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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Naruto.

Name: No I am not called Michael Callistus in real life. I chose the name after the MC of my original fiction project. Yes I know it was a horribly sueish thing to do but I was at my wits end for a name. No you cannot have my real name. And he is not a self insert.

I deleted all the stuff about myself because, to be honest, no one wants to know about me anyway. So I'm just going to talk about my fics in progress or planning. Titles may change over time.

The Fifth Champion

A Naruto/ Harry Potter Crossover in which all my favourite Naruto characters (and thier ships) arrive in Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament and Naruto is selected as Konoha's Champion. Written much more from the perspective of the Ninjas than the wizards, if only because Naruto pwns HP IMHO, I hope that everyone can find something cool in it at some point. NaruHina, SakuLee, and probably H/Hr as well.

A Family to Fight For

A Family to Fight for has now been taken down by me, because I wasn't satisfied with the way I'd written it. It became clear from reviews that Vi had become intensely unlikeable and I had never intended that and so I'm going to start over and write it more the way I intended to. The new title, for when I get around to posting the new version up, will be My Sister, My Everything, and will include the same elements (and in some places the same exact text) but done a bit better second time around. Apologies to everyone who liked it the way it was and thank you to everyone who reviewed the story and posted it to their communities.

Harvest Home of Death

Inheritance AU, the story of the Fall. As Galbatorix tries to recover from the death of his dragon, he finds himself questioning more and more the order he was a part of, to the point of being willing to take up arms against it.

Prisoner and Warden

AU, sequel to Harvest Home, Morzan holds Brom prisoner and tries to conciliate his old friend to Galbatorix' rule. Morzan/Selena

Where the Green Woods Sing

AU, sort of sequel to Prisoner and Warden, this tells the story of Faolin, Arya and Glenwing up until Durza's ambush. Faolin/Arya shipping, Glenwing/OC shipping, hints of Oromis/Islanzadi.

Dragon Family

AU, sequel to Green Woods, the fic I want to write so badly I've tried to write it twice now and failed miserably. Eragon acquires the personality of Shinji Ikari and sets off his journey.

A Fox Amongst the Uchiha

Naruto AU, Sasuke is the vessel of the Nine Tailed Fox, and grows up in the care of his brother Itachi and his 'uncle' Shisui. Meanwhile Naruto is the Prince of Konoha, only son of the beloved Fourth Hokage. Then they are paired on the same team, but how can your elder brother also be your Sensei?

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