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Hey guys,

Just wanted to let eveyone know, I deleted Earth to Bella because right now I feel like I have too much to work on. But it will be back! As soon as I'm done with either Cages or Blood Lust it will come back.

I used to be you.must.be.the.wolf.girl because I love the scene in Emily's kitchen. Unfortunately I lost the password for that, (long story) but I will post my personal favorite story, The Right to Die under this name and one other, The Flight of an Angel.

Please point out any spelling or grammar errors in my story/stories because I am notorious for my horrible spelling. I love getting PMs and of course, reviews. so Pm about the stories or just if you want to talk.

AHHHH!! Big freak out moment here cause,guess what, one of my stories got added to a communitiy!! Okay, I know that this is not such a big deal but, this is a good publicity thing!! Yeah, I like readers almost as much as i like reviews. Deal with it people. Therefore you should all go to the Twilight communities and check out Night of the wolves, link below.


The Twilight Lexicon, the largest twilight fansite and the possessor of personal correspondence from Stephenie Meyer herself. This mean tons of cool weird facts that are NOT in the books. This is my personal favorite.

Stpehenie Meyer's website, enough said.

Twilight Series Theories, awesome podcasts from two sisters down in Texas. Yes, folks. The very same Texas that is the home of the world's most wonderful vampire, Jasper Hale.

The Twilight Guy, the totally hilarious thoughts of a guy as he works his way through Twilight. There's actually a lot more to to it but I'll let you see for yourself.

Rambings and Thoughts, an awesome Twilight fanfiction site.

Twilighters, the usual collection of interviews, updates, and Twilight obsession.

Everything Twilight, another usual collection of Twilight obsession.

HisGoldenEyes, the number two biggest fansite in the Twilight world.

The Twilight Lexicon Blog, New Twilight News; Links to Charecter Bios, Timelines, Personal correspondance, a Places Guide, Mythology, a Cast Guide; and Interviews.

Night of the Wolves, a Twilight fanfiction community.


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Since apparently I have to belong to someone, I choose you." -Leah Clearwater She got away from the heartbreak and made a life for herself through sheer gumption. But now, at the end, as he watches those last breaths, they realize the truth. She's his.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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15 year old Rhia moves to Forks when her mother remarries. Paul imprints on her. She strongly resists imprinting and refuses to have anything to do with him. Ignores BD. Being completely rewritten
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