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January 21st, 2016 - UPDATE: I am still here - and I am really struggling with the ending for How We Ended Up Here. I know what needs to happen - i am just so struggling to write it! But I have not forgotten my promise. It will get done, by golly.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and reading my stories. I'm thrilled that you are here! I have a few short stories here that you can read for fun (April Fools, Tango, and the much-lauded Baby It's Cold Outside) and a couple longer works in progress. How We Ended Up Here is huge, and very near to completion. Ever After started during season one of Once Upon A Time. I have kind of lost interest in the show, so that one is in limbo, but I have a very clear vision and I think my story will be better.

If you like my stories, we will most like share a love/hate relationship. I have a little thing called "writer's turrets". It can be a long time between updates, but then I'll update like 6 times back to back. The dry season can be very frustrating as a reader, and I do sincerely apologize, but it just seems to be the way I am. That and "real life" insists on intervening from time to time. I very much appreciate your patience - I do sympathize with the pain of loving an unfinished story. I solemnly promise not to abandon my stories.

I am a 29 year old from the US, married with a one year old son, managing a sales team of 25 and trying to keep up the façade that I have it all together. Mostly trying to get by until my passion in life coming a'knockin'.

I used to watch the old X-men animated series when I was little. Rogue was my favorite, funnily enough, because she was the only one who DIDN'T have an accent. I've been a fan of Rogue and Gambit for as long as I can remember. More recently, I've become a fan of ABC's Once Upon a Time. I generally try to be a well rounded nerd - I've got interests in sci-fi, fantasy, classical literature, video games, history, a little anime, etc. I just don't always write fanfiction about all of them. Mostly I write it when I think there's more to a story than the original writers put out. I'm stubborn and I have to know! Someday I hope to write my own original fiction, so this is a great place to start and get the feedback that can help me polish a bit.

As a side note: I am totally susceptible to reviews, so if you want more face time for a favorite character, or really want to see something happen, or really hate the canon I've just shredded, let me know, I'll probably cater to you. I would be happy to respond to suggestions, requests, or any feedback you might have for me. It really means a lot when you take time out of your life to let me know your thoughts on something I created, good or bad. I am always looking for ways to get better, and love to hear what works and what doesn't.

Story Synopsis:

Takes Two To Tango is complete. I wrote this to compensate for my own disaster of a prom. I know that the ending isn't picture perfect, but that whole "now everyone can see that you're beautiful" theme is fully realized, especially by the one person she secretly wanted to be beautiful for. That's good enough for me. For those who really want to know, my prom went like this: best guy friend/person I was secretly head over heels for agreed to be my prom date. Just as friends, but still. I'd actually have someone to dance with, and maybe this could be the magic moment when he sees me in a whole new light. Pretty sad huh? A few days prior he bailed on me to spend a weekend visiting an out-of-town friend that he'd decided to date. Suck. So I went to my prom with my own personal Jean-Paul and tried to put on enough foundation to cover the dejection. I like this prom better.

April Fools will be updated someday and for those that read it, I have no idea what was in the juice. I stole the idea from the beginning of the movie Pearl Harbor. lol. It's not really meant to be a continuing saga, just a page header for humor pieces. I think the humor of the X-men team interaction is one of the things that makes them awesome.

Baby It's Cold Outside was my Christmas present to myself, but I'm happy to share! It is complete for the moment, at least until HWEUH series is done. Fans of that fic have been way too patient for me to let them down now. I may continue it at a later date just because it's been so well received, but for the moment the next chapters live on in the imaginations of you readers. :) (Feb. 2010 update - I will continue this story at some point, because there has been such huge demand for it, but again, not until I finish my other series. Thank you all so much for the enthusiasm and feedback. I can't tell you how amazing it is that so many people took the time out of their lives not only to read but to review this fic, whether the review was good, bad, or ugly. I am so grateful.)

How We Ended Up Here: This story isn't finished and is currently longer than the first twilight novel. It is my attempt at a truly epic love story. I wrote the first chapter when I was 17, so the beginning is a little choppy. Once they hit New Orleans it kind of hits its stride. There are bits and piece of canon throughout, but its sort of an X-men patchwork with my own ideas thrown in. Based on the reviews, I think some people find the story addicting. You have been warned.

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How We Ended Up Here reviews
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