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Author has written 3 stories for Sherlock, Merlin, and Hobbit.

And in the news is...


Now, for the profile in question...

Assuming anyone reads this ever (I rather like to look at other people's profiles, so according to odds, somebody else probably does too, and if they happen upon mine having something to read would be nice, wouldn't it?) I might as well put in a few things.

Am considering a few fics, that I suppose will be posted in due time (though I do sometimes get ideas that won't leave me alone for weeks on end; I think my muse is sadistic. He has a name, now. Ladies and germs, meet Andrew Dorkson.)

English is obviously not my first language (not fishing for compliments or anything, simply pointing out that my country of origin shows up on this profile) but I love it as much as my own and collect words like I do bones (well, I don't actually collect bones. I mean, I have a few, but if I did, I'd collect skulls. Marvelous things, skulls) and like to think extensively on their meanings, implications and general feeling.

Old enough to drink but not to buy my own alcohol. Weird laws, not sure if they are so in other places. While I like drinking songs (don't you just love them, they're so vigorous) I don't like drinking. I snark like I breathe (oh, no sir, I jape. I breathe far too little for such an analogy to be accurate) and appreciate gallows humor, which could be a manifest of many of my ancestors being gravediggers and graveyard keepers.

I am also a bibliophile (books and stories in general I worship more then I would any god were I religious), a fanatic tea drinker (I completely respect the British for the ISO 3103 standard, though I may not agree with it), and consider hats very important (after all they can tell you at least three things about a person at all times.) I also love martial arts.

Fiction I like the most:

Just about EVERYTHING!

But my top three would be everything Sherlock Holmes related (original stories, tv adaptations, (Jeremy Brett over Basil Rathbone, if you ask.) I feel that BBC's Sherlock was absolutely magnificent. Guy Ritchie's adaptations was also wonderful, even though they are all very different.

Then there is Star Trek (TOS only, still working my way up to the Next Generation though I did watch Enterprise when I was younger. I also love the 2009 film reboot.)

Terry Pratchett is my role model in writing, reading and general outlook on life. I read anything he puts out with possibly scary fervor (all right, it probably IS scary.)

I am also a fan of poetry, in particular Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde.

Did I mention I like to follow several streams of consciousness at once?

Ultimate Recs:

On a serious note though, these are the few fics I have read that demand that people sit up and look at them, because they are at the same time the best fanfics I have read, and also among the best pieces of fiction in general. And here they are, in no particular order:

-The epic masterpiece (this being the original definition of 'masterpiece) that is Observations.


It takes place in the Star Trek 2009:reboot verse and gives a detailed account of life aboard the Enterprise from the point of view of First Officer Spock, and eventually becomes K/S (the best I've ever read.)

It, for some considerable time after reading, left me disappointed in the general quality of fanfiction everywhere. That is, that I would have to lower my standards waaaaay down if I was to enjoy fanfiction again, because other fics just didn't measure up to this one.

-The second one would be the magnum opus Truthfully.

Take place in the the Thor Marvel Cinematic Universe (and shares most coninuae except for Avengers). Long story short, Loki ends up on Earth after the film, and gets a therapist. Hilarity ensues.

Except, no. That doesn't cover it at all. This fic succeeds where so many have failed before; to take a broken character that could have been turned away from darkness if it had been tried in time, and develop him from that point on while staying faithful to his ground-work personality all the way through. No I haven't been reading too much purple prose. Why do you ask?

It is completely gen and no shipping involved whatsoever. However, it contains bucketloads of ho-yay and a reader would feel justified in shipping just about anything they felt like. Also contains one of the few amazing OC's I have had the pleasure to meet. Oh, and it is absolutely rib-crackingly hilarious.

-Which would make the third one my great friend, Diplomacy.

This fic takes place in the Warcraft verse, somewhere around the beginning of Cataclysm, if I remember correctly. A 'what if' story, the author calls it. Leaders from the two factions, Thrall an Jaina Proudmoore decide that war happening again between their people is out of the question, and go for the age-old trick of marriage between two mayor political figures. Namely, themselves. It also helps that they are most certainly in love with each other. Also contains some masterful usage of lore knowledge and associated tacklements. And knowledge of human (and other humanoid) nature.

This fics deals with the political and social ramifications and advantages (and such interesting politics! Who knew such a thing existed?) of such an act and realistically portrays how everything would play out. It also has a sneaky sense of humor and theatrics. T-rated at most. There is also the incredible portrayal of interaction between characters (and some lovely OC's that have their own backgrounds and backstories in the author's other works) and despite no-one in the entire story ever saying the words 'I love you' or any variation thereof, there can never be any doubt that they do.

-And then there is Memoirs of a Master

While this fic can no longer be considered canon after Kung Fu Panda 2, that absolutely does not mean it has been made redundant. It follows the supposed backstory of Master Shifu from the beginning of his training at the Jade Palace right up to and after the events of Kung Fu Panda. It has a whole gallery of amazing, incredible OCs that I could in no way do justice. There is a bit of m/m OC character shipping, but even if you don't slash, missing out on reading it because of that would be a great loss. The author's use of Chinese cultural knowledge, lore and myths is beautiful and a delight for anyone who loves a good story.

Oh, and just a fair warning; it's going to make you cry. Hard. I didn't expect it when I read it first, but OH MAN, it just rips your heart out and stomps all over it. But it's worth it in the end.

-And at last there is The Toymaker and the Widow

This is a love story, in the best sense of the word. Please note that I tend to shy away from stories that have romance as a main plot since I tend to think that is a very difficult device to hinge a whole plot on successfully. That said, this isn't a story about romance, since love and romance are, remarkably, not the same thing.

It is set in the Hobbit verse, and I know what some of you (including myself) would think. There is no romance whatsoever in the original novel and therefore I always have a hard time shipping anything because I tend to be a dreadful stickler for cannon. That said it is between Bofur and an OC - please don't run away! Come back, it's actually amazingly good! Thank you. Now, the OFC is just so amazingly human - er, dwarf, with everything that could be considered to make her a real person and not just some front for a self-insert or suedom. She is flawed, stubborn, strong, knows her own mind... There really isn't much I can say to do her justice, except I almost wish she existed so that I could shake her by the hand. Her daughter is also wonderful and so much like an actual kid in a way that kids often aren't in fiction. Bofur also gets so much more characterization that could ever be possible in either the novel or the film(s), so much in fact that this fic has quite by accident become my official headcannon for him. It establishes these characters before the quest for Erebor and then may possibly (it's a work in progress) delve into if the existence of these OCs may affect how the story turns out. Just... Go read it. Please.

I could probably say more about these ultimate works of fiction (pages, my dears, pages), but then we'd be here all day and you should be out there, reading them. Now get off my lawn!

That aside...

I will discuss books, manga, anime, films, tv shows and so on to anyone who is interested. Mostly books, though. And Dreamworks and Pixar films. Although I probably won't be available all the time; people are supposed to have lives outside of their heads nowadays, for some reason.

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