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Author has written 12 stories for Naruto, Avatar: Last Airbender, Ranma, Mario, Gurren Lagann, and Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple.

interests: Anime/manga, writing, fighting, TV, video games, women, singing, stand-up comedy, pretty much any non-sport/porn related form of entertainment.

favorite manga/anime: DBZ, Bleach, Naruto, Ranma 1/2, Death Note, Gurren Lagann, Kenichi, Basilisk, Angel Densetsu, Veritas (Technically a manhua, but whatever...), and a lot of others

Favorite american shows: Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Avatar: The last Airbender, Teen Titans, Family Guy.

Favorite pairings: Kataang, NaruSaku/NaruHina (I really can't decide. Brain-annurism!! Did I spell that right..?) Shikatema, Maiko, and Sasuke is all alone! He deserves it! Ass... anyway.. Ranma/Akane, Ryoga/Akari

Born in (Location censored) in (year censored), Superlardbucket from the beginning has been entertaining, ever since he had to be removed from his mother via c-section due his odd desire to come out ass-first (He believes he was saying "Here it is world! Kiss it!!") At the age of 5, he began telling jokes. At the age of 7, he began telling good jokes. At the age of 8, he began writing his own comic books, inspired to do so by the children's book series: "Captain Underpants" This comic book series was called SuperJames, and has been re-written several times, the most recent edition being used as the base for his youtube series "SuperJames" along with the co-creator of Roflcopter productions: Southpaw079. In additon to writing SuperJames, he also dabbles in fanfiction and songs, winning his school talent show with his parody of the song "Lola" entitled "Buddha". He also enjoys telling stand-up comedy, and pretty much anything else he can do on a stage or the internet that involves entertainment, besides porn. He is also a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, enhancing his art with studies in ju-jitsu, Muay Thai, ninjutsu, and mantis-style kung fu. He's created a list of awesome things he wants to do before he dies, which includes rock out on stage with Tenacious D, travel to Japan to study under Masaaki Hatsumi, go to Japan and get SuperJames turned into a manga, have said manga converted to anime, have said anime translated by someone other than 4Kids and sent back to America, release a CD entitled "James's greatest hits" (Potential alternative Titles: "James: Man of Buddha", "James: Dude, where's my apple pie", "James: Explicit Content", and "James: Kick your ass with rock and roll"), and win a big martial arts tournament

Rant 1: i've noticed a lot of these little shpliels on people's profiles about how wrong homophobia is, and they're seriously starting to irk me lately. I get that they're speaking out against intolerance against homosexuals, and that's all well and good, but it's such a misuse of terms. Homophobia is not supposed to refer to someone who is intolerant of homosexuals, it is meant to refer to someone who is made uncomfortable or even frightened by homosexuality, and it pisses me off that the word is abused so much, especially when people treat me like I have the freaking plague when I mention that I myself am homophobic. I am not intolerant of gay people in any way, I just don't want to see them expressing affection to each other in any way. I don't want to stop them from expressing affection, I just don't want to see it. Kind of like how some people feel uncomfortable watching some big nasty predator kill and eat a small, furry animal on the Discovery Channel. It's really a lot like that. It's difficult to explain, but it freaks me out. I'm totally for gay rights. I am even friends with a gay couple. I hang out with them all the time, but when they express affection, I look away, and they understand. Do you get where I'm coming from people!? It's a common thing, and me and all the other real homophobics are tired of being persecuted, just because we're made to feel awkward by another group who's persecuted. You wouldn't yell at an arachnophobic if they saw a spider and freaked out would you? And yes, phobias can be cured, but think for a second. How do you cure arachnophobia? By holding a spider. So how do you cure homophobia? I do not want to touch a man sexually, thank you very much.

Rant 2: Twilight is fucking terrible. I hate talking to people who like it, because they go on and on about how good it is. No, it is not good. The plot is shaky, the characters are unlikeable and 1-dimensional, the romance is completely unbelievable, and it's all around crap. Twilight is not a good book, and as a writer (As in someone who plans on being a writer professionally. Not someone who says "I'm gonna be a writer" and just writes crappy fanficiton all day; someone who takes classics and reads things like "Frankenstein", "Othello", and other works of actual literary merit in preparation). Twilight is vomit upon the works of actual writers everywhere and anyone who argues otherwise is an idiot who has never read a real book in their life, or at least could not appreciate it. That said, my girlfriend reads Twilight. She is fucking amazing, and the exception to this rule, because I love her with all my heart. The rest of you suck.

Rant 3: I hate the phrase "That's deep man..." It's almost always used by complete morons who just heard some bullshit, that nine times out of ten, doesn't even actually mean anything. For example, "I don't believe in God. I think that humans created themselves... Wrap your mind around that home-slice!" "That's deep bro..." No! Fuck you! I take Philosophy... like actual Philosophy. I've read Metaphysics by Aristotle. That's deep, bro. You are a fucking idiot.

Story status:

BS no Jutsu- Completed with Author's notes. Enjoy this wonderful parody of a Naruto filler saga and a parody of a Naruto fanfiction combined, using my trademark style of humor that isn't really random and isn't really consistent.

My Precious People: Complete. Nice little poem from Naruto's perspective some many years in the future. Very stupid. Don't read it. I was feeling poetic. Bad things happen when I feel like that.

Blue Spirit Begins: Chapter four in the process of writing. Don't expect this story to be updated super quickly. Just a little background story for when I need a break from whichever I'm working on now. In fact, don't expect it to ever be updated again...

Avatar: The Last Ninja: removed. I got a message saying that this story was removed. At first I thought I probably had rated it wrong. It did have a LOT of cursing, so maybe it belonged in the mature section. However, later in the e-mail, it said it was removed for improper grammar. Now, I'm not a grammar Nazi, but at least I dont tipe liiice dis wid da werd orriblbe grama/spelin dat som peopl usss and get away with. Though, it wasn't really the most popular of my stories, so I don't think too many people will have their hearts broken over it. I was beginning to grow detached from it myself. One of those ideas that start off great then kind of dies in the process.

Ranma: A new ending: Rumiko Takahashi is one of my all-time favorite manga-ka. That said, I did not like the end to Ranma 1/2 (My all time favorite manga) I felt it was too open-ended. So, I'm writing a story to follow up the open end to tie all the loose ends up. Enjoy

Mariowned: Princess Peach has been kidnapped... again... "Jesus-a Christ-a! Whadda-da hell!?" Similar to BS no jutsu in humor, execution, and overall style. A delightfully twisted parody of the original Mario games (Back when it was about beating the hell out of Bowser and not racing him in a DAMN GO KART RACE!!) which includes things like Mario cursing like an Italian sailor, Luigi secretly attempting to murder his brother and steal the spotlight, Peach having the IQ of an orange, and Bowser being confronted about his bestiality-desires and messed up way of commanding his troops (Why the Hell do Green Koopa Troopas walk off of cliffs!?) So, how is it any different from a normal game of Mario? You'll see. On hiatus until I finish my Ranma story. On temporary hiatus

Gurren Lagann: A Dramtic speach too far: If there's one thing Kamina loves, it's dramatic, over-the-top speaches. But what happens when he takes one too far? Warning: This fic shall challenge everything you believe about Gurren Lagann, everything you believe about human vocal patterns, and everything you believe in general. Your entire universe will be torn usunder by the awesome might of my mighty pen, and the destructive force of my vocabulary shall rock the Earth and break through Heaven itself!! Complete

I Love You Dad: Complete. After hearing Akane tell her father she loves him, Ranma begins to question his relationship with his own father in a story that will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings. WARNING!! This story portrays Genma Saotome with actual emotional depth. If you vsnnoy handle that, avoid the story.

Kenichi Blows It: Anyone who's seen Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (I'm assuming that's... none of you...) is well aware that Kenichi has a crush on Miu, but can't work up the courage to tell her. We all assume that when the day comes, she'll reciprocate and they'll live happily ever after. Well, in this story, we see a series of one-shots detailing all the ways it could go horribly wrong, leaving Kenichi miserably alone.

I may be taking on just a bit too much work.

Potential Future Projects (May or may not happen)

Eternal Avatar: We all know the story of Aang and a few of the Avatars before him, but what about the Avatars before them. It's a chronicling of every significant Avatar before Aang, starting from the very first Avatar. Will be done in the style of a religous text.

GFY no Jutsu: The sequel to BS no Jutsu. Set in Shippuden, Naruto goes on a whole new adventure. And this time, he'll have to face diabolical forces, rejected members from Akatsuki, Sasuke's repressed memories from his time with Orochimaru, and the return of Norris Chuck. Can he handle it? Will probably be my next continuous fic

Aang vs. Stu: One-shot. A Gary Stu appears in the Avatarverse and attempts to steal Aang's title of main character. Aang must fight to protect what is rightfully his. Can he stand a chance against someone who has everything go perfect for them ever? Or will this challenge be easier than he thinks. A thought-provoking story on the nature of Sues (and why they're unpopular), the comedy that always follows cactus juice, and the indestructible bonds of friendship.

Kenichi's Great Trial: A Martial Artist's Quest: Years in the Future, Kenichi's training is almost complete, but there's one last trial. In order to break free from his masters, every disciple must go on a perilous quest without them. He may have Miu with him, but it will still require every ounce of strength Kenichi has to pass his final trial.

Thoughts on pairings

Ranma 1/2 is probably my all-time favorite manga. As anyone will tell you, it's a very emotionally and romantically driven fic. So, here are my takes on some of the more popular pairings.

Ranma/Akane- Surprise, surprise, I like the canon pairing. In all seriousness, I think these two make a good couple. It's hard to see if you're looking skin-deep, but when you really look at them deeply, you can see the similarities in their personalities and how they compliment each other nicely. The only problem I have with the characters is that it's very hard to write fanfiction for them. The fact is that neither Ranma nor Akane would ever willingly confess their love, except under EXTREME circumstances. Having them actually succeed in confessing generally throws them out of character and ruins a story.

Ranma/Nabiki- I hate that this pairing is popular. It's an absolutely terrible idea. Rumiko Takahashi even showed why it wouldn't work. Ranma finds Nabiki annoying at best and Nabiki really only sees him as a source of income. It's just illogical

Ryoga/Akane- I can actually see this pairing. Most people assume that Akane would immediately destroy Ryoga the second she found out about his curse, but you have to remember that the only people she really displays that anger towards are her rivals (Shampoo mostly), Kuno (Who she finds annoying) and Ranma (Which is more from her own insecurities) I don't doubt she'd be angry when she discovered the truth, but after a while, I'm sure she'd forgive him. The two are very close in the manga, and it's not difficult to see that blossoming into something more.

Ranma/Shampoo- No... I'm sorry, but no way. At the beginning, when Shampoo first showed up, I could see this happening, but as the manga continues, she just becomes more manipulative, evil, and all-around mean. Likewise, Ranma sees her less and less as a friend and more and more as an annoyance. A nice guy like Ranma couldn't stay with a bitch like Shampoo

Kuno/Nabiki- This pairing I'm on the fence with. They do appear to be somewhat close and friendly, but people always say, "He's rich, she likes money" which is just shallow. It's the reason celebrity couples don't last. If the hardcore supporters can't come up with some better reasoning, I don't think I can... At least that's how I felt until I read "I want a refund" by RedDragonfly... Which is quite possibly the best romance story in the Ranma section, and definitely the best Kuno/Nabiki anything ever... Now I'm totes for Kun/Nabs LOLZERS!!

Ranma/Ukyo- ... No... I'm sorry, but I've been in Ranma's shoes and I know that it's hard to see friends like that as anything more.

Ryoga/Ukyo- Ummm... No... My problem with this pairing is the same problem I have with the Taang paining in Avatar. Basically, people who support other pairings put these two together as some sort of consolation prize for not getting the people they actually want. People! You don't need romance to have a happy ending. If not everyone ends up in a relationship, so be it.

Ryoga/Akari- Yes all the way. Sure, there's the whole he's part pig, she loves pigs, but on a deeper level they're a match made in heaven. They're both sweet and kind people, and Akari's very understanding of Ryoga's emotional pitfalls. Couple that with the fact that Akari's so cute, and it's perfect.

Mousse/Shampoo- Another tricky one. In general, I say no, since a guy like Mousse deserves a girl who'll treat him right, but if a writer can explain why Shampoo is so cruel to him (Say, she really loves him, but can't be with him according to her laws) and does it extremely well, then I can enjoy myself. Even though I don't like this pairing, I still root for it, because I love Mousse and want to see him succeed.

Ranma/Kasumi- Not really. I think Ranma sees her more as an older sister and Kasumi's said herself that she prefers older men.

Dr. Tofu/Kasumi- Do you even have to ask? Of course!.

Ranma/Any man- No! Dear God! What is wrong with you!? Ranma is the most homophobic person on the planet. He wants nothing to do with men.

Kuno/anyone other than Nabiki- God, no... She's the only one even willing to be around the guy.

Ranma/Kodachi- Yes... Ranma really wants to be with the most insane woman on the planet. He's that masochistic.

Ukyo/Konatsu- Who the Hell is Konatsu?

Happosai/Cologne- No. Happosai is literally every bad quality rolled into one. What makes you think he wants any kind of a commited relationship?

Naruto is a very romantically charged show. Even if it's not romance, almost all of the characters are motivated by love in some manner. Let's take a look

NaruSaku/NaruHina- I tend to flip back and forth on this one. It's not that I can't make up my mind, it's that I really don't care either way... Quite frankly, I think that they're both equally good matches for Naruto, but only in what bad matches they are for him. One tortures him constantly, and the other can't get two words out of her mouth without fainting. In all honesty, I don't think any of the females in Naruto make a particularly good match for him, but of all of them, I put these two at the top.

SasuSaku- No. Sasuke sucks... Asshole...

SasuHina- At what point have these two ever interacted ever? On what basis can they form a relationship?

SakuLee- You know what? Sure. Go for it. Out of all the guys, I think Lee is the best match for Sakura. Both are very dynamic, energetic characters (Even if Sakura displays that through her inner mostly)


LeeTen- Who the Hell is TenTen?

Neji/Anyone- No. I think Neji is asexual...

Choji/Anyone- No, I think Choji doesn't have a penis... Either that or he can't find it...

Ino/Anyone- Who gives a fuck about Ino?

And with that out of the way, let's get on to my takes on some fanfiction generalities (Things you find a lot of in fanfiction, though it may or may not be considered "cliche" There's a difference between cliche and common. These are just things you see a lot of in fanfiction, and how I usually respond to them, in alphabetical order.)

Alternate Universe- I generally don't enjoy these fics. I feel that all it really is is creating your own story, but copping out half-way and using someone else's characters. It generally destroys whatever it was that made me like the original series, and it almost never brings something new to the table. If you have an idea for an AU fic, I strongly suggest creating your own characters and turning it into an original piece. That said, there are certain AU stories out there that just work. One I'd reccomend is Naruto's True Nindo. It's an absolutely fantastic read, and the only thing I truly dislike about it is that the author used the fic to rewrite Naruto canon, when I feel the story had much more potential if he shot off into an entirely original story. That said, it's a fantastic read.

Character Bashing- This is one of the worst things an author can do ever. We all have those characters we hate, and having something bad happen to them in one of our fics can be very soothing. However, spending an entire fic beating the hell out of a character and raping their skull is not cool. It's just lazy writing. Instead of using the fic to give that character challenges and develop them into a character you like (which is not the same as OOC, as we'll get to in a minute), you simply rant and scream about how much you hate them and spend an entire fic torturing them. It's boring, it's stupid, it's a waste of time, and it pisses me off. It's a damn fictional character. THEY'RE NOT REAL PEOPLE!!

Crossover- A crossover is very entertaining when done properly. Too bad it's never done properly. Before attempting a crossover, fanfiction writers really need to consider what exactly makes a crossover work. What that is is A. Believability and B. Compatibility. Let's say for sake of example, I wanted to write a crossover that involved Ranma 1/2. I might think that InuYasha, another manga by Ranma's creator, might make for a good crossover. Unfortunately, the crossover would not be believeable, meaning it would take too much of a stretch of imagination to get characters from both series in the same location at the same time, since Ranma takes place in modern-day Japan and InuYasha takes place in Feudal Japan. At the same time, they are not compatible, since Ranma is largely a comedy, with romance and action sprinkled in, whereas InuYasha is an action with comedy and romance sprinkled in. The two series have very different energy levels and clash horribly. (It is important to note that being compatible simply means having a common ground to work from. For example, Naruto is mostly ninja-action with some romance and comedy, and Basilisk is a ninja-action/romance. A crossover between the two could work if the humor aspect of Naruto was removed from the fic for the purposes of accentuating the action and romance, which form a common ground for the two, making them compatible.) Although this is a common crossover pairing (Ranma and InuYasha), most crossovers pay attention to one aspect, but not the other. For example, a crossover with Ranma and Naruto would be compatible, since the two have very similar feels and energies at certain points, but not believeable, since Naruto takes place in an imaginary universe. This is the most common crossover fallacy. Less common is a crossover that is believeable, but not compatible. A crossover between Ranma 1/2 and Tokko would be believeable, since both take place in Tokyo. However, Tokko is a horror/action and clashes with Ranma. A good series to crossover with Ranma 1/2 would be Urusei Yatsura, as it is believeable (Both actually take place in Nerima) and compatible (Urusei Yatsura actually being something of a prototype for Ranma 1/2). Other good crossover pairings include Bleach/Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto/Basilisk, and Dragonball Z/anything really. We all know that Dragonball Z said, "Screw the plot, let's just kill things" long ago.

Energy- Energy is something almost never talked about, yet vitally important to the success of a story. You can write the single greatest literary masterpiece ever, and it will still bore me to tears without energy. Energy cannot be clearly defined, but it is that little spark of personality you give your story through your own little writing quirks. You may accomplish energy with author's notes, poetic language, a running joke, or any number of tools. It's that which gives your story life, and if it were easy to master, Mary Sues would not exist.

Fluff- Fluff is just that: fluff. If I were to take a ten pound weight and drop it upon fluff, fluff would collapse. Fluff cannot support weight, like the weight of a story. Fluff, which is slang for warm, gooey, fuzzy moments between characters, can be a wonderful tool, especially for creating energy. However, a whole story which is nothing but fluff will fail. There is a reason that "fluff" is not one of the genres offers to categorize your stories. A story needs something else to give it substance.

Mary Sue- If you've been on this site for more than 2 seconds, you know that these are the most hated characters in fanfiction. They're OC's who are too funny, too popular, too skilled, too good to be considered interesting. They're generally classified by being physically attractive, very popular, hated only by the most evil of evil forces, able to solve complex problems easily, and being very skilled in almost everything they do. There are two basic types of Mary Sues- Wish-fulfillment and Bad characters. Wish-fulfillment Mary Sues are characters created by an author so that they can live out all of their deepest fanfiction-related fantasies. These ones will be easy to spot in anime-fanfiction. They'll be the only ones with western names like Timmy, Joe, or Suzy. Bad Characters are an author's first attempt at an original character gone horribly wrong. The author wishes to create a likeable character, and in trying to, creates a Mary Sue (I'm guilty of this myself...). Unfortunately, this is just a part of evolving as a writer. You'll write this character, realize what you've done, and move on to create better characters. Unless you're writing Twilight... then you'll write an entire book of these characters... and vampires... Twilight sucks...


OC- Ah, the OC. Such a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, the difference between a tool and a weapon is the skill of the person using it. OC's can destroy a story so quickly, it can't even be described. Listing all the things that make OC's dangerous would be too long, so here is the list of guidlines I came up with for creating them.

1. An OC must have a purpose. You should not create one for the sake of creating one. He or she should have a clearly defined, important role in the story, which should be immediately clear to the reader. Even if the role itself isn't clear, the reader should have some idea of what the OC will be doing, even if it's just "He's evil" or "He dreams of owning a hotdog stand". It's important to note that an OC's purpose should not be the same as the purpose of a canon character in the original show... So... You shouldn't create an OC in Avatar whose purpose is to defeat the Firelord and restore balance to the world...

2. An OC must have a reason to be there. This is not the same as purpose. There must be a logical reason for the OC to enter the progression of events. He or she cannot randomly wander into the plot. He or she must be brought in by some force already present within the story, even if it's just "I heard about this guy on the other side of town who can help" said Timmy.

3. An OC cannot be the main character. The main character must be the most compelling character, not overshadowed by anyone (I.E., get Sasuke out of there Kishimoto!). Trying to make an OC the main focus is a bad idea, since readers will already know and appreciate the non-OC's coming into the story. This is one of few rules with exceptions, but the general idea is that if the OC will be interacting with one or more of the canon main characters in a progression of events that would logically be propelled by one or more of the main characters, the OC should stay on the sidelines.

4. An OC must have flaws. Huge, glaring flaws. Be it that they're stupid, ugly, overreactive, or something else. For reasons why, examine Ranma Saotome. He's cocky, arrogant, a loud-mouth, constantly hurts people's feelings, and is an all-around jerk... but we still like him. In fact, that's why we like him. Without flaws, an OC does not seem human, and we then hate them.

5. An OC must be weaker in some aspect than the main character. This ties into the last two. If the OC beats the main character at everything, then the OC must be the new main character (unless the OC is some kind of adversary, villain, or rival), and the OC becomes unappealing. Ideally, whatever skill is most highly prized within the confines of your story, be it Martial Arts or Flower Arranging, the OC should be about the 3rd or 4th most adept in the story. This allows them to be useful without being over-bearing.

OOC- I hate this term. Whenever a character acts even slightly different from canon, people scream "OOC!!". OOC means that a character's behavior is unexplicably different from canon. The key there is inexplicably. In my story, Ranma: A New Ending, Ranma becomes depressed and bitter at the people in his life. This isn't OOC, because I detail and explain the process by which he becomes this way. If he all of a sudden did an emotional 180 and started acting this way for no reason, it would be OOC. However, because the process is charted and explained, it is simply "Character Development" an important aspect of any story, which fanfiction writers must realize that they are allowed to do, and even encouraged to do.

Self-insertion- This means an author inserts themself into a story to influence it in some manner. Most self-insertions are bad because they quickly deteriorate into Mary Sue's. However, a self-insertion in which the author does not attempt to force themself upon the readers can be a fun way to interact with your audience. Let's say for sake of example that I wrote a Bleach fanfiction, in which I inserted myself as a detective who becomes suspicious of Ichigo and tries to discover his soul reaper secret. Now, if I showed up in every chapter, prodding at him all the time, until the end when he gets knocked out and I saved the day... that would suck. But if I just showed up every once in a blue moon to remind him I'm here, and maybe at the end I save his life, just so he can save the entire world, that could actually work. Your audience will like you in small doses (It helps to insert yourself later in the fic, as opposed to earlier)

Yaoi/Yuri- This is something I can't stand for several reasons. For one, I'm homophobic (Literally... as in I'm scared of homosexuality. Gay people themselves I'm fine with and tolerant of. It's homosexuality itself that freaks me out.) so these stories are like horror stories to me. But more, I find it insultingly OOC for a lot of characters. For example, I mention earlier that Ranma is blatantly homophobic himself, and that even being touched by another man scares him to no end. Suddenly writing him gay is an insult to his character. Now, if the character has expressed on some level homosexual tendencies or desires (Say, Motoko from Love Hina) that would be fine... I won't read it, but it will be fine from a literary standpoint...

Korok- Korok is not a generality of fanficiton. He is the ultimate ruler of this particular sector of the universe. At the end of time, Korok the Destroyer shall return to reshape the universe into whatever he so chooses, be it a utopian society, or a cheese wheel. I serve only Korok...

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