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Hi, My name is Margaret and I live in the south East of England.

I love writing, the way it gives me an escape from reality and my imagination has no end.

I love David Tennent, especially as the Tenth Doctor... I am totally obsessed with Ten... The minute he appeared in the Tardis I was hooked - true love.. it is.. I need a Ten of my own.. :-( I find his tenure as Doctor pretty fustrating cause I am a shipper and I so so so wanted Ten to be with Rose - they were so cute together.. and so here on Fanfic I am trying to put that right so I can feel better about it all really. My thoughts on 11... err its ok.. its good Sci Fi - but the romance and the emotional depth has gone.. so although I will watch it still... my heart will always belong to nine and ten... oh and Jack - there will always be room for Jack... yeahhhh...

I'm not the best updater in the world as you can see... I get a bit emo every so often and struggle to find the strength to write. I'm also pretty self critical and in the past I let a bad review put me off.. But I don't have aspirations to get published.. I just like to share the crazy ideas in my head.. and so I say to those negative people.. er go away (well I was thinking of a four letter word.. but... in the interests of decency I will leave it out). We should be free to express ourselves in any way we see fit.. they don't have to read it. Anyway...l love music- would definitly recommend you get hold of Doomsday track from DR Who soundtrack - best song period! Have an ecclectic taste in music one day I'm liistening to Pink Floyd, the next day would be Barbra Streisand. Like to drive my car and i love my dog he thinks i'm a strange but he puts up with me not many people would. Ooh and I work in Starbucks so if your ever near Baldock pop in and I'll get you a cappucino - unless your a late person... Personally don't drink coffee and i'm not allowed to drink espresso- it makes me hyper and thats scary... BTW since I started writing DR Who stories I've started to sound lke the doctor like talking 15 sentences at once and generally talking absolute pap...

UPDATE 13th August 2011.. I have decided today to rewrite Casanova.. I want to finish it but having read it I'd like to polish it at the same time so.. I'm considering posting it as a seperate story or I may just save it over the old one.. but its a BIG work in progress... I love it so much, almost as much as Rebirth. So erm I may not update for a while until I've done the rewrite.. or not.. I'm considering my next step.. But hang with me peeps... I'm on it, don't you chicken curry it ;-)

Basically I thnk the Doctor and Rose should be together... I mean its so cute... such a perfect couple... though I think I'm kind of glad, and I mean kind of glad RTD finished it the way he did... much better to let us imagine how it should be... An imagination is the best way to see a relationship blossom...

Other people who should, and I really mean should be together

Gwen/Jack Torchwood

Donna/Jack Dr Who (Don't know why but I like to imagine Donna putting Jack in his place cause someone surely should and while I can't do it myself personally...)

Sam Tyler/Annie Cartwight Life on Mars BBC version - the only version!!

Gene Hunt/Alex Drake Ashes to Ashes

Ryker/Troy Star Trek TNG

Steed/Emma Peel Avengers

And not forgetting me and David Tennant/Me and John Barrowman/Me and John Simm also maybe me and Ryker I can dream and I often do

As you can see I'm just an ordinary girl with a rampant imagination !!

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If you've ever been hyper for days because of (re)watching an awesome Doctor Who episode, copy and paste this into your profile.

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