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Valour Guardians Series:

Valour's Light

The beginning of the series. Organisation 13 invades a world that appears to be in the very centre of all worlds, with relatively easy access to all, and harbouring the largest variety of beings of all worlds. To save their world, seven young heroes from around the world unite and and become the world's greatest hope, attacking the Organisation's fortress. It is not until they find Two young and unusal Nobodies that their team is complete and their goal is realised.

Valour Guardians 1: Fright of the Keyblade bearer

Roxas is reaching breakdown point as the world continues to treat him like dirt. Determined to make him happy, the rest of the Guardians send him to the Xioalin Temple with Rai. However, all their work is put at risk of failure when the Fright Knight returns to the mortal world and consumes Roxas in his greatest fear.

VG2: Sorceress at Magic School

When dark magical creatures attack the surface world near a wizardry school, Gwen, Namine, Jake and Rai investigate the situation and offer assistance to the school. However, along with a jealous witch and an over excited wizard, they must also face the most powerful and evil supreme wizard ever to walk the Earth. And to make matters worse, he's stolen power from Gwen.

VG3: Blast to the Past

When Albedo returns to Earth and tries to destory Ben, he and three other Guardians are blown into the past. His to be exact. Being forced to mix with his past self and family, along with Hex and the Huntsclan out to destroy them, Ben and the others are about to see just how much Ben has matured. Meanwhile, back in the present, Albedo's impersonating Ben, Gwen's in a coma and a dark and dangerous power is approaching fast.

VG4: The Conspiracy

Category: Dragonball Z

On a trip to the city, Gohan runs across an attack on a company building. The attacker turns out to be a meta human calling himself Justiman. However, there is more to the situation than it seems as during a fight, Gohan is informed of imprisoned meta humans and tests on their powers. The situation becomes more severe as Gohan is captured and a face of his past is revealed, one that's looking specifically for revenge on the young hybrid and his family. To make matters worse, the black water mist is released upon those who can do the most damage. No matter how this ends, there will be a horrific price.

VG5: Rise of Maleficent

Category: Kingdom Hearts

Maleficent comes to the world, along with her allies and army of Heartless, and wages war upon it, taking over much more viciously and successfully than even the Organisation had. Sora and his friends follow her, however they are shot down and in all of the chaos, they and the Guardians end up warring on each other. By the time they clear the air, many Guardians have been captured and the world has fallen. With their confidence gone with their captured friends, the remaining heroes must join forces and make things right before Maleficent finds the power she truly seeks and becomes unstoppable: The ultimate power.

VG6: The Charm, The Duck and The Red X

Category: Kingdom Hearts and American Dragon crossover

Though they and the world have forgotten that the Valour Guardians every existed, Charmcaster has provent hat it can not be said for every individual. Determined to ensure such a threat to her never rises again, she plans to track them all down an eliminate them, starting with Jake. To do so, she teams up with the Dark Dragon, helping him to unleash chaos upon the entire Dragon Order as payment. However, when Danny and Gohan are drawn to the fight, Charmcaster is forced to take the fight to another world at random. Disney Town. There, the Guardians will have to unite with old friends they forgot they had and new alike as not only Charmcaster sets out to cause chaos and destruction, but a mysterious thief no one can identify refuses to be ignored and Pete makes a rather annoying comeback.

Meanwhile, back in their home world, the Dark Dragon continues with his plan uninterrupted and his target is clear. By the time he is done, the Dragon High Council will be dead. And everyone will think Jake did it.

More will be added later

DBZ Sumary

As stated before, the powers of all the characters have been weakened and altered a little to fit the reality of this series. As such, no one has the power to destroy a planet by themselves, something that must be remembered where the Saiyans are involved.

Goku was sent to Earth as a baby, however he was followed by a teenaged Pasha, allowing him and Gohan to have a better understanding of their heritage as the two pure bloods would meet after Goku accidentally killed his grandfather. Pasha followed him due to her team leader's, Bardock, last wish to keep him safe when Frieza came to slaughter their race. As it wasn't done by their planet blowing up, many Saiyans survived and fled, but are scattered, unaware of who was left and where they were.

Vegeta came to Earth partly to flee from Frieza and partly to take over an rule, only to be stopped by the Z Fighters. After frequently fighting and losing to Goku, he eventually developed a respect for him and let his urge to conquer be replaced, first by the desire to be Goku and then to protect the people of Earth as he developed a grudging fondness for them, more or less like the actual DBZ series.

Pasha died in battle protecting the Earth, but not before meeting Hercule and giving birth to Videl.

The Dragon balls did exist while Kami was around, however, much like the characters, their powers were greatly limited, such as they did not have the power to revive the dead or undo a world full of damage. As such, though Gohan might comment on them once in a while and Dende may make more later, there was no use for them previously or presently in the series. As for Kami, he is at the funeral in VG4, but that is his only appearance in the series. originally, he was going to be seen fusing with Piccolo in VG5, however, the scene got cut out due to all the changes that occurred to the plot. It hasn't been mentioned in VG6 either because the event that caused it has been erased from everyone's memory, though it will probably be mentioned later on.


My version of this was created long before Birth By Sleep was released, so mine is naturally different from the actual Kingdom Hearts series. Roxas is Ventus. As Mickey said, he is Ventus' heart and soul in a different body. His amnesia and experiences allowed him to develop a little bit of a different personality, but this will all still exist inside the complete Ventus.

He is capable of using two Keyblades because his body is from Sora and still very connected, as are the two hearts. However, without his true body or his memories, Roxas is incapable of even knowing how much power he has, let alone how to access it, as is hinted in VG1 and revealed in VG5.

The Avatar And The Phoenix Series

Category: Crossover: Avatar The Last Airbender and Kim Possible

(A crossover involving Avatar, The Last Airbender, Kim Possible, X men Evolution, American Dragon and Ubos, Ultimate Book Of Spells)

Aang is warned by Avatar Roku that an ancient, destructive cosmic creature known as The Phoenix will shortly arrive and warns him to run and hide. He does so, taking everyone who was supposed to fight in the invasion underground, but before they are ready, the Phoenix attacks him and their mixing cosmic energies take them to another world where he meets and is taken in by the Possibles. However, when they discover that the Phoenix has taken over Jim, and all those who could help are disappearing wherever it apears, Aang and Tim must travel the world with any help they can find in hopes of saving him and everyone else before the Phoenix destroys everything, just as Roku and Xavier foresee.

This story might become a trilogy, but that will depend on whether or not people tell me tell me to continue it.

Alternamorphs: The Return Of The Hyena

Warren is YOU from Alternamorphs, The First Journey. Warren was in action with the other Animorphs up to the battle at the Yeerk Pool, however, he had a heart condition and a defibrillator was implanted in his chest. as metal doesn't morph with you, he could no longer fight alongside the others. depressed from both that and his family's history with the genetic disease, he went off with his uncle for a year. The story follows him we he returns, at the end of the David trilogy, around the time Alternamorphs 2 is set, starting with saving David from being trapped as a rat. His story will the others, but he also has some of his own as he slowly comes back into the morphing power, develops his bonds with the others and finds his place on the team as their psychologist.

Megamorphs: The Wizarding World

Category: Harry Potter and Animorphs crossover

(Set in Deathly Hallows and after my Alternamorphs version of Animorphs #23. However, Warren is only mentioned in passing once or twice, so his existence can be ignored if you haven't read that story)

Erek informs the Animorphs that the Yeerks have discovered the English Wizarding world, the largest gathering of witches, wizards and magical creatures in the world by far. The Yeerks are in the beginning phases of setting up within it, but are going slow both due to magic disrupting and short curcuiting technology and because the magical world's in the middle of a war with adark wizard and his army and they don't want to risk so many Yeerks dying so as to not blow their cover. they are only taking a few here and there until the war is over, at which time they'll infest all of the Muggleborns being thrown in Azkaban, all the students and teachers at Hogwarts and all of the Ministry at Yeerk Pools being built or hovering over each place.

If this were to happen, the world, and every other, would be Doomed to infestation. knowing that they can't let that happen and unable to fight on multiple fronts, the Animorphs make a risky decision to not only tell wizards they feel they can trust about the Yeerks, but give them the power to morph. they decide that the best place to creat a new team is Hogwarts, where they could protect the children. It proves difficult however, just to find the castle and the right people, much less watch them for three days, ignoring both the magical and Yeerk threats around them. And by the time that's done, they realise that another two near impossible missions must be accomplished for anyone to have a chance in the wizarding world's three way war: someone on the outside must be able to deal with the Yeerk plans along with help against Voldemort and the innocents and soliders within Azkaban must be freed before they are lost.

(Another story will be written later focusing only on the wizard Animorphs at least until around the end. Megamorphs is that story's beginning.)


Neville: Alligator, Bison, Rat, Owl

Seamus: Fox, Maned Wolf, Mountain Goat, Rat, Cat, Owl

Ginny: Possum, Cougar, Rat, Owl

Luna: Alligator, Rat, Cat, Owl

Ernie: African Warthog, Chimpanzee, Rat, Cat, Tebo

Anthony: Painted Wolf, Wolverine, Bowtruckle, Blaise Zabini, Niffler, Jobberknoll

Blaise: Cornish Pixie, Augurey, Clabbert, Jarvey

Harry: Alligator, Stag, Owl, Anaconda, fly, mouse

Hermione: Otter, Owl, Cheetah, fly, mouse

Ron: Owl, Polar Bear, fly, mouse

Justin: Red Kite, Cape Buffalo, fly, mouse, chameleon

Morphs will be added as they are acquired.

The stories below are currently on hiatus. Sorry, but I'm only gonna right them when I feel the urge to. These are more epic than the individual parts of my series and I don't want to force the ideas and ruin them. Sorry to the people reading them, but their updates will randomly start and stop for unknown amounts of time.

Hard Paths and New Horizons

TJ discovers he's gay and unfortunately only Gus isn't disgusted. When the school finds out, he moves away and meets the Rugrats group. With them he finds acceptance and the strength to deal with his challenges. Something that comes in handy as both Coocoo lady and the no recess movement are back and only one thing is on their minds: revenge. Both TJ's new and old friends must unite if any hope to repeat their past success.

Crossing Destinies

Actions destabilising the balance of the worlds causes the Tamers to be sucked into the world of the digidestined. With enemies of both teams after them, the heroes come together to protect the world, bonding and learning from each other along the way as they search for a way to return the tamers to where they belong.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Heaven and Hell by Xyex reviews
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Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 76 - Words: 281,905 - Reviews: 200 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 5/25 - Published: 9/4/2007 - Goku, Vegeta, Bardock, OC
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