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Kei desu... I am K...

Hmm... Let us see how much of my life life's information i can give you... its classified to some point... or time or place...

Name: Katt Satou, Katt Shelle

Sex: yes plz :3

Location: in the United States : in the 2nd largest state

Fave manga: death note, naruto, vampire knight, Vampire kisses, vampire doll, fairy cube, chibi vampire, most of the rest that line the manga section in Barns & noble...

update(2012.06.11) Death Note still on the list.

Fave anime: death note, naruto, vampire knight, shugo chara,melfen lied, higarashi, bible black, trinity blood, blood, bleach, tokko, noien, code geass... (sucks with spelling)

Favorite anime Characters: hmm... i dislike light... -mutters- god complex is very displeasing... i like L... no... i do not LIKE L... i LOVE him... hmm... near comes in second... then mello and then matt... mikami has a sexual appeal, but not as much as L and mello and then matt... i LOVED deidara and then there was sasori... and itachi... -mutters- too much hate... -shakes head-

Most Retarded: Light Yagami with his whole I R GOD and stuff, maybe matt with his I LEIK MUDKIPS thing, but the worst is nauto shudders believe it... shudders i pretty much banned my friends from saying those two words in the same sentence... I NOW PROCLAIM NARUTO AS KING OF NARUTARDS!!

Fave food: dark chocolate, pocky, green tea ice cream(pumpkin and vanilla bean is good too), those chocolate filled panda cracker-cookie-thingys (nice choice of words),

Fave drink: frappicinos... coffee... actually i prefer iced coffee... oh.. i like tea, like sugar saturated tea... with like a tablespoon or two per cup...

Interests: anime and manga... duh... being obsessed with anime is an interest, right? and being obsessed with L, Mello, Near, Matt, and Deidara... right? i love to write and draw... i feel like pencil is best...

EDIT: I just started watching VAMPIRE KNIGHT!! d-b -two thumbs up- I am now currently obsessed with KANME and ZERO!! i've been comparing the actions and details to other animes though... -_-

About me..

I like anime and manga and Mello, Matt, Near, and L... i have many OCs...

Of the Naruto ones i have Sukumi Satou, Don, Rin Yamamoto, Jin Kaguya, and Inu Kawaiirashi...

My Death Note ones are Obol(Obelia Ward), Pyro(Price Ward), Kaira(Katt Satou), Day (Demeter Estival), Rain(Rane McCaran), and Opal(Stephanie Lin)...

i spend too musch time in my room... so i ended up making who-knows-how-many OCs and stuff... and guess what Kaira... you know the OC thats real name is my pen name... Kaira is Kira! MWAHAHAHAH!! duh... Kaira is a name... it has a greek origin and means needle... she goes by k... she is L's unneeded successor and is Kira, or at least has Kira's power... she hates kira... and yet she has the note book... hahaha... i find it weird and yet funny...

EDIT: my OC's right now are in the process of being recycled cuz they dont reallly have a concrete look or name or history... so they are all SO getting a makeover.

so lets see if its possinle to actually tell you something about me. well my freinds say i lack personality and i guess it makes sense, i've always made a good cosplayer, pusically and mentally... i can chane my attitude to one of the anime, such as mello or L or Near... i have black hair that is cut similar to Near's and i have eyes that change from green brown to brown to hazel from time to time... i have no idea why. i cannot write lemons truly that well but i can imagine them so it just a matter of time when i can put it on the paper.

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Guess that's it for now,

Kourui Kei Katt

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