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Author has written 2 stories for Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹, and Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!.

Hai Hai this Han-Han and my profile page

Name: Han-Han

Species: Keronian/human

Gender: Female

Han-Han crushes on Dororo. He's sweet and kind to her and they go out and chat, walk around Earth together and all that stuff. Dororo is the sweetest, toughest, keronian in the team, except for Giroro and Tamama. Han-Han likes him that way. She likes what's in Dororo's system, about protecting Earth and the environment.

Dororo also likes girls that care for plants and health and friends. The favorite couples are DoroxKoyu, NatsuxGiro, MoaxKero, TamaxKero, KeroxPuru, DoroxHan-Han, NatsuxSabu, KoyuxSabu. These couples are cute together!!

Well... hmm.. i can't think of anything to tell. .'...

My Favorite Characters are Kururu, Angol Moa, Saburo, Natsumi, Maru, Chiroro, Putata, Han-Han she's not in the show anyways, so, Dark Keroro, Shivava, Garuru, Tororo, Miruru, and Kilulu.

My Friends are LunaloveKat , DeathlyMidnightGoddess, and Duskblood and Passionwriter2, and Torture Cat

My favorite colors are-












Han-Han: まあ、それはそれはそれで十分だ- Well, that's enough

Evil Han-Han: は本当に...-not really...


Evil Han-Han:ため息をつく-sigh

Han-Han:何かをやったの?-Did i do something?

Evil Han-Han:いいえ!-No!

Han-Han:大きな意味を持つか?-mean much?

Evil Han-Han:ロール目-rolls eyes

Han-Han:私は彼女にはちょっとむかついていた。何も心配する。-I had a little tiff with her. nothing to worry about.

Evil Han-Han: ...

Han-Han: 不安になる-gets scared

Evil Han-Han: ...

Han-Han:悪ハンハンは、怒っては何ですか?-Evil Han-Han, are you mad?

Evil Han-Han: ...

Han-Han: がぶ飲み遭難の- gulp's in distress

Evil Han-Han: ハンハン?-Han-Han?

Han-Han: 海ですか!-Hai?!

Evil Han-Han: ...

Han-Han: ...

Evil Han-Han: 決して心、 がバタンとドアから出て行く-Never Mind goes out the door, slamming it

Han-Han: ...

Han-Han:それでは、この目標を達成させる、偶然の蜂-Ok, lets end this, bye-bee

Han-Han:飲み物を取得-gets drink

そして私たち観光スポット。 "私たちは、左行く、行く"と思った-Then spots us. "I thought we left, go, go"

Evil Han-Han: ハンハン、私の言いたいことを覚えていた-Han-Han, i remembered what i was going to say

Han-Han: ハイ!-Hai!

Evil Han-Han: オクラホマ、何本のポイントは、とにかくとは?-Ok, what's the point of this anyways?

Han-Han: 楽しく、ばかのための-It's for fun, silly

Evil Han-Han: ... 忘れ私は尋ねた-... Forget i asked

Han-Han: ...

Han-Han: 偶然のビーBye-Bee

' For real'


I'm also Kururusouchou on deviantART, so check my profile. See you!!

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