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Author has written 9 stories for Crossing Jordan, and Gone with the Wind.

UPDATE (7/11/2011): It is an understatement to say I should have done this long ago... Anyway, more than a year ago, my hard disk literally broke. Naturally, all my fics were on it, and I hadn't been smart enough to make back-ups. ;)


The Thin Edge of the Wedge (which used to be my pride and joy, as in: the only fic ever that I actually had all written up, from chapter one to chapter fifteen, and it only needed some editing) I won't be continuing. I apologize to all the people who have it among their favorites/alerts. I honestly feel it would be too masochistic to write it again, from scratch.

Rainy Nights in Georgia, on the other hand, I feel like continuing. I intend to update it as soon as a couple of other fics start nearing their endings. Hopefully, some of you will stay tuned for that. :)

UPDATE (6/26/2010): I most sincerely apologize to anyone (if there is such a person) expecting chapter two of The Thin Edge of the Wedge because Rainy Nights in Georgia got published first. The thing is that I’ve changed something in the plot of The Edge, so now I have to edit previously written chapters heavily. At least two chapters will certainly be posted next week, though.

UPDATE (6/23/2010): As you might have noticed, I was gone for a few months. Some things simply had to be taken care of. Now that I'm back (before I go on my well-deserved vacation), I hope to edit three or four chapters of The Thin Edge of the Wedge over the weekend and post them next week. I also hope to post my first Gone with the Wind fic soon.

Hey there!

I still find it almost unbelievable that people actually read my stories. All your comments -- good or bad -- are more than welcome. I know that my writing should improve, so feel free to give me as much concrit as you wish. I'm a pretty reasonable person. :)

I'm currently doing AugNoWriMo (like NaNo, but in August). My goal is pretty modest -- 15,000 words, which should form The Thin Edge of the Wedge (combination of You Can't Go Home Again (if interested, see below) and another idea).

Moreover, I have joined The Fanfiction Critique Group (don't worry, it's nothing scary :) -- it's a bunch of really nice people who read other members' stories (both fanfiction and original) and comment on them. You should check it out at fanfictioncritiquegroup(dot)com. :)



My Stories

In Progress:

Mysterious Ways – This is not really my story. :) I’m a co-author and the main idea isn’t mine. The brains behind this project belong to my dear friend Mexwojo.

Coming up (in no particular order):

Ordinary People – This is going to be a fluffy multi-chaptered fic featuring Jordan, Woody and Martha’s Vineyard some time after Crash.

Out of Sync – I’ve been wanting to write this story for the longest time. It’s going to be an AU fic beginning from the first scene of Thin Ice (the episode in which Jordan finds out about Woody and Lu). Pollack is going to play a major role in it. In fact (and I apologize to my fellow WoJo shippers), he might be the one Jordan’s in sync with. Or maybe our favorite M.E. is going to say goodbye to both Woody and JD.

Under a Bell Jar – I know I said The Flowers of Evil would not have a sequel. As it often happens, I’ve changed my mind. This story is going to focus on Jordan’s pregnancy and her dilemma -- is she really doing the right thing? What if she’s sentencing her daughter to a life without a mother? Does she have the right to burden Woody with a child? The case in this story will be Emily’s murder. C’mon, guys, it’s my turn to solve it. :)

You Can’t Go Home Again – After three (or so) years with Doctors Without Borders, Jordan returns to Boston and finds out that her friends’ lives have changed enormously. Woody, for instance, is married and has a child. She doesn’t want to complicate neither of their lives, and Woody certainly doesn’t want his life to get complicated, but can feelings be kept under control? This is going to be an AU fic, too, as Jordan is going to leave Boston somewhere during season four.


Blue Moon – The first story I posted. I had actually written one before it, but I was too lazy to type it out. Blue Moon was written at two am, after one too many Blue Moon. Naturally, it was posted immediately. Definitely not my best, though I like bits and pieces of it.

There’s No Place Like Home 3 – I had grand plans for this one. It was supposed to include two interesting cases -- one in Boston and one in Kewaunee. It failed miserably, at least in that respect. While I like to think that happened because I had to share the computer with the rest of my family and couldn’t spend much time on it, I believe that -- not so deep down -- I know that my inability to come up with interesting crimes is to blame. Parts of Jordan and Woody’s dialogs is what I like in this story.

Sweet Nothings – If I didn’t believe that you shouldn’t keep your mistakes out of sight, I would have deleted this story a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I really like it (except the ending, which I feel is -- at least -- a bit rushed). It’s too short and pretty pointless, however, and should have been part of a longer story.

The Flowers of Evil – I was very enthusiastic when I started this. Just like the majority of my stories, it turned out to be almost completely different from what I had planned. The killer, for example, was meant to be an Angel of Mercy. Also, Jordan was supposed to lose her child. In the end I decided that would be unnecessary cruelty on my part. After all, I didn’t (and still don’t) feel capable of writing about miscarriage, and I wouldn’t like my poor handling of the situation to offend someone who has been through it.
Another (important) thing about this story: I remembered Jordan’s meningioma when I was halfway through chapter nine. I didn’t really elaborate on it, but I did throw in a couple of hints at Woody’s childhood. At the time, however, it didn’t occur to me to check the facts -- Woody’s mom dying while pregnant with Cal belongs to fanon (VS7) and not to canon. I will explain our favorite detective’s fears in a different way in the sequel (see bellow) I’ve been planning for some time (a week or so :)) now.

Brass in Pocket – I like this one almost entirely. Nevertheless, I made a huge error in this story. Jordan doesn’t have a bathtub, does she? Well, in this story she does. I’m sorry, guys. Maybe we could imagine she was staying at Max’s for a couple of days? Pretty please with sugar on top? ;)

Winter Wonderland – This was supposed to be called Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus. I had the main part written at the beginning of December, i.e. almost three weeks before publishing, which is completely uncharacteristic of me. However, that was meant to be only a half of the next-to-last chapter of a multi-chaptered story involving the entire morgue gang. I didn’t have enough time to sit down and write, so I decided to write a WoJo oneshot. I like it, but I’m afraid it got a bit purple (though I hope it didn’t).

Time after Time – This one has just been finished. :) At last! Maybe too melodramatic, I don't know. Ask me again in a few days/weeks. :) -- Okay, some time has passed, and -- at the moment -- I profoundly hate this story because I rushed pretty much everything. Maybe I'll like it again someday.

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