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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, Camp Rock, Supernatural, and Twilight.

Hello, dear readers/visitors! This is my profile and thank you for stopping by!

I'm pretty much new to actually WRITING the fanfics and not orginally stories that no one but me sees and reads, so it's a bit weird. I feel so bad that I've read so many great stories over the past couple of years but I can't remember them so that they can be on my Favorite Stories/Authors lists. :( Oh well. My favorite fanfics are Harry Potter and Supernatural, but I branch off at times to Hey Arnold! and other fics.

Fave Harry Potter pairs (in order):

A lion and a snake (Sorry. Can't give out what pair this one is, but I gave you big clues!)

Draco and Hermione (It's cute, but I haven't read it in a while and I doubt I'll turn back... Let's see what the future brings!)

Draco and Ginny (only once in a while)

Harry and Hermione (I actually don't read this pairing anymore, but it was the first kind of fanfics I read.)

Ron and Hermione (only as a side pairing, really)

Blaise and Hermione (side pairing)

Favorite Hey Arnold! pairs (in order):

Arnold and Helga (Duh! It's so perfect!)

Gerald and Phoebe (only as a side pairing)

Harold and Rhonda (side pairing, rarely)

I am in the process of being part of 1 long fanfic (I think it's more now...), though many others aren't posted yet but soon will be.

1. The Making of a Birdhouse Extra Notes

Wow. I can honestly say that I am astounded at the amount of enthusiasm and reviews that I am getting for this story. The reviews make me want to sing and dance! I'm so excited! Don't stop reviewing, readers! It really makes authors appreciate their work! I noticed that one person (maybe more?) put a story alert for this fanfiction and I am sad to say that this is just a one-shot. I don't want to screw up the story with non-essential chapters. I hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as I loved thinking and finally writing about it. I have more to say, but I think it's all jibberish. So thank you all for reading and reviewing!

I will be posting more Camp Rock fanfics. I also think it weird when I write about Connect Three (aka the Jonas Brothers) since I'm not really a fan of theirs. But my best friend just happens to be obsessed with them, so who am I to deny that I have a curiosity about them? And just so you know, I have never read a CR/JB fanfic either. So if I happen to have something that seems like I stole the idea, I honestly didn't.

I will also put other Harry Potter fanfics (since I absolutely love HP), but those will probably be one/two-shots, unless I get plots in my head... And I don't promise a lot of HP fics, but you never know!

Other stories to come are Twilight fanfics. Of course, they are Edward/Bella, but I have taken many twists and turns that make them incredibly unique for a Twilight fanfic (I think so anyway. I haven't read any Twilight fanfics before...) I actually have the first two chapters typed out for one of them but I want to make sure it's want I want it to be... so yeah! Look out for it!

And if you have been here before, you have probably noticed that I have deleted some of my stories. I just didn't think they were up to my standards at all. I just need to put up the stories I've already written up that I think may actually be worth something. Hehe. Sorry if you were interested in the deleted fics! ducks head

And I have some chapters typed out but I'm scared to post them... I will eventually, but yeah. After final exams, then I'll really update this profile and post stories galor!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

UPDATE (June 10th, 2009)

Yea! I re-posted my HP b-day fanfic because I loved it sooo much! It really relates to how I felt when I turned 17. Hehe.

I finally posted a Twilight fanfic, but it isn't one of the original ones I mentioned earlier. It's the one that already had 2 chaps written. Hehe. I'll be sure to try and post the 2nd chap and the other Twilight fics soon. Love you guys for reading and reviewing. It means a lot.

UPDATE (June 28th, 2009)

Yea! I posted up the 2nd chapter of "Can This Last?" I really want to get my other Twilight fic posted because I think more people will be interested in that one... But it will be a little confusing...

R.I.P. Michael Jackson, my favorite artist ever. I'm still a wreck...

I adore Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and Ne-Yo as well. I really like Staind and Boyz II Men too... Just if anyone wanted to know my taste in music. My genres are mainly alternative rock and R&B but I listen to other stuff as well.

I really need to clean up this profile... It's a mess... Has anyone else noticed just how LONG the character list for Harry Potter has gotten on this site?! I think it's quite hilarious!

UPDATE (August 13th, 2009)

I have lost my fire for writing fanfiction. (I know! How horrible!) I'm going to still try and finish up my stories I already have posted and I may just post a few new stories, but don't count on it. I like writing original stuff more and with the crap stuck in my mind, I'm just not a reliable, updating author and I apologize for that. I've always been more of a reader on this site anyway. sighs

But don't fret! I'll be sure to post what I can later on today, such as the 3rd chapter of the Twilight "Can This Last?" and an updated chapter on my previous one-shot but now going-on-two-shot story Supernatural "Inevitability."

Thanks guys for reading and reviewing! It means a lot to me and makes me want to update!... Especially reviews!

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