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NOTICE: 2/13/14

The status of the series has been updated. It's been a long while, and there's a lot to explain, so I've made a youtube video for it:

If you know anyone who's given up on the series, please pass this around to them. I want as many of my readers to see this as possible. It's long, but the gist of it can be picked up in the last 5 minutes or so.

Hope you're all doing well,


Vekin87 here! Just a college student doing my best to provide you guys with a continuation to JK's amazing Harry Potter series! For more information, and for the ability to discuss my series online with other readers, here's a link to my authentic tongue-and-cheek facebook page! Created by an overly enthusiastic girlfriend:

What's more, someone has awesomely made a TV trope page for my stories. I believe that anyone can contribute and add tropes, so for those of you who think ya know my books well enough, the link is below! And a very big thank you to whoever did it in the first place!

And now, we also finally have a forum! Feel free to discuss the series and everything related to it here:

Also, the first 6 books are now available for download!

Google Drive:



Also, several people have noted that I don't really have a lot of information on my profile, and I just wanted to say that this has nothing to do with privacy, or anything of the sort. It is strictly laziness. As I'm between books however, I think it's okay to say a little about myself.

Name: Kevin M.

Ethnicity: White

Location: Pennsylvania

Current age: 20

Religion/Beliefs: Though I don't directly associate myself with any particular Christian Denomination, I do read and try to follow the Bible, which I believe surpasses any doctrine or creed that stems from it.

Hobbies: Reading and writing. I enjoy playing guitar, and have done so for about 4 years now. I'm moderately athletic, but only really play basketball. I have an extreme envy for anyone who cna sing or draw, which I believe are among the most amazing abilities in the world. I'm also an avid videogamer. Some of my favorite games include the Bioschock series, the Metal Gear series, and the original Playstation 1 Spyro the Dragon games. I understand the craze that is Call of Duty, but I am awful at it and this dissasociate myself from it. I'm also better at Guitar Hero than anyone should legally be allowed to be.

Favorite Tv Shows: The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, Death Note (actually informed of this little treat by someone who was comparing a character to one of mine, thanks for the info!), and Sons of Anarchy, among others.

Favorite music: I have a very eclectic taste that mostly ranges from classic rock to modern alternative. Some random favorites are the Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin, Florence the Machine, Pearl Jam, Nas, and Arcade Fire.

Favorite Movies: Way too many, I'll just list some randomly. The Crow, Blood Diamond, Liar Liar, Mrs. Doubtfire, the Star Wars series, and Pirates of the Carribean series (but mostly the first two installments).

Favorite books: Harry Potter, obviously. I honestly think I could major in Harry Potter. I can recite the chapters for the all of the books in their chronological order, bar maybe a mistake or two in books 4 and 5. My second favorite book is probably Holes by Louis Sachar, a childhood favorite. I also loved The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, Animal Farm, and the Glass Castle, which are all personal favorites of mine. I personally don't really like the style of writing in the Twilight series, but Stephanie Meyer's other book, The Host, was very good once you get into it, and I encourage others uninterested in Twilight to give it a chance.

Favorite foods: I'll throw out a relatively accurate statistic and say that about 80% of what you guys have read was written while I had a plate of pickles, a bowl of Ramen, or a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream right by my side. I LOVE eating, I think that food critics have the best job in the world. Bizzarely, however, considering how much I eat, I am still very thin.

As for personal life, I have a lovely girlfriend named Yelena, who I've been with for quite a bit now. She created the aforementioned facebook page for me (under a fake profile) because she is extremely proud of my work and the attention it's recieved, despite having never read it ("I'll get around to it!", she says XD). I also have an older brother who doubles as a Beta.

In terms of where I'd like to go, I am immensely interested in psychology, but I feel that writing is my true passion. Though it is extremely unrealistic considered my financial situation and the difficulty of getting published, I'd love to be a writer one day, and I actually have several original stories in mind, though I will wait until after my Albus Potter series is over to write them.

I'd also just like to let everyone know how extremely important their readership is to me. I can not stress enough the impact it has on a writer to know that their work is appreciated, and to see how far some of you guys have come with me sometimes gives me chills. I can remember sitting down to write "The Sorting" at the age of 16, and thinking that I was going to abandon the book half way through, but it is YOUR readership that has supported me, and ultimately helped me to grow as a writer. Whether you've reviewed or not is entirely irrelevant, these are YOUR stories, and you should be every bit as proud of them as I am!

So that's me in a nutshell : )

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