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NAME: Alex Haley Fernandez (I want it to be Efron though...or maybe Pattinson...or Welling...I crush on ALOT of guys, it's almost like I have no morals...)

Age: I'm in my confusing time...

FAVOURITE TV SHOWS: (IN ORDER) - Let's see..., One tree hill, Gilmore Girls,90210, BRITANNIA HIGH, Gossip Girl, Friends, Drake and Josh and Malcolm in the Middle

FAVE MOVIE: Twilight, HSM3 and A Cinderella Story

FAVE BAND/SINGER: JONAS BROTHERS (GO JOE-GO JOE-GO JOE-GO JOE) but I can't resist some PARAMORE. Actually, I like anything interests me for about 20 seconds.

BOOK: TWILIGHT (I wanna be the lamb)

SONG: Hmmm, I guess I'd have to say either Love Story by Taylor Swift or Decode by Paramore. I love Mute Math, Muse and I whole other stuff. I even love Dolly Parton...

Favourite Couples:

TWILIGHT - EDWARD/BELLA, JACOB/LEAH (I never got the Nessie thing)

ONE TREE HILL: BRUCAS AND NALEY all the way - I love P.Sawyer and all but she's better off with Jake . Plus, she'd be so sweet Jenny's stand-in mother.

GILMORE GIRLS: I have a thing for blondes so probably Tristan/Rory or Logan/Rory. I want Finn all to myself. Or Jess.

GOSSIP GIRL: CHUCK/BLAIR, SERENA/NATE, DAN/VANESSA: They are all fit for each other. first couple with the evilness, second couple with the lost soul persona abd the third couple for their sarcasm and lack of upper east side-ness (if you ever hear this sentence, I MADE IT UP, my BFF copied it. Sorry, Chanelle, I had to!)

High School Musical: Troyella, Zekepay, Chaylor, Ryelsi

REAL LIFE: Nelena, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (or maybe with ME). Elle, don't kill me but I find Taylor Lautner and Alyson Stoner so cute! I also like Cody Linley/Miley Cyrus and Zanessa.

A Salute to High School Musical:
On January 20th, 2006, a movie came out. It wasn't just any Disney movie but High School Musical. On top of having a cast of fresh, talented, (and hot) stars, it had a decent message and songs that were contagious. The movie was in fact so big, it went world wide, topped the charts, won awards, and even had teachers singing the songs. It touched the hearts and souls of countless people around the world and racked in tons of money for Disney in the form of two DVDs, a soundtrack, posters, shirts, bags, and not to mention more publicity. High School Musical... some may say it's childish to like a Disney movie so much, but i think not. I'm proud to say i loved the movie, and would like to say Happy Third Year Anniversary HSM.

If you're a High School Musical fan and proud, copy this and paste it, or at least show some appreciation.

That's what you get:

Bella's engagement ring -

Bella's wedding dress -

Alexis' maid of honour dress -

Alice, Rosalie and Angela's bridesmaid dresses -

Selena, Ashley and Demi's bridesmaid dresses -

Angela's daughter Melinda's flower girl dress -


Alex Haley

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