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I'm just a regular fangirl out there who enjoys reading and writing fanfics. My favorite types are romance with good characterization, interesting plots, and good lemon scenes. I write mostly for YGO and Pokemon since those are my favorite fandoms. I also like both Yaoi/Heto/Yuri. My writings are often "what if' sitiuations that sometimes try to explain the plotholes of some things. I also having a recurring theme of connecting the past with the present. I don't know why that happens, its just something I like to do

Here is what I will and will not read/write for 5D's

I will not read OC fanfics or write them. I have no use for OCs and prefer to read about the characters I know and love. And given the fact that most OCs are Mary Sues or otherwise could have a canon character filling their role just as nicely that turns me off even more. I find your sparkly sue who is sister of Yusei and in love with one of the Team Satisfaction despicable and uncreative. Very rarely do I find I good OC fic. Speaking of OCs, I will not read OC fics set X amount of years in the future with a retold story of canon with brand new Signers. No, just no. Why copy canon like that? Its pointless and if I wanted to see a story like that I would watch the actual canon itself.

ETA: Best way to contact me is through IM, I am reachable through YIM: popbluegrl, AIM: Lethal Rainbowss and MSN:

I will write both heterosexual pairings and homosexual pairings. Although I do hold a preference for many homosexual pairings(for example, the Team Satisfaction OT4) I also like straight couples. But I won't write about character's suddenly hooking up and getting married after a short time. Unrealistic, especially when many of the characters are uninterested in romance to begin with. One of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s core messages is about friendship, not romance.

I tend to find dueling in fanfiction boring. This is not an insult to any writer who does write duels, this is just personal taste. I prefer to skip over dueling whenever possible. But I will read fanfiction with dueling, but I tend to skim over it.

My favorite types of stories is exploring situations not shown or covered in canon. For instance, Team Satisfaction's beginnings as a team. With good writing and a decent amount of headcanon behind you, you could write a decent story about it. Its actually a disappointment not to see Team Satisfaction's beginnings not written in fanfiction.

I will read anything from light fluffy happy times to dark and non con sex. As long as the characterization is good and the characters are recognizable I will read it. I will however not read songfics or poetry. I do know that this a recognized types of fanfics, but I do not like them.

I do not write/read fanfiction that bashes characters or pairing unless it is a parody. Each character deserves respect even poorly written ones such as Aki and Crow.

I won't beta read. Many apologies, but due to other online and offline commitments I barely have time to write fanfic. Much less proofread someone else's. There are plenty of beta's around here and they are more then willing to read your writing. I also very rarely leave reviews because of time constraints unless you ask me beforehand.

My favorite pairings are the Team Satisfaction OT4(with any combination used), MikagexUshio, DivinexAki, JackxCarly, and the scientist Trio.

If however, other pairings are done rather spectacularly, I will read them.

My community for 5D's is to showcase the best 5D's fanfiction on this site. It is so that people have a place to easily find good 5D's fanfiction without having to spend their valuable time looking for it. PMing or emailing me asking to place your fanfiction in there is not acceptable.

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