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Notice: I removed the Naruto/WoW crossover from my profile. I'm not quite pleased with how I started it and, if I intend to complete it in the future, will be going about in a different way.

Future story ideas:

Fullmetal Alchemist:

The urge to write this story came in the middle of me reading the manga. I re-read the scene that showed Ed sealing Al's soul into a huge suit of armour and paused. I then thought, 'Why the hell is there a huge suit of armour in their basement?'

I then started thinking how awesome it would be if I turned Al into a 'Kon' of the FMA world. Surely if you could seal a soul into an empty suit of armour, you can seal on into a toy (A toy being in the basement of their home would also be much more likely, and an added sentiment would be that it'd be Al's facourite toy or something).

Of course, without his brother to back him up in combat, Ed would have to be a tad bit more badass and self-reliant. Though, a mini-Al following him around and supporting with Alchemy was such a cool idea in my mind to pass up.

Another thing that inspired me to write a story like this was Ed's apparently ridiculous budget as a State Alchemist, and Winry's constant complaining about the cost of automail. Automail is such a cool concept in the FMA universe, and as of where I'm up to in the manga, completely wasted on the likes of Ed. Don't get me wrong, it suits his purposes fine, but the thing keeps breaking every five chapters. Hows about using some of that money to fund Winry's training and research?

When you get down to it, I think the minor changes this would make, with an alteration to Ed's personality, would make for some interesting plot changes. That, and I'd just be fun to write.

Gundam 00 (Season 2):

This will be an incredibly slight Death Note crossover with the inclusion of L to Celestial Being's forces (explained by switching in BB for L just before he died and crygenically freezing L, and Watari being Aeolia's great grandfather).

Alternatively, the story could also work as a slight Code Geass crossover with Lelouch instead of L. However, as cool as Lelouch can be sometimes, L would be a much more amusing character to write, and with him not being immortal, makes it a tad bit more interesting. The lack of superpowers (and thus, the reason why we all felt cheated by his death at the hands of cock-boy-who-is-not-worth-mentioning) also makes him to be a more interesting protagonist.

The amount of times I've wanted to jump into my computer and yell 'Use some fucking logic' while watching the series could easily be handled by the most prolific user of logic in the entire animeverse quite nicely.

I'd introduce L at the exact same time Trans-AM was introduced when Alehandro kills Aeolia while frozen. The plot would then skip the standard four years when CB regroups under L's guidance. Coincidently, he would be replacing nobody, because without the direction of Veda, CB really has no 'leader'. Sumeragi kind of acts it, but isn't exactly leader material.

L's fierce sense of Justice would not only make him an excellent, if quirky leader, but it'd also drive him to destroy the A-LAWS when he realizes the justice system will simply not cut it.

Harry Potter:

Voldemort has been driven out of Britain by an eighteen-year-old prodigial Harry Potter. However, being informed of the Dark Lord's Horcruxes by his mentor on his deathbed, Harry learns his quest has only just begun.

The story will start when Harry is thirty-five and working as a 'consultant' for the DoM. He agrees to do as such under the stipulation that they help him find the location of the Horcruxes. Harry has spent the last seventeen years following lead after lead only to turn up empty handed - the most recent one, however, will prove to be slightly more fruitful.

Harry will have a sixteen year old daughter who, like most teenagers at that age, has a less-than-stellar opinion of her father. The mother isn't around, having left Harry before the child was born, only to deliver the child to him when she remarried. Harry is estranged from the majority of the wizarding world - only keeping in contact with one friend who owes him his life, and his contacts withhin the DoM.

Voldemort will be waging his war on the magical world from the subjugated (insert country here, probably Bulgaria or some communist country though) still stinging from his loss seventeen years ago, and doing everything in his power to find and destroy Harry Potter while the man, unknowingly, continues to hunt the secret to his immortality.

Harry's daughter will know nothing of the magical world - being a squib - and will learn of Harry's past, along with the reader, as the story progresses.

Harry has become a jaded man, one who believes he has nothing to live for were it not for his daughter. He will also be incredibly powerful - magically - and a joy to write fight scenes for.

Make no mistake, he will not be finding any horcruxes beneath the floorboard of some abandoned shack, or in a bank's vault. Each horcrux hunt will compose a 'part' of the story as he hunts for it. I'll be having Harry chase these Horcruxes accross the world and try (barring I don't run out of ideas) refrain from having one hidden in Atlantis. :p

This will be a fast paced story, with lots of fight scenes against both magnificent magical creatures and those wanting to stop Harry's quest at all costs (whether they be Voldemort, or muggles wanting the secrets of the location he is heading to themselves).

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