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Author has written 12 stories for Saiyuki, Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!, D.Gray-Man, Hikaru no Go, Vampire Knight, and Supernatural.

Name: Emerusmerlinus, my alias is a misspelled of my favorite all times fiction character from Mary Stewart's book The Crystal Cave. Also, he is the most well known legend on the English speaking world as in Merlin the Magician or King Arthur's tales. Other Alias are: Emerusemer, mystic_sprite1969, cyngrigar, and Gin Ichimaru so far.

Age: I am an old soul with the body of an almost forty years old woman; however, I am neither young nor old, I just am.

Height: You know that great things come in small packages that it is me only 4'9'' tall.

Weight: Well, let's say that I strive to be like the Buddha; although, so far I have manage to look only like the Buddha. Let's no go there.

Hair Color: My natural color is dark-brown with natural highlights ranging between bluish-black or reddish-black. However, I've been known to sport a red-head, and blond-highlights on occasion. I claim temporary insanity for those times. The longest look I have sport is waist length and the shortest boyish-cut above the ears. Currently, shoulder-long.

Skin Color: I am suppose to have brown skin; however, it is not dark nor fair it looks more yellowish; although, I claim to be light brown and I am sticking to it.

Nationality: I was lucky to be born in the good old USA or not; it all depends if you like my country. In any case, I am Mexican-American and that is that.

Language: My mother's language is Spanish; therefore, my first language is Spanish and my father's language is English. So you have it, English is my second language. I dabble a little on Russian couldn't go pass first year. Tantalize on French just couple of weeks and I was a goner. Stick with Arabic language for awhile since the ex-hubby was from an Arab-speaking country and some of the exes where too. It seems I have a thing for Arabs. I am seriously thinking on learning Japanese just to make sure Kazuya Minekura did intend to imply a more intimate relationship among my favorite Saiyuki characters. I would hate it that the English translation imply my favorite couples pairing (Sanzo/Goku, Hakkai/Goyjo) when the author did not. Anyways, I am just thinking about it seriously. Okay! I try learning Korean (I'm in a Korean spell-- I've become an addict of K-dramas). I only lasted two weeks but I am not giving up. I should learn Korean (First New Year's goal 2014).

Hobbies: Reading, I am like the devouring monster of Literature especially fiction: fantasy-romance, romance, romance, romance, anything romance don't care F/M, F/F, M/M, demons/humans, humans whatever as long as it has a beautiful form (I'm too shallow). I am an incurable romantic. Poetry, Music almost every kind except Rap, I can't stand that gangster kind of shit. TV romance/fantasy movies and lately Anime. I collect Tarot cards, stones the rare the better, quartz, any kind of stone precious, semi-precious, etc. Well as long as my budget allows me to buy it. I am not rich you know.

Favorite Books/Authors:

1. One Thousand and one Arabian Nights (It was the first fairy tale book my mother read to me, so I suppose that is the reason of certain obsession over Arabs.)

2. Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy and The Wicked Day (If there is truly a dream man, mine is Merlin the Magician-- dark-black eyes, dark-black hair, feable body type or effeminate; however, with strong personality or character.)

3. Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I am pretty pissed at Mrs. Meyer for her selfish reaction to the sad events surrounding the leak of Midnight Sun on the internet. I guess the lady has not a fertile imagination if she cannot find it in her heart to finish the book.

4. Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series (damn, I hate series they just torture you to no end. I must know what happens next.). OMG! She is like my favorite hero now. I love almost all her books. I am so into the Bloodlines series. I am a big fan of Adrian and Sage (although, my love for Adrian is first). Looking forward for the Movie. My all time favorite series is her Dark Swan. OMG! I love it. I cannot stopped reading it. My poor paperbacks are so worn out. I have read the series like 20 times so far and it is not enough. I want a continuation. What's going to happen to them now that they are together? I am afraid they will drift apart once he discovers her lie about the children? Bitting nails and praying for the sequel and why not dreaming about a movie?????

5. Melissa De La Cruz'sso I started with her Blue Bloods series; however, I lost interest.

Note: I started to read Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en translated by W. J. F. Jenner, damn Saiyuki; however, I only read volume one up to chapter twenty-three and I stopped. I guess the challenge to read a three volume novel was a greater challenge than I expected. To read one hundred chapters was like I rather watch anime... hehehe.

Favorite Anime: Sighs! Saiyuki of course but before those handsome men entered my life in order of appearence (I mean I'm listing in the order I first discovered them.):

1. Sailor Moon (I was in my late teens and the word Yaoi was no where to be found yet. Favorite couple Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask-- Selena and Daryl.)

2. Saiyuki (I'm happy to boast that I splurge my vacations savings on buying the DVDs collection so I own SI, SII (Ep. 1-50), Requiem-- The movie, Saiyuki Reaload the entire collection and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock-- Vol. I-- My savings run out so I'll have to wait a little longer for the rest; however, it is so worth it.)

3. Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei) Wow! Talk about your handsomer threesome. I finally bought the entire collection, thirteen episodes in all. I love animearigato.com best offers as of yet. Also, I owned the manga first volume.

4. Kyo Kara Maoh! It has it all angst, comedy and of course Yaoi (Love-- Yuri and Wolfram) and above everything else romance, fantasy and hansome men (Another boast, I'm happy to share that I'm going without eating for a month, but I so own the first season (Ep. 1- 39) Don't worry, by not eating, I mean fast food, I have to suck it up and I must cook my food. However, I'm still missing SII (Ep 40-78) which is not being completely release on the states yet and SIII (Ep 79-117) that it still not even completely translated yet. I hate not understanding Japanese. Yahoo! I bought the manga/light novel first volume.

5. Loveless I'm such a sucker for the blooming relationship between Soubi and Ritsuka; although, the story line is hard to follow and the fact that there is only twelve episodes an unfinished anime, what a sad thing. Regardless, I still love it.

6. Kizuna I'm a sucker for childhood romances.

7. Sukisho It's great comdey, romance and betrayal love the whole Sora/Yuro & Nao/Ran business... Bragging time... I got the complete series... hehehe

8. Gravitation OMG! Is like seeing Kyo Kara Maoh! reversed hehehe! Is like Shuichi resembles Yuri such a moronic idiot and Yuki kinda gives off the Wolfram vibes; however, Shuichi is courageous enough to proclaim his love for Yuki while Yuri is a repressed moron. Now, Yuki is an asshole that doesn't deserve Shuichi's devotion but I so love to see Wolfram behaving like that towards Yuri. Hehehe! I'm such a masochist... I love myself way too much... I got the series plus the Ova... I wonder if there is a second OVA.

9. Junjo Romantica while I am a totally die hard Misaky/Usagi fan, I so love the Junjo Terrorist arc, Miyagi and Shinobu are so cute. I do like also the Junjo Egoist but not as much. OMG! Get a load of this not do I only bought the Two seasons... I onw the 24 episodes so far... I bought up to Volume 8 of the manga... heehehe how cool is that.

10. Fafner I cannot believe I'm listing this fuck up anime as one of my favorites; however, I'm ashamed to admit it is despite how much I hate it too. There is that "There is a thin line between love and hate," the bastards kill my favorite couple or at least only one stays alive. What would my sweet nature Kazuki do without my heartless Soushi? I have to admit the lines between those two is what makes this fuck up anime one of my favorites.

11. Hikaru no Go OMG! You will see no Yaoi theme. It is the story of two Go prodigies; however, the fck series scream Yaoi love all the way through, the sexual tension is unbearable, Akira Touya and Hikaru Shindou are just two lovesick birds. Okay! God is punishing me for being so greedy... So, I went ahead and bought the entire series 78 episodes in all plus the Spring Special the part that sucks the most is that the it came from somewhere else other than the States... I'm kinda cheap... Okay! You twist my arm Mylasia... the fck translation sucks... so it's either I learn Japanese or I buy the USA license fck series... God! You're mean... and I was being good so far. Oh! I forgot to mention I bought all the mangas up to volume 14 USA license.. now that's smart no fck bad translations.

12. Death Note WTF I watched the 37 episodes in one day. I couldn't stop watching. My favorite all time episode is 25 "L" and Light/Kira practically confess to each other. They were so perfect together. My eyes still puffy red with the tears. Hehehe in another note I so own Death Note the entire series... dancing wild naked around the room... thank God no one is watching...

13. D-Gray Man OMG! Another excellent series. I cannot help it but to love AllenWalker and Yu Kanda. Those two look so good together Kanda is a cold hearted bastard and Allen to naive but it works. Episode 5 is just the best so far, Allen: "Either way you still hate me!" adorable, just too adorable.

14. Bleach OMG! Don't get me started so many Yaoi couples and threesomes and forget it I"m really a perv. Ichigo and Ishida ruled, my devilicious Gin Ichimaru and Aizen-sama, My sweetie pie Hitsugaya, too many hot creatures.

15. Naruto OMG! Talk about evil hot men, Kabuto and Orochimaru #1, then your heroes Sasuke and Naruto, Gaara, Shino, Shikamaru, Neji what about Kakashi-sensei and Iraku-sensei. I'm going to faint too much eye candies. Second episode, Naruto kisses the heartless bastard Sasuke and that kiss seal both their fates, talk about your tongue and everything smooch, way to go Naruto.

Personal Note: I have been writing since I first learned how to use a pencil probably first or second grade. It was mostly poetry to score good brownie points. I was never compelled to write stories; however, I did dream of one day writing a novel. I started thinking of titles for my novel when I was a freshman in high school. It was not until I got hook into a TV show back in 2003 named Queer as Folk (QAF) that I actually begin to write.

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