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Hello! Hola! Hi! Hey! Howdy! Aloha! Bonjour! Ciao! What's Up!

Short version: My life= fun, love, laughs, friends, family, books, sports, and SHOPPING!
Long version: Heyy! I'm a fun loving girl who LOVES her life and has the bestest friends in the entire world! Soccer is my game and I'm not tellin you my name (the internet isn't too safe). I'm a bookworm at heart and stopping me from reading is the one thing in the world no one can do. Music is pretty cool and I used to play flute, I wish I could play the piano and guitar. Movie musicals are wonderful and I love them all especially Laggan, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Hairspray, High School Musicals, and The Sound of Music.

5 Facts about my weird self:
•i'm eighteen
•i'm a swizerland BUT if i had to choose i would be a team edward (BUT i really LOVE Jasper)
•I know more about twilight and its history then maybe american history)
•i am obsessedwith the twilight saga. - have seen the twilight movie MANY times- have read the books and heard the audio books several times- quote the book in everyday conversation- scream everytime i see a cullen car (especially a silver volvo)- everytime i hear thunder i think the cullens are playing baseball- i forced my friends to read the books because it is a great book & also so they know what i am talking about when i go on about the books- i went the midnight release of breaking dawn- i went to the midnight release of the Twilight DVD- i want to go to forks really bad & i am SO jealous that my best friend went there for vacation- i compare people at my school with characters from the book- i am constantly reading twilight fanfiction everywhere i go and i dont even go to sleep sometimes- i listen to debussy- i call my friend bella and she calls me alice (or sometimes evil little pixie)- also i call one of my friends rosalie and one of my guy friends jake- i have been to almost all of the twilight fansites- i have a twilight movie poster that i constantly look at-i read twilight lexicon daily & know all the character bios- i attend a eclispe book club at barnes and nobles- etc...the list goes on forever...
•i wish i had a time machine

I'm From: Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Hobbies: SHOPPING! Reading. Hanging with Friends. Church Youth Group. Writting. Photography. Video Games. Movies. Biking.

TV Shows: Vampire Diaries. Raising Hope. Glee. White Collar. Chuck. The Office. Pysch. Royal Pains. What Not to Wear. 30 Rock. The Big Bang Theory. That 70's Show. Project Runway.

Books: Bible. Twilight Series. Narina Series. Shakespeare. Books by Sarah Dessen. The Mortal Instruments Series.

Things I Love: God. SHOPPING! My Friends. My Family. Environment. Recycling. Organic Food. Animals. TWILIGHT! Rome, Italy. The Color: Red. Sweet Tea. Books. Strawberries. Staying Up Late & Sleeping In. JASPER HALE! Comedy, Musical, & Action Movies. Anything CHOCOLATE. My Baby Blue MUSTANG That I Drive. Starbucks. Soundtracks to Musicals. My Dog, Spunk Ransom (Named After Robert Pattinson's Nickname). Texting. Movies. Touchscreens. The Internet. TV. Youtube. Facebook. Vampires. Harry Potter. Reviews for my Fan Fic.

What I Dislike: Mondays. Mornings. People Who Have A Different Boyfriend Everyday. Crooked Pictures Hanging On A Wall. Transformers. Nicholos Cage Movies. Unsweet Tea. Sleep.

On The Computer: Facebook. Youtube. Writting & Reading Fanfiction. Writing My Novel. Kaboodle.


"Having some weirdness makes life fun!"

"There's only ONE way, TWO say, THREE words, FOUR you...I love you!" -Plain White T's

Pictures for my Fan Fiction (FF)

Bella, Nanny of the Cullen Home
Chapter 2: Wondering Around
Jacob, the Cullen's dog-
So the picture I wanted to show ya'll didn't work so I had to go with this one..pretend its a redish brownish
Edward at the piano-
Chapter 3: What's the Problem?
Edward in his lovely white shirt-

Young Emmett Cullen:http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakig/804659305/
Young Rosalie Hale: http://www.flickr.com/photos/got2bme/2633927239/in/set-72157604570676254/#
These were the best pictures I could find...It was to give you an idea of what they look like at that age

At the Bottom
Chapter 1: To be Somewhere Else
What Edward looks like in his baseball uniform- http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3215/3059997262_27ea90fd67.jpg
Chapter 2: I Hate Everything About Him
Picture of a keyed car- http://farm1.static.flickr.com/49/106660551_92e06345be_o.jpg

Love ya lots, JasperLovingEvilPixe

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Bella, Nanny of the Cullen Home reviews
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