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Okay, I am an Anime FREAK!!

Who doesn't like anime?? Losers, that's who.


Here's a little bit about a box!


Yaoi Yaoi Yaoi!

I like to draw anime people.

Write Stories. I do that alot lately

hm... Reading.

Surfing the Internet.

I LOVE Watching YouTube Videos!

Deviantart is spiffy.

I love to play video games.

Final Fantasy- 7. 8. 9. 10. 10-2. i dont like number 12 for some reason

By the way Crisis Core rocks. - ZACK FAIR IS MINE!!

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Broken Angel. I cannot beat that stinking crab! i keep killing poor Edward. haha. im challenged.

I own Growlanser- but i havent gotten very far to determine if i like it.

I like online games such as: Gaia. Maple Story. Wonderland. and others.

DDR is fun.

Anime. TV.

Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children.

General Hospital.I watch it because Cloud's Voice Actor-Steve Burton- is in it. HE IS SEXY!! AND I LOVE HIS VOICE! whoo go Steve!

Fullmetal Alchemist.


Eureka Seven.

Code Geass.

Blood +.

Family Guy. not anime but i like the show a lot.

Rumbling Hearts.


Vampire Knight.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Peach Girl.

Sailor Moon.

Fullmetal Panic!

Ufo Ultramaiden Valkyrie.

Fruits Basket.

Rossario + Vampire.

Card Captor Sakura.

DN Angel.

Death Note.

Howl's Moving Castle.

Spirited Away.

The Wallflower.





Story of Saiunkoku.

Ceres: Celestial Legend a.k.a Ayashi no Ceres

Moon Phase. ... there's a whole bunch more. lol but i dont think i can name them all... IM SORRY!! -; sweatdrop

if i put one up here more than once, i'm sorry

I listen to a little bit of everything, but mainly Rock and Classical. Opera is good. sometimes

Atreyu. Within Temptation.


Hollywood Undead.

Claude Debussy. For when I'm reading Twilight


Piano Solos.

I enjoy listening to anime theme songs and Japanese Music.

Angela Aki.



Utada Hikaru.

Ayumi Hamasaki.

Nana Kitade.

Namie Arumo.

Yuna Ito.

Do As Infinity.



High and Mighty Color. ... there's a lot more to this category also. Nyuk Nyuk :)

I like to read.


New Moon.


Breaking Dawn.

Blue Bloods.

Etc. Any book with mythical creatures, wolves, vampiresespecially Vampires and magic. I love those categories. -

I'm a sucker for the romance stuff. Mushy crap and all. hehe.

I'm not too fond of Sci-Fi stuff, it just depends.

I also read alot of manga.

Absolute Boyfriend.

Platinum Garden.

Fruits Basket.

Tail of the Moon.

Under the Full Moon.

Pearl Pink. ...Continued on my Bookshelf hohohohoho.

Once again... Romance.

My favorite types of movies would be romance and action... I guess.

I like musicals and comedy, but when it comes to animation...

--Starry-Eyed-- that stuff's the best.

I can carry on a full-length conversation talking about nothing but Anime Boys.


I am in love with the following:

--In Alphabetical Order--

-Alphonse Elric-Full Metal Alchemist

-Axel-Kingdom Hearts 2

-Ayame Sohma-Fruits Basket

-Dark Mousy-DN Angel

-Edward Elric-Full Metal Alchemist But I Gave My Friend Permission To Have Him lol...

-Hiro Nakano-Gravitaion THANK YOU NIKI!! hehe


-Kadaj-Final Fantasy:Advent Children Cloud Is Starting To Grow On Me

-Kurz Weber-Full Metal Panic! Ahh, Vic Mignogna's Amazing Sexy Voice //0//

-Nova-Bleach He's Shy...And SOOO CUTE! KAWAII!

-RENJI ABARAI-Bleach Notice The Caps heh

-Sesshomaru-InuYasha He Is Very Sexy... do you not agree??

-Zack Fair-Final Fantasy: Crisis Core THANK YOU NIKI! hehe. she's the one who told me about him.

Zack, Dark, Renji, and Sesshomaru are my top favs.

I WILL fight for them. -


There are additional characters to this but i didn't want to have to name them all.

If you have Any questions... then, in the words of Kadaj ...

I've got answers.

Ask Away...

I really would take the time to name every single book, and anime show I like, but... that would be waaaayyy too much reading.



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