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Author has written 4 stories for Sailor Moon, and Naruto.

Name: Caitlin.

Age: 14, though it doesn't matter at all.

Why I love to write: It is limitless. You can describe anything, with a long and detailed enough description. There is something so blissfully enrapturing about a well written novel. Something so wonderful about a story that keeps you reading, not too complicated but well woven enough to make you wonder what's happening next, and be both pleased and shocked by the twist and turns that the tale tells. Writing bypasses any trouble you may have in speaking to people. Any confidence problems, are eradicated, for nobody can hear your silent scriptures. Writing is an amazing thing, that can tell of anything that is relative to anything else. I am personally fascinated with language itself, and its structures. I believe that no amount of study will make you fluent in a language, only experience, or a combination of the two. Language is not something to be studied, like History, but something to be praised and enjoyed and naturally learned. Almost like tying your shoes, though a bit more difficult!

Why I love fanfiction: It allows me to play with characters that aren't necessarily my own. I personally believe Masashi Kishimoto created a wonderful world, that had thousands of wondrous possibilities within it. I also believe the characters are amazing people, complicated and realistic in personality. Beyond anything I could construct! It is fantastic to have the freedom to play with it.

What to expect from my writing:

Depressive scenes, and many of them. However, I probably won't have an unhappy ending. If that relieves you, like! Because I can't stand sadness. Stories with a very sad ending, such as Live to Hate, Hate to Live (Naruto Fanfiction) really upset me, to the point of where I actually start crying and sobbing. I really hate sad endings! So expect perhaps misfortune, but eventually contentment.

Romance! I adore romance, I'm a big fat sucker for it. After finally managing to hold down a firm, sweet relationship, it does become apparent how necessary romance is for everyday life with someone you love.

Unintentional Out of Character scenes. I do really try to keep them in character, but sometimes my imagination gets carried away with what I'd like to happen, but what is really unrealistic. I try my best to not stray too far away from a characters real personality, but it does happen. Forgive me!

Hating OC characters. Sometimes I want them there for plot. But generally I despise them. I even more so despise MARY SUES. I absolutely HATE the perfect new characters, especially if they have Neko features. Please never do it, folks!

Scenes of pointless description. I love the English language, and each and every one of its 45,000 words. That includes 'hairy.' I think the manner in which the words can be strung together is limitless! Words are fabulous, sentences are great. I think people underestimate a good long description.

I think it is pointless for me to go into further detail about myself! There really is nothing important except my writing. I have lead a strange life so far and it will get weirder and stranger as it carries on. But I have enjoyed it, that is true, without a doubt. I think as long as there is more life to come, we should take it.

I will state one thing about myself. I hate people who self harm. I hate emos. I hate them. I think you are pitiful things, whether you are doing it for attention or because you believe your life is that bad. Yes, sure, life can get very hard. But no matter, there is someone who cares for you and would not want you to hurt yourself. Surely that is attention enough? Self harm is a pathetic way of expressing that you want help. Be brave enough to do it in words. You are puny, pathetic things. More than anything, however, I believe suicide is the most cowardly of all. People will cry over your death. Whether you want that or not, it is disgusting that you would place yourself above so many others, ruin their lives for some pathetic “relief” that you will never feel. As the saying goes,

“In life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double, don't worry... be happy!”

Judgemental people are annoying too. I enjoy thrash metal, such as Megadeth, Slayer, early Metallica. And Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy. I also love Japanese artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Yui, Ikimono Gakari, FLOW, Supercell, The GazettE, Utada Hikaru, Marty Friedman, Nico Touches the Walls, Inoue Joe, The Mass Missile, Orange Range, Akeboshi, others. Please do not call someone emo because their music may be portrayed as so. People are entitled to like what they want to, and its a bit unfair if you judge based on that.

I'm rambling! Enough about me.

I hope you enjoy whatever I may write, please review, I have a big exam in January and I'd rather not fail! Constructive criticism is more than welcome, its requested, in fact. Thank you! ] x

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