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January 6, 2014

You're all probably wondering where the heck did I go? Or, maybe not... in that case I feel sad. Anyway! For everybody who's been reading my stories and have kindly asked me to write more, I sincerely apologize for my lack of updates. I don't even remember when was the last time I've written a story. I know you don't want to hear excuses so all I'm going to say is, I will try to update more. I'll have new stories or new installments some time. If you have any ideas or suggestions (maybe a character you want paired up with somebody) tell me. I'd gladly write something. I'm in need of some inspiration.

Right now, I'm in full blown reality where Kurama is not going to come and rescue me. In a way, it's nice to learn and experience life the way it is. But most of the time it just feels stressful. Unlike my stories, I cannot manipulate the events or the characters (insert obligatory "DUH" from audience). You can say I've hit a bottomless pit full of "writer's block scenarios" but I'm trying to reconnect with my imaginative self. It's been a while since I've visited Yusuke and the gang, or Kurapika and his friends. I long to go back to their worlds where there's always adventure and near happy endings. I'm sure the stories will come back, just please bare with me.

P.S. I am not dead. Just... living a stressful life. Keep me posted and updated with feedback. You don't know how happy your messages make me feel. I love you all!

As always, Happy Readings!

To my Sweetheart:

He and She II

He was standing as close to her as he can, just within arm's reach. To some, they are but a normal couple expressing their blooming love. Others may think that they are too young to know what "love" is, therefore labeling them as "naïve" and "stupid". Many assume confidently what they are not. But no one can begin to comprehend how deeply their hearts are intertwined.

She longs for the day when she can freely wrap her arms around him and not worry about the judgments passed by those who do not understand. He was so close and just within arm's reach. But no matter how tightly she holds onto him, he still feels so far away.

Every week she waits for the days when she can see him again. Secret and stolen as they may be, the precious moments spent with him would linger in her heart until their next rendezvous. She cherishes his loving touches. She savors his sweet kisses. She does everything; squeezing all those things in these short meetings to make the distance go away. She desperately needs that distance, that small barrier, to be broken.

But what can she do? As the adults put it, it simply wasn't the right time. She can beg. She can cry. She can even pretend to leave him as much as she wants, just to threaten him into giving her more. But what good would that do? Nothing. It will only hurt him, the one she loves the most.

Maybe she can just give up? After all, it is easier to let go than to go on with the suffering. She thought about it before. She even ended their relationship a few times. But now, now that their love is stronger, she cannot allow herself to hurt him again. She would rather hurt herself first than cause him pain.

Nevertheless, she can never live life without him. Maybe in the past she was not aware of the emptiness that resided in her heart. But then she met him, and he showed her love. He persisted even when she tried to push him away. He held on even when she led him in circles. But most of all, when she fell he was there to catch her.

So despite the pain and frustration, she will gladly wait until the distance between them disappear. She will wait for the day when he will no longer be "just within arm's reach" but "be in her arms". She will love him like no other, even if, God forbid, their love ends.

Written by: Emina

Random Author Fact:

I've been playing League of Legends recently! My summoner name is Emina20. Feel free to add me and lets play games! As long as you don't mind a noob playing in your team teehee!


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