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My FanFics are usually Maximum Ride and just random thigs I put together in my head the night before. Lol. And when I post new chappies I have usually just finished them a second before. I'm not big on posting old writings. Lol. :D

I have a slightly insane obsession with the Maximum Ride series and the Twilight series. (You can see that in my pen name. Flying + Wings = Maximum Ride... Twilight = (obviously) Twilight) I don't usually write Twilight FanFics because I think they are too hard. Lol. I have also written some Fruits Basket stuff too, but my zest for them is fading so I wont continue to write them.

Writing is my passion and I do it all the time. I am literally walking around think of new situations I can put Max and the Flock in. Lol. I lay in bed at night dreaming up new Faxy moments for Max and Fang. Literature seems to call me from everything I see. I seem to have a sempiturnal love for the Maximum Ride series. (An addiction almost. ha.)

Twilight is a great series but I have an awfully hard time write from both Edward and Bella's perspective and can't seem to get any story together. Lol.

So, MR will continue to be my main subject for the time being. :D

I'm also a perfectionist. You have never met a perfectionist untill you've met me. Even the slightest problem bothers the HECK out of me. Like, if I make a character use improper grammar when I didnt intend to, I'll freak out and have to start over! hahaha. I MUST have everything perfect and completely up to par before I'm happy with it. (Even then I'm sometimes not happy with it.) I also seem to get really frustrated with chapters that dont just flow off my fingers and on the the keyboard. Because I know from experience that if I have to strain myself to write it, it's going to suck. Lol.

Most of the time my stories are something that i've been working on for a while in my head. I never just randomly start up a story on the computer. I spend a lot of time on each story to try and get all of the details and important parts just right so that I dont have to force it out at the computer.

I also write vignettes (short random stories/paragraphs that focus on one particular moment in time). I think they are very fun and would LOVE to put some of mine up on the site but they aren't really FanFictions so... lol. (I might start posting a few on my profile every few weeks.) My favorite vignettes are about situations that you wouldn't usually ponder about. I love to take a moment that people usually ujst brush over and make it meaningful. It's like a watching a raindrop instead of the whole downpour. (theres a metaphor for ya)

Vignette of the (insert correct time period here): 'Storm'
The sirens blared loudly in my ears as I walked outside. The noise was ringing, echoing off the walls of the buildings that surrounded me. I scowled. Why, I was not sure. It could have been for some reason that I thought the noise was unnecessary, an annoyance, which was unethical to think, considering the circumstances. Or it could have been that the sound broke the soft whisper of the rain I had heard only minutes before. But now the rain was gone, and my inner mind slightly blamed the noise. Either way, I was strangely unhappy. I couldn’t help but wish in my mind that someone would shut off the sound, ease my pain a bit. But to my displeasure, no one did, which didn’t surprise me. We walked our way to the car, the sirens burning their crushingly loud nose into my brain. I opened the door quickly, got in, and shut it just as fast. But the steel door standing between me and the disturbing sound, offered me no comfort. It was as if the noise had not weakened at all. The siren’s awful scream continually rang through my ears. I tried my hardest to push the wailing out of my mind. I looked up at the sky. I was suddenly mesmerized by what my eyes beheld. I stared in wonder as the gray streak of cloud above me, circled, like a whirlpool that covered the entire sky. For some reason, I found this strangely beautiful. The way the sky seemed to be moving around me was tantalizing. It almost seemed as if they were revolving around me. It was a selfish thought but my mind thinks on its own will. The clouds had many different shades to them, but this detail was almost unnoticeable, unless you had been staring at them as I was. Suddenly I realized that my thoughts were wandering on their own, my subconscious mind taking over as I was quickly taken by the swirling phenomenon above me. As if summoned, I bolt of lightning flashed across my eyes, awakening my hypnotized mind. I blinked several times, attempting to get the bright light out of my eyes. Then came the thunder. The loud and impetuous noise shocked me and I jumped slightly. I was suddenly reminded of the dangers the beautiful spiral above me withheld. The thing that I had been focusing on, admiring almost, could kill. It was natures lethal weapon. I stared back up at the sky, thinking of how this, now menacing looking, cloud could end my life within an instant, suffocating me under a pile of debris from what was probably the remains of a house. I shuddered at the thought. I stared back into the car, carefully observing the upholstery of the seat in front of me. My eyes felt strained, they urged to look back out the window, as if the storm were pulling them into its vortex. I gave in and stared back out at the clouds. This time, my vision was blurred by the sudden rain, pouring over my window. But this time the rain did not whisper to me. It seemed to scream as it smashed against the glass. The clouds were now appearing streaked, almost magnified in some places by the light droplets of water that covered the window. I now looked farther to the ground, watching as the houses and trees seemed to just fly by me as the car moved swiftly down the highway. I suddenly felt vulnerable. The pictures that were in my mind were no longer of watching myself suffocate, it was of the car flying into the swirling winds, eventually crashing to the ground, crushing us all. I tried urgently to put that image out of my mind as well, but relief didn’t come so quickly. I shut my eyes and breathed heavily, calming myself. Soon the image faded and I noticed we had stopped moving. I looked out the window to see our house staring back at me, welcoming my with open arms of shelter. I walked in the door, suddenly feeling safe from the cloud that threatened me only moments before. How strange it was, to admire something you fear. But I still stared up at the sky with slight respect, wishing I could have the same invincibility.

Almost every time I write a story or FanFic, I'm listening to music. You wouldn't believe the things you can piece together from music. I can write a song from the lyrics, rhythm, and melody of a song. Each one of them posess a different element to use. Music holds far more than people think.

If you hadn't noticed yet, I'm an extremely deep person. I can see new meaning in everything. My friends say I over-think things but I say that i just unearth their hidden properties. If you read some of my stories (and overthink them like me) you can see alot of hidden meanings in certain phrases. I always try to put supernumary amount of thought into my writings so that they can be read in so many differnt ways, and by so many different minds.

Many of my stories refelct my mood. And that doesn't meant that I write sad stories when I'm feeling a bit indignant. It mean that if iI am in need of some happiness to enlighten me, I'll write of joy or love, the things that would make me (or anyone else) smile. I try to keep my own emothions out of a story because it is not me that the story is about. If i try and combine myself with whom I am writing about, it evervate the character. I am very meticulous in trying to keep my characters, well, in character. Sometimes I fail to do so because I see the character different then others. But i try. :D

Story Status: (This is a section of my profie where I will keep you u to date on my storise that are currently in process)

'Someone Save Me' : Updated: 12-27-2009 IT'S DONE! I FINALLY FINISHED!! :D :D

'Disconected' : COMPLETE!! JOY! ;)

'You Say Birdnapped, I Say Lovenapped' : Updated 12-25-2009 This story is just a random hunch of mine. I'll be working on it over my Holiday Break from school. Expect more chapters! And stay tuned! I have a good feeling about this one!

Thank you for reading my profile!

Much love to all my readers!

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