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Author has written 19 stories for Naruto, One Piece, MÄR, Ouran High School Host Club, Misc. Anime/Manga, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Bleach.

Attention, MAR fans! Did you know...

That Phantom is a zombie? Obviously you did. Therefore, he is dead. He has no blood flow, and therefore can't a) produce living sperm, and b) 'get it up'. If he were in any sexual relationship, he would have to be on the recieving end, as it were.

He has been a zombie for over six years. He was also held captive in solitary confinement in Caldea for ten years. He is thirty years old. Any daughter of his would have to have been conceived in the three-four year window when he was not either in prison or dead. This would make her about two in the first WAR Games, and eight during the second.

Alma is the best candidate for this girl's mother. Alma has blue eyes, and Phantom has purple, a variant of blue. Going by the laws of genetics, blue eyes is a recessive allele, so someone with blue eyes must not have an allele for brown. This gives our daughter blue eyes, as that is all that could be passed on by both parents. Hair is subject to anime-law, as Alma has green hair and Phantom has purple-silver, both of which are colours not found in nature, therefore we can't tell which would be dominant. The daughter's skin would be pale, and she would likely have a slender frame, curvy but not overly so. Of course, her overall body shape would be dependent on outside factors.

This daughter of Phantom would either have been raised with Alma's relatives after Alma's own death, or with the Chess Pieces. For the sake of this argument, let's say she went to the Chess. She would have been raised according to their values- fed their philosphy from the time she was in the cradle.

She would HATE the Cross Guards. Think about it- they killed her father, her playmates, and a lot- if not most- of her family. She would not rest until every last Cross Guard was dead. She would work every bone in her eight-year-old body to ensure their destruction. Even if she were of the age to be thinking about love, she would not let herself fall in love with a Cross Guard (read: Alviss). She would kill him first. She's ruthless, you see, like her daddy.

This daughter of Phantom is a well-reasoned individual. She is plausible.

What other daughters of Phantom make such sense?

Warning: May Contain Nuts

Welcome to our page. You are almost definitely here for one of three reasons:

One: You liked one of our stories and thus came here to read some more. If so, congrats! All you have to do to get your desired reading material is scroll to the bottom of the page, ya lucky thing.

Two: You were curious about the name. If so, scroll down to the information section.

Three: You're hopelessly lost. If so, DO NOT PANIC. Stay calm and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on a story. When you finish it, everything will be all right again. Isn't that great?



We live in the garden city of New Zealand, right next to Te Kete Wananga O Ihutai. Good luck finding out where that is. We're currently students at high school, and live in a tiny wee flat. We are the proud owners of several canaries, with weird names such as Zombie, Homer, Bigwig and Jam Donut. We are owned by our Cat, a regal tortoiseshell named Mali, and we are annoyed by our budgie. In revenge, we called him Clipper.

We are sisters, though not quite twins. That would've been cool... LGL's name means 'queen of the deer', and LBL's name means 'pure maiden from the ash meadow'. We know this because LBL has several books full of names and their meanings.

Our avatar is a piece of art done by Lady Bad Luck, for a school project. (It's long since been lost, though she's kept the creepy surrealist style.) It's of her avatar for the current art project, who is like a caricature of Bad Luck, only either faceless or never shown in full. Don't ask us why it has black scleras, it just happened. Lady Bad Luck likes drawing creepy stuff a lot, you see.

And finally, the name. Once upon a time, the ladies were talking about anthropomorphic personifications. This is when people give naturally occurring phenomena a personality and a vaguely human shape. Examples are Jack Frost, the Grim Reaper, and (sorta) the Easter Bunny. We got to talking about Lady Luck, and where most people think that she's a single entity, we reckon that she is sorta two bodies for two halves of a mind and two halves of a phenomenon. Therefore the cuter Lady became Lady Good Luck, because people think she's the benevolent one, and the creepier Lady became Lady Bad Luck, because she is very good at looking malevolent.

Lady Good Luck's Part

Permanent Disclaimer: I do not own any of the fandoms I write for, and you'd better pray that none of them ever come into my ownership (unless, of course, you actually like the pairings I write. However, I highly doubt that anyone does, so yeah).


Lady Bad Luck's Part

Permanent Disclaimer: Apart from my original plotlines, and any mentioned OCs and original geography, I do not, will not, and have never owned anything to do with the stories I write fanfiction for. They belong to their respective authors/owners.


Lady Bad Luck, Kemmasandi, and Kasimira are all names I answer to. Unfortunately, my real name doesn't sound nearly as cool as those. I am newly sixteen- it's not nearly all it's cracked up to be, although I now have an excuse to read smut on the interwebz and not get yelled at by my mother.

My favourite thing in the world to do (besides read, write and draw) is to ride around Haven City in the guise of a small furry creature- on a missile, and shoot Freedom Leaguers off into space and blow up hovercars in midair. This is part of a mission on Jak 3, one of my favourite PS2 games and the thing that got me into fanfiction in the first place.

I seem to have taken over this account as of late, as my little sister, Lady Good Luck, has gone back to her other accounts of Finding-Emo and Dolly H. Queequeg. Right now she is speaking cat-mush to the air; one wonders if she has gone insane.

My main fandoms now are MAR, Bleach, Shaman King, Death Note, and a little-known manga called Pumpkin Scissors. I have written for Pumpkin Scissors and MAR, and am planning a couple of fics for Bleach. Their plotlines are put together by me, my sister, my inner child (who seems to be a hermaphrodite somewhere between the ages of sixteen and six), and my various Muses, who sometimes steal hours of my life to hijack my body and draw/write/plan things.

Due to having an architect for a mother, buildings and environments are one of my areas of interest. New Zealand history, especially the land wars, is another interest, and so is reading maps. That particular habit has helped me out on more than a few pop quizzes in school.

My lone complaint in life is that my little sister has bigger boobs than I do.

Um... yeah.

I'm quite proud of my writings; please do check them out and tell me what you think.


Characters my inner child finds fascinating:

(Bleach)- Renji Abarai, Kenpachi Zaraki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Ikkaku Madarame, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Sajin Komamura, Kukaku Shiba, Ganju Shiba, Hanataro Yamada, Ulquiorra, Nnoitra, Nel Tu and her brothers

(MAR)- Alan, Peta, Danna Toramizu, Diana, Nanashi

(Pumpkin Scissors)- Randel Orland

(Shaman King)- Tao Ren, Mikihisa Asakura, Anna Kyoyama

(Naruto)- Yamato, Rock Lee, Gaara

My deviantART account:

Quotes that make me laugh/cry/get angry

”Why the hell do you care at the moment? You’re ten, you’re supposed to be thinking about fighting and sports and dinosaurs and offending old people, not acting like a six-year-old girl!” --Me, upon sporking a MAR badfic. I was talking to this heinous version of a young Alviss, you see.

”OLD MAN ABUSE! Call the hotline! (Sorry, Alan, you just got lumped in with Gaira.)”--Ever noticed how the MAR fangirls always call Alan an OLD MAN? Come on, he’s only thirty or thereabouts! Chances are your own dads are years or decades older!

”Shit, ‘adult’ talk? You mean about the birds and the bees, and sex toys, and Peaches &Cream, and oh god, PORN?” -- When kids say they know about all that ‘adult talk,’ this is always my immediate thought.

”Guys!! Danna’s coming out of the closet!!” -- Again, from sporking. I liked the mental image so much I decided to use it for one of my Men At Work drabbles.

“We will win against the Chess Pieces, believe it!” declared Danna, who is secretly Naruto in disguise.”-- Sporking again. Come on, what saying is Naruto known and hated for? And seriously, they have so many similarities it isn’t funny. They should create a ‘fool-faced blondies’ club.

”You can talk the talk, but if you don’t walk the walk, then you ain’t Freddie Mercury!” -- A saying my sister is fond of. It fits in a lot of life’s dilemmas.

”A girl?! In her late thirties?!” -- Another reaction from me, re. a badfic. Come on, the general definition of a girl is a woman lower twenties or under, who has not yet had any children though the last part may be obsolete now, what with teen pregnancies and everything. Get real, people!

“Oh my God, they’ve exploded!” -- Mom. She blew up the sausages we were gonna have for lunch.

”There are two distinct fan-versions of Alviss- the calm, somewhat cool outer shell he shows to the rest of Team MAR and which may or may not go right through, and the whiny, terrified girl/boy/thing many fangirls turn him into so they can have the bishonen of their choice save him from dangers that by rights shouldn’t faze Alviss at all. I like to call this whiny version ‘Al-chan,’ and keep him separate from the real Alviss so s/he foesn’t kill him out of jealousy.” --Me, on the vastly different characterizations of Alviss the greater MAR fandom has.

“Renji’s little friend had been a Gila monster in it’s previous life. They’re poisonous.” -- Incursion, by Vivienne Grainger

"You know what I'd pay good money to see? 'Arrancars On Ice.'" -- My sister, just out of nowhere. We were talking about ballistic missiles.

Lady Bad Luck's stories:

MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance

Flowers series- Several hundred years into the future, a nuclear battle royale has changed the face of the earth forever. In Ginta Toramizu’s opinion, it’s not so bad. (AU)

-Flowers in Chaos- 9 chapters so far

-Flowers in the Storm

-Flowers for Eternity

-Flowers of Lestava

Men At Work- Cross Guard drabbles

Flight- MAR Fanfiction Incentive entry- Phantom and Diana's travels as the seeds of the Chess Pieces grew.

Turning Point- Romance drabbles

The Cat- How on earth did Chaton of all people end up in the Chess Pieces?

Silly Boy- Nanashi's girls don't like his dating habits.

Statistics- Why is a zombie seen as a sex symbol?

Across the Board- Chess Pieces drabbles

Pumpkin Scissors

Birth of a Legend- The Gespenster Jager were legends from the first.


Music To Their Ears- Some of the Gotei 13 are quite musically talented indeed. Some aren't.

Why Philosophy Is Bad For Yumichika's Health- Yachiru comes to Ken-chan with an age-old philosophical question, and he solves it in typical Kenpachi fashion- incisively.

How Not To Deal With Extra Bits- This how you shouldn't react to all those extra bits you get when you've been turned into a member of the opposite sex.

~The Logical Rules of the Zombie Tattoo~

1) Once infected, the only cure is Purificiave.

2) Patient Zero’s incubation period is three days.

3) Secondary patients, unless in close proximity to Patient Zero during their incubation period, will take six years to incubate.

4) Secondary patients in close proximity to Patient Zero will take eight years to incubate.

5) The tattoo’s powers are inherited by a patient’s descendants.

5b) The afflicted descendants first show signs of the Tattoo at around puberty; the incubation period lasts for three days

More may or may not be added at a later date.

In Lady Good Luck's opinion, the cure is worse than the curse, because it kills you. Lady Bad Luck would quite like to hang around forever as a zombie, especially if she was as good-looking as Phantom. 5 and 5b belong to 9shadowcat9, who first came up with them. 1 is explicitly stated in MAR, and Lady Bad Luck worked out 2, 3 and 4 from looking at the MAR timeline as relating to the various afflicted people.

Original Characters

Lady Bad Luck likes to draw. She also likes OCs. These tendencies often show themselves as OC character designs, for both my own characters and characters I've read abouty in fanfics. (This is only if they're interesting, however.) I'll only post the pictures on my deviantArt account if a) they're good, and b) the owner of the OC approves. Because of this compunction, most of my sketches of other peoples' OCs never see the light of day.

This is Ini Kuchiki, (Bleach) created by Vivienne Grainger, and the best Kuchiki OC I've ever seen. She's also one of the few I have permission to draw and post. (Check out Second Division Blues and Redemption, both by Vivienne Grainger, if you want to see her in action.)

My own OCs:

Alis Chiulyzha (MAR)- Short, flat-chested soldier with a penchant for sleeping around the clock. She is strong as heck, despite not having magic in a magic-ridden world, and uses her huge metabolism as an excuse to eat all the food she can get her hands on.

Abigail (MAR)- Dead in the current timeline, Abigail is a Chess Piece with a single ARM- Chaos Rules. She changes her appearance every few days, and tends to bully Rolan on accident. She likens this act to 'kicking a sick puppy.'

Ren Tsuruji (Bleach)- A female pseudohermaphrodite, Eleventh Divisioner, and sixteen years a prisoner of the Arrancars (though that last is AU-based.) He's over a hundred years old, and yet there's something interminably boyish about him. His zanpaku-to is Aoi. (He's also appeared in Redemption, by Vivienne Grainger- see my Favourites.)

Yukiya Misashi (Bleach)- Short, reminiscent of Hitsugaya, but far rougher and wilder. He's distantly related to the Shihoin family, and his skin seems to get darker every time I draw him. His zanpaku-to is Chikagami.

Shizuko Yoshihiro (Bleach)- Fourth Division, with boobs to rival Matsumoto, and an evil streak a mile wide. She specialises in psychology, like Ini, though she is still in training. Her zanpaku-to is Nanashi.

Hiro Yukimura (Bleach)- Second Division, ambitious, and with a soft spot for dead animals (meaning he tends to tear up when he sees their cold, dead corpses). His combat skills are top-notch, so don't piss him off. His zanpaku-to is Sohryu.

Kaede Watanabe (Bleach)- Second Division, Fifth Seat, and an old lady, though she doesn't look it. She's cold, and has a soft spot for Hiro. Her zanpaku-to is Hiryu.

Aki Watase (Bleach)- Student Shinigami, in the cadet program accelerating promising students at a faster program than usual. She is serious, focused, and battle-driven- it helps with this that she comes from Outer Rukongai. Her zanpaku-to is Kinjaku, a kido-type, and when released, transforms into a lead-cored javelin. When pissed, she will throw Kinjaku, to great accuracy.

Chikou Akashi (Bleach)- A Vizard, a further test subject of Aizen's, and formerly 5th seat of 5th Division, Chikou hates the colour orange above all things. Her zanpaku-to is Akushi, capable of alternately clotting your blood, draining you of it, and giving any male opponents priapism (look it up, seriously.)

More to come...

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