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Author has written 9 stories for Care Bears, and Rescuers.

Here's a carebears that I run. and paste this to your url bar).

Now, Here's the order in which you should read them if your interested to know about Shimmeringstar's back ground.

1)The Very beginning-This one does not include Shimmeringstar but rather explains the back ground story to three bears that ended up being adopted by a human alien named Mel'feir. But unfortunately, he has to get back to his own world but Mel'feir promises them that he won't abandon them and that he would help them to find a new family of bears just like them to find out where they belong. Will they ever find bears that look like them that will take them in? You'll have to read to find out. I recommend this story for anyone of all ages for this story contains good humor, lots of actions, and yes it has cute fluff stuff to it. All I ask is that read and review this so that I can know as the author how I'm doing so that I may improve as a writer.

2)The Rise of Darkage- This story is about a young man who blames the carebears for the death of his parents which were burned to death in Williams, Az. He becomes Noheart's apprentice and trains for ten years for the sole purpose of avenging his parents. Will he find out the truth? You'll have to read ti find out. (Keep in mind that this one was my very story that I ever wrote. I plan on rewriting this story in the near future to drastically improve the writing so if you do read this one, please have some patience and bear with me.) This story does have good humor and lots of action and some mystery. Please read and review for me if you do decide to read this story. I do accept anonymous reviews also.

3)The Rise of Shimmeringstar- This is shortly after Shimmeringstar becomes the first person in the carebear's family history to join the carebear family. He informs the carebears of how he helped Professor Coldheart capture them when he worked for Noheart. With a race against time will he save them as the Professor plans on having them beheaded with a guillotine one hour from the time Shimmeringstar takes off with one of the caring guardians in a attempt to rescue them. Will he succeed? Read t find out.

4)Credence or Fiction?- This is shortly after the carebears and Shimmeringstar escape from Professor Coldheart but the pandas are still mysteriously frozen. Will the carebears family find a way to help the long lost pandas? Read to find out.

5)The New Dawn of A New Era-This story contains drama, some romance,humor, unusual situations, and much more. Shimmeringstar is trying to adapt to his new life with the carebear's family but is having a very hard time and even thinks about running away to start a new life for himself. While Noheart is plotting a new evil deed to destroy the carebears family once and for all. You'll have to read to find out what happens.

6)The Nexus Advent Legacy- This is by far in my opinion my greatest piece of writing. This story has great action, mystery, humor, and is a bit dark. This story is not for the light in heart so don't read if you have a weak stomach ext. Shimmeringstar is on vacation with his two buddies Lonesomeheart, and Aqua bear in San Deigo California and enjoying his vacation until they hear an explosion which hurt and killed several people. Shimmeringstar goes to investigate and chases the mysterious stranger into a portal that takes him into another world. Will he ever get back or be stuck their forever? You'll have to read to find out.

7)Forever United or Forever Divided? Will Shimmers be exiled and Nobleheart be saved? Find out here.

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