviews did something unique. Something that hasn't been seen before and practically demands the reader to stick with it to the end. So, when you're trying to write an awesome story, stop and think for a moment... What can you contribute to this community that no one else has seen before? What will make your story stand out above the rest?

Emotional Content: By far one of the best ways of hooking a reader to a story is its emotional content. A story that pulls us into its world and has us live in it... These stories are the ones that make you cry when the Main Character (MC) has his/her heart broken. These are the stories that are so silly, you can't help but laugh the entire time you're reading them. These are the stories that make your heart race when a fight is happening! And these scenes happen because we, as authors, try to put ourselves in the character's shoes and go through it ourselves.

I am sure all of you have heard the saying "Put your heart into it." Well, it applies here too, but in a more wholesome manner. You must feel the emotions of a scene to properly write it. If you don't feel like punching something when you're writing a battle, then your readers won't connect with the story in that scene and it'll likely fall flat. You, as a person, have your own unique experiences that led to a plethora of emotions... So put yourself back in those times when you write and I promise you... you'll have a fantastic story.

As a rule, I understand that fanfiction is the borrowing of the original author's characters, world, situations, etc. As such, if someone wishes to use my ideas for their own work, I give them my wholehearted approval. However, the keyword there is ideas! If one copies word for word certain aspects, that requires an actual request for usage. So, if someone wants to use my techniques, characters, etc., then please ask me for permission!

Personal Fanfiction Principles

Pairings: Throughout my time on this website, I have discovered that having pre-stated pairings generally leads to all kinds of expectations before a reader even opens the story. I've received so many complaints regarding my story Naruto the Angel of Death over what appears to be the initial pairing between Naruto and Meigetsu (Female Kyuubi) in the first few chapters... From there, all the readers who personally dislike the pairing stop reading and generally send me a PM or review expressing their extreme dislike for the story, how I ruined it, blah, blah blah. They don't even realize that presently in the story, the current pairing is Naruto and a Female Haku. And where did I ever say that they would get together in the first place?! I mean, seriously... If you were a thirteen year old who met someone who was drop-dead gorgeous and actually cared about you in some way, wouldn't you develop a crush too?! It's realistic!

Now, I can somewhat understand this viewpoint. I was guilty of it myself regarding HP stories that had Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny or Naruto stories that had a pairing with Hinata, but I still like to give a story the benefit of the doubt before making any judgement, regardless of what the actual pairing ends up being. Because of this, I have decided that all of my stories will not state the pairing until the story itself is finished. I will also not answer any questions regarding what the pairing will be. Keep in mind that I also enjoy having realism incorporated into a story, so chances are, a story will involve one or two relationships before they end up in the final relationship who, for all we know, could have been the very first person they were with!

Homosexual/Slash Pairings: For those of you who enjoy/write Fanfiction Stories involving homosexual relationships/action/etc., I applaud you for possessing and expressing an open mind for true equality and diversity. I'm sure one of my best friends, who is bisexual (or pansexual as she describes it), would agree with me. I fully intend on creating side pairings that are homosexual in nature.

That being said though, I do think an author should put a notice either in the story's first chapter heading or their summary for individuals who are NOT interested in reading a story where the Main Pairing is a homosexual relationship. Notice that I emphasized the Main Pairing... That is because I do not mind at all if any other pairings are homosexual or not. Its just that most readers subconsciously see themselves as the MC in some form and for those of us who are heterosexual, it can be a somewhat uncomfortable experience reading a story with a main homosexual implications without us realizing it was going to be one.

Reviews: How is it that many of us judge whether or not we open a story to read on this website? Some do it based off the pairing, others do it from the summary or by the author, and a few even do it based off the genre. However, the truth of the matter is that the majority of us will likely base it off the number of reviews we see and it really isn't all that surprising when you think about it. The more reviews you see, the better a potential reader knows that the story is a good one since so many people commented. It is one of the reason why we authors always beg for reviews at the beginning and end of each posted chapter. But more importantly, it is a genuine sign that we not only did a good job and entertained you, but that our ideas, creativity, and effort was WORTH IT.

I write stories for a few different reasons ~ (1) I couldn't stand how the story/manga/anime is going/ended, (2) I have ideas or feelings I want to express, (3) I want to be able to entertain my readers with my imagination, and (4) its just fun. I know some authors do it for recognition. And admittedly, I like the recognition too. Others do it to see if they can make it in the real literary world with their goal being to actually publish a novel of their own some day. Either way, when we authors get a review, it brings a sense of satisfaction that we accomplished something.

As such, I honestly think that it is our duty as users of this website to review that which you read and enjoy.

My personal policy is that if I read your story, I will review it. I have tried to stick with that these past few months and I honestly feel pretty good about myself for doing so. It doesn't matter if your story is great, one of a kind, a 1000 reviewed story or a 10 review story, if I read a full chapter, I will review it. Simple as that. I also believe that by reviewing, you increase the chances that someone will see your review, get curious, and look up your profiles for potential stories that you may have written. This is often how I find new stories to read ~ by looking at the profiles of people who reviewed my stories. So, on that note, I ask all of you who read stories on this site - Please review. It means a lot to us and it shows that the time, effort, and imagination we put into our work was worth it.

Fanfiction Pet Peeves

Perfection: This is probably one of the biggest issues regarding all Fanfiction and easily one of the top reasons as to why I stop reading a story. When the character is perfect in every way, with dashing good looks or jaw-dropping beauty (essentially, every guy/girl is drooling/blushing/etc.), fame, fortune, power, knowledge, and the perfect nice-guy/bad-ass personality... Its ridiculous. How many times have I read a potentially great story only to discover that the main character is perfect in every way? Too many to count... Its annoying, frustrating, unrealistic (to the extent that fanfiction can be), and just sucks all the greatness that a story could have.

Harems: I understand that most authors subconsciously envision ourselves in the shoes of the Main Character (MC). It is likely because of that that there are so many MC/Harem stories but, come on, guys... Seriously? First and foremost, to me, it is a sign of blatant disrespect to the gender making up the harem. I know that there are several real-life polygamous relationships out there and for those of you who are making it work and are happy, bravo to you... But in my personal opinion, its just disrespectful. It simply feels like the gender making up the harem is being objectified.

Secondly, I can't help but feel that its an easy-way-out kind of thing for authors who have difficulties either (1) deciding who would pair up with the MC, (2) write out a storyline with characters that are NOT attracted to the MC and are strictly friends (basically meaning they have difficulties writing a story that isn't entirely focused on the MC in some way), (3) how to add relationships that do NOT involve the MC in any way. All these components are key aspects of a story and really add depth & flavor to it, but it seems like so many authors fail to incorporate this properly.

All this becomes even more apparent when the author uses an idea that is very common among Fanfiction stories with harems - the idea that the MC can "love everyone equally". I truly believe this to be stupid and unrealistic. There will always be one person you like more and there will always be jealously within the harem for that person receiving more attention. Its human! If you're having trouble with this, then that means you need to work on building more realistic characters.

The ONLY time I can accept reading a story that has a Harem incorporated is (1) if its a bloody fantastic read or (2) if they're really, really small (3-way partnership is typically the most I can handle) and the attraction is mutual in all directions (meaning that the individuals making up the harem are also attracted to each other). A good example would be Partially Kissed Hero by Perfect Lionheart... Harry, the MC, has a harem of over a hundred women... All of them physically perfect in every way (Can't stand this)... That's unrealistic. The only reason why I like the story is because of all the crazy ideas he's thrown together connecting magic with history/myths. Other good examples would be almost all of Kenchi618's stories... He's posted some of the best written Naruto Fanfiction stories on this website with great plots, ideas, and overall badassery fun... and nearly every single one of them has Naruto with a harem. It's not realistic and those parts do put me off, but the stories themselves are so great that I can ignore it.

Wealth: Another feature that almost always ruins a story for me is the Main Character's wealth and this primarily focuses on the Harry Potter Universe. Far too often, authors have the MC (Harry, generally) be the richest person in the world with a fortune that amounts in the billions. If he was really that wealthy, then Harry should do exactly what was done in No Hurry at All by Robst and offer a massive bounty for Voldemort's head! Its fine if you want to have Harry reasonably wealthy enough that he could live comfortably for a few years, but to be so wealthy that his many-times great grandson won't have a work a day in his life is just ridiculous. Quite literally now, any time I read a story that has Harry the richest person on the planet, I stop reading and look for another story, no matter how many reviews or how good a read it was prior to the big reveal.

Power: Like with the wealth, power is another problem often seen in the Fanfiction Universe. Authors often times make Harry the most powerful wizard in history... Okay, if that's the case, have the guy use a simple Summoning Charm on Voldemort's head and finish it for God's sake! For Naruto, I see him commonly capable of taking on S-Rank shinobi due to some kind of bloodline (I am semi-guilty of this and it is something I greatly regret, detest, and am currently trying to fix). If you want to elevate the MC's power, fine... but make it so its, at most, on par with the Main Antagonist.

Rationality/Logic/Common Sense: I'm a guy who likes details and explanations. I like things that make logical sense. I like seeing at least some intelligence... I can't stand, however, a lack of all of the above. Stupid Naruto... Ugh, it makes me feel like my IQ is lowering by double digits. Having him ignorant is fine... Having him stupid despite the identity of his parents and the resources around him is more frustrating than entertaining. However, I have seen a few examples that pull off the lack of intelligence, but these are very, very rare.

Oaths: This is something I have noticed more and more as of late in regards to Harry Potter FanFiction stories - Oaths. Okay, for one, oaths are NOT used in the original HP Universe. The closest thing to that is the Unbreakable Vow and that's it. Based off what the books have shown, a vow requires three wizards to perform and is only used for special circumstances, generally to require the vow-taker to perform some action in the future. Despite this fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of authors who use oaths in their stories and it is now an almost accepted part of the HP Universe. And they all generally use oaths for the same reasons - Proving that they're telling the truth or forcing a person to do something on the threat of losing their magic.

Seriously people, have any of you really stopped and thought about what an oath like that could do to a society? If magical oaths could so easily be used, then every politician and government employee should be forced to swear an oath to uphold the law, not take bribes, do the best for its citizens, etc. Better yet, have every single wizard and witch upon reaching a certain age swear an oath to never do intentional harm against others outside of self-defense, to never cast a dark spell, to always follow the law, etc. And if an oath could so easily be used to tell the truth, then why weren't the Death Eaters forced to take an oath to prove their innocence? Why didn't they have Harry swear that Voldemort was back after the conclusion of the Goblet of Fire? Hell, why didn't the Hogwarts Professors advise Harry to make an oath in the Grand Hall each time he was called a liar?

Are you guys seeing the issue here? It's a cheap work around. It destroys common sense and utterly skews the balance in the MC's favor. Believe me, if anyone wrote a story that had something like this and tried to publish it, critics and readers all over the world would instantly kill it. It is one of the biggest hole you can make in a story, so please, don't do it.

Lack of Balance: When one side is winning in every conceivable way possible without the opposing side capable of putting up a fighting chance, that's not a good story. There are too many Harry Potter stories like this with Dumbledore as a manipulative mastermind. Often times, it goes with Harry realizing how much of a bastard the old man is and then soundly beating him without Dumbledore being able to fight back. If the Headmaster really had been in control for that long, he would've undoubtedly had dozens, if not hundreds of contingency plans in case such a disaster occurred. I want to see the Antagonist fight back and win at least a little... It makes the story all the better.

Soul Bonds: Don't get me wrong. I actually fully believe in the idea of soul mates... I am one of the lucky few who have found mine at an early age and I wish nothing but the best for all of you who have yet to find theirs. However, I do not believe that the two people will instantly connect in every way, without there ever being an argument, disagreement, etc. I also find soul bonds to be a convenient way for authors to get their two MCs together without having to go through the quality and, admittedly, difficult part of courting, flirting, dating, and the potential of other interested parties.

To me, a soul mate is someone more... You may not even realize that they are your soul mate at first. It's the discovery of finding so many things in common and so many differences, and learning to love them all equally and more and more, that defines the POSSIBILITY that you've found that special someone. But that, to me, is only the first of an infinite number of steps. The bond must continuously grow and both individuals should want to see the other grow into a better person for their sake, not for themselves! It is these things that makes living and being with them for eternity so wonderful... You should want to be with them for eternity... For all of time, space, beyond... all of it. That is my belief and it is something I hope to instill in all my stories from here on out.

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 72,461 - Reviews: 1289 - Favs: 7,465 - Follows: 7,778 - Updated: 12/29/2022 - Published: 8/16/2018 - Team Seven
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