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NCIS is my favourite show, in fact, it's the only TV show I regularly watch. The dynamic between the Gibbs and DiNozzo characters is my favourite aspect of the show and the humour of this series sets it apart from all other crime procedurals. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the cast is very easy on the eyes.

Tony is my favourite character and therefore all of my stories tend to be Tony-centric. My preference is for strong, competent, clever Tony so that's how I tend to write him. I like to explore the Gibbs / Tony relationship, especially the familial feelings that I believe go way beyond long term partners. I am unashamedly a Tony-whumper as I find that hurt/comfort situations allow me the best opportunity to write these characters as I would like to see them portrayed. I find it fascinating that these two men obviously care about each other but, seemingly, would prefer to chew their own arms off than verbalise their feelings. That being the case, I try not to have them overly demonstrative in my stories. I don't write or read slash stories - I have no bias but it's just not my thing.

MY WRITING STYLE?? Hmmm...I'm all for poetic licence and understand that people have their own personal preferences but I don't really enjoy stories that take these wonderful characters, too far out of the established personalities we see on the show - so if you're looking for a weepy Tony and a cuddly Gibbs, you won't find them in my stories. I try to ensure that my dialogue stays as true to character as I can and although my stories are Tony-centric I try to involve every one of the characters as they are so much fun to write. I try to emulate the delicate balance of drama, action, angst and humour in each of my stories as I believe it is a key aspect of the show...and I'm a sucker for an "aw schucks" ending.

To receive feedback that my stories have brought enjoyment to others is an honour that I never take for granted. I have never and will never ask for reviews and greatly appreciate the time that people invest into reading my stories. I always do my best to reply to every review.

BRITISH Vs AMERICAN SPELLING AND GRAMMAR As a very proud Australian, my spelling and grammar is based on British/English. So, if you are a stickler for American/English and grammar and cannot or will not accept anything less, you may prefer the work of another author. You have been advised.

I do strive to improve as a writer with every story. If you find a habitual mistake and you feel it needs addressing, I am happy to receive courteous PM's to discuss. I have received and appreciated constructive critique in the past and will, no doubt, receive more in the future. Polite and constructive critique is always welcome.

COLLABORATIONS:- It has been my absolute pleasure to "join forces" with two of my favourite writers on four occasions. Big thank you to Lyn1410g and to ZeeViate for sharing their amazing talent and making me lift my game to meet theirs.


These stories marked the first collaboration for both Lyn and I and we managed it without any disagreements - just the occasional hair-pull, pinch and Chinese burn. The following story can be found on Lyn's profile page.

The Insider - Written with Lyn1410g

Those of you unfamiliar with the wonderfully insightful and richly descriptive writing talent of Lyn1410g, will find her stories listed on her profile page I thoroughly recommend them all.


Legends and Legacies - Written with Zee Viate

Haunted - Written with Zee Viate

Loyal - Written with Zee Viate

These stories first came to my attention as a reader who was captured by the unique concept, intriguing plot and great writing. Several chapters later, I was co-writing – what a gift. Many writers develop a fondness and an almost tangible connection to their stories. To be trusted to complete these and virtually given carte blanche with the storyline was an amazingly generous thing for Zee to do, for me and for all those who were enjoying it and wanted to see it completed. I'm sure that even Zee was surprised by the direction and twists and turns I wrote into her story but her faith and support were unwavering. Thank you, Zee for the opportunity and honour of co-writing with you.

These stories can be found on Zee Viate's profile page. While you're there, take the time to check out her other wonderful stories. You'll be glad you did.

I really hope that you enjoy reading my stories and I appreciate any constructive feedback.

With every good wish,


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass - it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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Out of Reach by vanishingp2000 reviews
The first time he woke was to pain, confusion and total darkness. Gibbs and DiNozzo struggle to survive against an unknown threat. Rating may change in later chapters. No Slash. No spoilers that I can think of. NOW COMPLETE
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