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Hey people!! My name is Shanice. I am 17 yearsold. Anyways heres a lil info about me...

My personality: Very sweet, shy and friendly. I respect my elders, don't back chat, follow my religion, etc. I basically am a good girl and sometimes I feel that people take advantage of my kindness.

Gender: Female of course

Hometown: South Africa, Durban

Race: Not running one...just kidding Indian

Favourite tv shows: Definitely WWE RAW, Smackdown, Ecw, I been watching wrestling ever since I was 5 yrs old.

Favourite movies: I love action movies combined with romantic films. I totally loved the transformers(just cant wait for the 2nd one), Harold and kumar(really funny), Final fantasy vids and a whole lot of actions movies with hott guys lol.

Favourite colour: Black and Neon green

My hobbies: Well I love surfing the Internet, playing playstation, watching RAW, wrestling with my brothers and writing.

Why do I like wrestling so much: Its really cool. I guess you can say that life is like a wrestling match: You win some, you lose some, you have your boos and cheers,you have your fans and haters. But all in all it's better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all.

Favourites wrestlers: The king of kings Triple H, batista, John cena(My personal favourite), Cody Rhodes, Shawn Michaels( gotta love Dx),Y2J, Jeff Hardy(love his hair)and Rey Rey.

wrestlers I hate: Santino Marella, Edge and Khali, hes really big and scary.

Divas I like: Trish Stratus, Lita, beth Phoenix(she can wrestle), Katie Lea and Melina.

Favorite music: Christian music and Rock songs by Trapt especially headstrong and stay alive also love Three days grace!!

Favourite quotes/sayings:

" The champ is here!" - John Cena

" Never back down, never give in!"- John Cena

" There are those who talk about it and those who be about it!" - Yip it's Cena again.

" Bring it on!" - all the wrestlers

" You want some...come get some! "- Johnny

"Teachers pets...arrgg!!"- Sipi

"Okay!!"- Tesh

"I beg your pardon, I think youv'e mistaken me for someone who gives a dam!" - Me

" Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it!"- read it somewhere

"Hurts doesn't it?? It's called thinking!"- Me- One of my favourites. Told this to my bro when he was doing he maths work.

My inspirations:

My brother Gershwynn- Thanks for always being there and supporting me even when others don't.

My parents - Sometimes you can ask a little too much, but if it wasn't for you both, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Love you!

My granny- My biggest fan. Thanks for listening to me talking about wrestling 24/7 and love ya alot.

My Family- Welcome into the world Little Mateo Kay Chetty, love ya!!

My readers- I really admire yall taking the time of to read my work... I feel loved!!

Things I love/like:

My God

My family


My friends

The colour Black

Puppies and birds

Blinged cars

Sports cars

Chilling at the beach and watching the waves

Reading fanfiction and writing.

Things I hate/despise:

1. Teachers pets- god!! This really gets to me. I have plenty of tecaher's pets in my class and they really annoy the hell out of me. Why don't they just get a life?!

2. Parents angel, schoolyard devil - Yip I'm sure you met up with these ppl. They so sweet and innocent in front of their parents but in reality they're behaviour is worse then a bunch of apes.

3. Favouritism - This happens in school alot. ARRRGGG! It makes me sick. Especially like this one time when this girl said we need to get a new teacher and make a petition and my best friend and I said no and the petition didn't work...well now the teacher and that girl are buddies...Geesh what suck up's.

4. Guys who act like girls- Great!! We have guys who wear chapstick(lipstick for guys) at school and some who stare in the mirror 24/7. I guess we need to teach them how "men" should act.

5. Hyper active girls who think they are it!!

6. Paris Hilton- get a life!! we don't care about you!!

and much more.

Favorite Character Names:









~ Austin

~ Brenton

~ Xander

~ Seshrin

~ Jake

~ Josh

Stories completed:

Angel within

Alive and Kicking


The other woman

Stories still doing:

You can see me

Back to school

I'm through with lies

Recent mood:

Extremely bored!!

Well thats pretty much about me and it will be really appreciated if you could Hola at me. My email adress is slg_vp_07@yahoo.com .

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