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Hey, my name is Kami. Kati (btw, it's (Cat-ee) not Katie) is my sister. Recently she decided to get an account of her own, she hasn't made it yet, bt when she does I'll post the link.

We're identical twins that are 16. We both like writing, acting, and listening to music.

Our Fav. Pairings:


Axel/Roxas (KH2)

Zexion/Demyx (KH2)

Sakura/Naruto (Naruto)

Luffy/Nami (One Piece)


Axel/Roxas (KH2)

Sora/Roxas (KH2)

Naruto/Hinata (Naruto)

Sasuke/Sakura (Naruto)

Nami/Sanji (One Piece)

Even though we are twins, we think completely different from eachother.

Continuing... I despise all the pairings Kati likes and likewise with Kati (Except AkuRoku). We both like writing AkuRoku above all else, though we might write about a different pairing every now and then. Here's some things people don't know about us:

We're both Christians and Yaoi fans. How's that for ironic? We love God but we have nothing against homosexuals. In fact, the vast majority of our friends are bi.

We're hopeless romantics no matter what I say! (According to Kati.)

We love reading other people's fanfictions.

We're not Yuri fans... -.-' not one bit. I mean, cmon! Ino/Sakura, we both agree that's a little disturbing.

Also, we are sorry if we haven't been updating Unfold lately, we've been busy with school and grades and everything.

Kami has been having trouble with science and Kati with history. It's all a bore lol!

Quotes and Catchphrases:

Taylor: "Zang means 'excellent' in Mandarin Chinese."

Me: -.-'

Angel's Mom: "That's not right. Becuz of the whole 'zing and zang' thing. You kno with the black and white swirly circle?"

Taylor: "You mean 'ying and yang'?"

Angel's Mom: o.o Oh

Me: ...Now i have a headache.

Kaitie: Kami, y werent you at school today?

Me: I went to the doctors since I wasn't feeling good.

Kati: They told her she was pregnant!!

Kaitie: OH EM GEE! I flippn knew it! (Joking aroung)

Me: Yes, I kno it's SO surprising. They told me it was morning sickness. (Being sarcastic)

Kati: I'm telling your bf!

Kaitie: NO! If u do then he would ask who the fathr was and thn Kami would have to say some random guy at church camp and then Ky-elle (Kyle in Kaitie talk) would abandon Kami! I'll friggn lock u in a closet and feed u string cheese if u do!

Me and Kati: 0.o'

Kaitie: Reality's a spoiled brat. Get Over it.

Me: (In dead silence) Why can't all of you just shut up!! (a few seconds later) Sorry, I had an anger-spasm.

Kati: Yeah?! Well...um...well, YOUR A RAINBOW COOKIE!

I'd like to send a shout-out to all the people that have been reviewing my story Unfold. Please help me out cuz yes, I am very new at this. Thank you for all the good reviews too, but if you can put down some suggestions on how I can make my story's formatting better or just the story in general please let me know. Thank you.

Thx for visiting my page!

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