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Author has written 12 stories for Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Saiyuki, Junjō Romantica, Gravitation, and Misc. Plays/Musicals.

Messages: Hi! I know I haven't been writing anything in a while...I'm sorry everyone. I haven't gotten much free time yet to write so if ever I have I'll try to post a story or two. Please bear with me!

Ya-Ha! I'm AngelYuuri!

Warning: I write YAOI. I'm sorry if I don't answer your reviews right away. I'll try to answer them as soon as I can. I don't also accept too much requests. Please also excuse me if ever I have grammatical errors. I'm also still inexperienced in writing so forgive me.

Messages: Currently looking for new story ideas. ALL of the stories I have written were deleted because our hard drive crashed and I couldn't recover the files in it. :'( But the good news is that I'm going to write a Gravitation fanfic ASAP.

FanArts: These FanArts are made by :

Own Characters:

Name: Masako Kiyoshi

Gender: Male

Age: 15


Height: 160cm.

Hair: Reddish pink, wavy, long hair about 5in above the waists.

Eyes: Big brown and innocent looking.

Features: Fair complexion, slender and petite body, beautiful face just like a girl’s.

Background: He came from a poor family that owns a small pharmacy. He is in loved with his childhood friend and savior Fujita Yuki who is older than him but was rejected, soon he finds out that he is deeply in love in his best friend.

Personality: Smart and cheerful, kind but also childish and clumsy though he is also sometimes lonely.

Abilities: Good at close range fights and knows how to make medicine and potions from plants, he’s also good at business and convincing others.

Name: Musashi Kazuma

Gender: Male

Age: 15


Height: 167cm.

Hair: Pale brown hair with slightly long bangs parted at the left, short and typical boy’s cut.

Eyes: Sharp, light yellow but gentle.

Features: Fair complexion, very handsome and looks like a girl but obviously a boy when looked at carefully.

Background: He came from a rich family, but his parents died when he was 12 in a mission, he has a lot of fangirls because he was the number one rookie of their class however he is in love with his best friend ever since they were assigned in the same team.

Personality: Smart but also gentle, very understanding and kind, generous, he is also shy at time but he feels incredibly lonely a lot of times.

Abilities: He’s specialty is sword because his main weapon is sword that can reflect attacks when used properly, can be good at charming others to help him.

Any Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Requests? Violent reactions? Please inform me.


No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever

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