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My name is Pete Lopeno... I am an aspiring singer, songwriter, and now author :) I am a HUGE Final Fantasy VIII fan. I was nineteen when FFVIII came out in the states, and I was hooked right in from the beginning. I shared a lot of similar character traits with Squall Leonhart, the main character. The isolated, almost emotionally detatched personality and his physical features (5'7" longer, brownish grey hair that's parted down the middle, blue eyes, type AB blood... Hell our birthday's are only a day apart. He was born on August 23rd... I was born on August 24th) were eerily similar between us at the time and it really got me into the story. A few months ago, I began scouring the net looking for fan-fiction stories related to FFVIII. I read a few great ones... 'The Gunblade Saga,' 'The PuPu saga,' 'A Grandidi Day Out,' 'Gunblade Origins: The Legend of Renzokuken,' 'Grevier Chronicles,' 'Dancing In Time,' and my personal favorite 'Death Beyond Death.' If you haven't taken the time to read them and you are a fan... I would suggest starting with these. Reading these fan-fictions inspired me to start writing my own story. I am currently working on writing a novel length sequel... You may have seen the trailers I've posted on YouTube (As a way to bring traffic to my website where I will post this sequel as well as on FanFiction.net). The name of the sequel will be 'Final Fantasy VIII - II: Tertius Veneficus Bellum. On my website, I will be posting original video trailers and eventually some concept artwork. I am also working on an interactive soundtrack for the sequel. If you want to check it out, go to my website www.finalfantasyviiitvb.com.

I hope you all welcome me to the family. I will enjoy reading more of your work, maybe even possibly work with some of you in the future!

1/28/2012 -Chapter I, Part I of Final Fantasy VIII-II Tertius Veneficus Bellum is now up! Almost 23 pages so far, which is why I decided to release it in two parts. Planning on discussing this and many other things on my first ever Vlog. If you're interested, follow the link to my website. Thank you for taking interest in TVB!

1/25/2012 - After a VERY long wait, it's finally time to start posting chapters of Tertius Veneficus Bellum! The prologue has been uploaded. I have split the first chapter into two parts, and the first part will be posted by the end of the weekend. I hope you guys like it! Stay tuned...

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