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(or just a group of best friends who can write)

Either one is something to fear, and honestly, I think you should. Because when you get three girls together, it's crazy man, I swear - there is so much stuff in there!

You have The Nerd-Magnet Chic, The Flippin' Fierce Beb, and The Boy-Crazy Fashionette. With these three gals joined together, you're in for a fun ride of insanity, boys, nerds, David Cook, and inside jokes that won't make sense to anyone.

Now, you can laugh at these girls. You can think their freaks. Heck, you can even call them hooligans. But you can't ignore them. Because THEY are the future. THEY are amazing. And THEY are never going to leave, so get used to them (and believe me, you will).

They can write. They can sing. They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. And they can be undoubtedly the coolest girls you will ever come across.

They will be random. They will make you wonder about your life and why these crazy gals aren't in it. They will even make you want to be like them.

They are just THAT cool.

And believe me, the awesomeness shall never stop.

Just as long as they're together.

The Gals
(and YES, you have every right to be jealous)

say my name, say my name: The Flippin Fierce Beb

whoooo are you, who who, who who: pretty much the most amazing little chica ever to grace the world with her presence. she can be purty nerdy if she wants to be but we all know the awesomeness that smothers her like a nice pair of wedgie shorts. she has a life but doesn't use it that much but probably would if she wasn't beat up by her brother with water bottles. she has many talents including her fierce looks that will one day gain her the supermodel status that she was born to fulfill. she exceeds all expectations and belongs to many boyfriends who have either been claimed by her or drawn by her beauty, and only they can christen her as beb. she mostly never changes her mind and can win all arguments, even if they involve age old lifeguard chairs or battles with crayons. she will pretty much never be bored because she can always find something to do. she can compose theories and find conspiracies in anything and make people believe it, because she has an amazing ability to convince people because she never gives up. she can make anything in style, including words, phrases, or even mathletes, because she knows how to work it. she can watch any scary, screwed up movie but still has to leap onto her bed so nothing grabs her feet. she'll never curse in her life because she'll feel too guilty. she believes God gives gifts, including ritz bitz cheese crackers, and she has a whole lotta love and respect for her besties. all right, good job guys, great work, you know it, mmm hmm!

if you need me, call me, no matter where you are:

labeled: The Boy-Crazy Fashionette

in a nutshell: a teenage girl who takes pride in the purses she carries and the shoes she struts. she can be extremely melodramatic when necessary and oddly blasé about things she finds uncanny. she loves her family and friends and finds genuine happiness in hugs, smiles, and good-smelling anything. she's a hopeless romantic and is obsessed with boys and everything yummy about said species. she says the word seriously and totally more than any normal person and for serious or your face are the ultimate comeback for any sticky situation. she fears change and being forgotten. she is extremely self-conscious but still loves to tell herself how beautiful she looks in the mirror. romance movies are her pastime, anything that makes her cry is a must, popcorn is necessary for proper viewing, and someone to be watch it with is always key. pulling all-nighters while drinking chai tea and watching the sunrise is the best thing to do, and junk food is the cure to a broken heart. she is always smiling, even when joy is the last thing she feels. she is oddly blonde for a straight A student. she will become a famous writer, she will make everyone smile, she will smell everyone's hair, she will go on America's Next Top Model, she will one day walk in heels, she will have everyone know her name, and she will change the world—one butter-rum lifesaver at a time. FOR SERIOUS.

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